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early in 2nd preg-boobs not sore?

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I have a two year old daughter and I'm about 7 weeks along in my second pregnancy. I am scheduled to see the midwife in a couple weeks to make sure everything is going well and start my care there again, but I'm a little nervous. The first time around, I didn't have massively sore breasts like some friends have, but they definitely were tender. This time, the nipples are just barely a little sensitive, but my breasts also haven't begun to enlarge AT ALL and the veins on my chest aren't any more visible than before (last time, you could see the veins way more). I'm definitely peeing more and am tired and have nauseau every so often (mainly when I'm hungry) but I'm curious if anyone out there has had this happen? Is it a second pregnancy thing? Is it just that every pregnancy is different? Is it maybe a sex of the baby thing?
Thanks for any thoughts.
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Everyone always tells me that every pregnancy is different. So I wouldn't worry.

I didn't have very tender boobs in this pregnancy (well, at least not yet). I'm sure everything's fine.

Congrats on #2!
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Thanks. Congratulations to you too!
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ugh, be happy! all my poor husband has to do is LOOK at my breasts and they hurt!
i feel sorry for him, all he wants to do is get his mitts on them, lol.

this is my second pregnancy too, and everything has been different.morning sickness, no swollen feet this time, craving fruit instead of hamburgers.

ain't hormones funny things?

be well!
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I could've written your post! i thought maybe it was b/c my DD is still nursing 1x/day, but seeing that it's happening to you too is reassuring. I go tomorrow for my heartbeat check - yeah!!!! I just want to know the little one is ok!!! I too have been wondering if it's a boy/girl thing, b/c I did have tender breasts with DD, though not horrible. We'll see! good luck and congrats!
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I only had tenderness and change in size with my first pregnancy.
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very little tenderness or breast changes in this pregnancy, I had almost none the first time too, a bit more the second time, this is the third time and I'm back to almost none. I'm 23 weeks along.
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I am having the same symptoms as you. My nipples are sore to the touch, but last time my breast were swollen and tender. They have not swollen at all. I am about 5 weeks into my second pg and I have a 17 month old. I'm not complaining though but I thought it was weird. My nausea is actually less this time around so far. It wasn't bad the first time either. And the first time I slept for 10 hours a night and still felt like I had been hit by a truck. Now I get tired in the evenings and have been going to bed early but nothing like last time.
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I am having the same lack of breast tenderness/growth and really different symptoms this time. I am also nervous as I'm only 6+ wks along.

If it makes you feel better, I had no morning sickness with #1 whatsoever and DS could not be healthier, handsomer, or smarter!
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I am in the midst of pregnancy #3, and every one has been different. They were tender earlier with #1, never that tender with #2 and filled very gradualy with milk, but with #3 they filled with milk a little at first but weren't sore, then a few weeks ago they jumped 2 cup sizes and are crazy sore. Who knows! I wouldn't worry though!

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Thank you

Thank you so much everyone. I can't tell you how much better I feel.
Thank you!
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That's how it's been for me this time! I was totally surprised to get the bfp 'cause NO sore boobs, NO nausea, NO excessive peeing. Maybe nursing a toddler will help keep my body from freaking out this time! (Course I'm only 5 weeks along, but a gal can hope, right?)
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I had no breast soreness at all with pregnancies #2 and #3 (except while nursing my toddler) and plenty of it with #1 and #4. The first 3 kids are all boys.
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Haven't had a bit of breast soreness this time around! With #1 I could barely stand to wear a bra, they were so sensitive!

#2, my boobies haven't been a problem. They've gotten a little bigger by the 3rd trimester, but no soreness to speak of
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first baby, boobs were so tender & grew massive quickly. second baby, No boob symptoms early in the preg & much less dramatic boob tenderness & size increase thoughout.
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OK this is my first, but everyone tells me that every pregnancy is different even pregnancies experienced by the same woman. I never had any breast tenderness and because I had hyperemesis so bad my breasts actually shrunk, not grew. It was one of the first parts of me to start losing weight.
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My breasts were barely sore at all this pregnancy and they were awful with my first. I breastfed for 3 years so I'm thinking they are just getting really tough.
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LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY....I'm 6 weeks in and always in pain! Showering hurts!
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