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3 months pp with both my singletons.

8 months pp with my twins.

Co-slept with all of them, started solids around 6 months.
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AF returned at 24 months.

Mine were EBF until 6 months and 9 months (for DS and DD, respectively).

I nightweaned them at 27 months and we coslept till they were around 3 yo.
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My menses returned when we weaned, at 20 months. However, my fertility started gearing up again a couple months earlier when we drastically cut down the nursings to about 3 times a day each. We started solids around 9 months. We did not co-sleep past 6 months and both used a pacifier at night.
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With my first set of twins I exclusively nursed until around 11 months when we started solids. THey are still nursing but I got AF back around 15 months after they were born and then got pregnant (with twins again!) With my second singleton I got AF back at 11 months-2 weeks after we started solids. With my oldest I got AF back around 5 months but I was working & pumping.
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Ugh. With the twins, it returned for me at 7 months PP. They were exclusively nursing, but had started a tiny, tiny bit of solids. They were not co-sleeping, but woke up all.the.time to nurse. They did not use pacifiers and comfort nursed. I was bitter!

For my singleton, it returned at 3 months PP, with an episode of bleeding at 6 weeks PP that may well have been a period, too. He co-sleeps, had not started solids at the time and only very occasionally goes even 4 hours without nursing. I think one night he slept 8 hours, but other than that, wakes every 2. Nurses all night. Never even offered a pacifier.

My sister had her cycles return at 4 months PP with both kids. Exclusively nursing, no pacifiers with her oldest, but no co-sleeping for either. Had not nightweaned at 4 months PP, though.
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With my singletons AF returned at 11 months, while still nursing throughout the night.

With the twins, at 14 months still nothing. Still nursing around the clock.

Introduced solids to all four around 6 months, with each one taking a different interest, some more than others.

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My menses returned at 16 weeks. I did not introduce solids until the boys were 13 months old, they just weren't interested.

Some of us are just 'lucky'.

Incidentally my period returned at 8 weeks with my daughter, after a 1 week break from the after-birth bleeding. I got pregnant, exclusively nursing her, when she was 6 months old (though I miscarried at 8 weeks), and got pregnant again with the twins a few months later while still exclusively nursing her on demand.
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I got my first PPAF when my twins were 21 months old, 3 months after nightweaning. They started eating some solids around 13 months, but didn't REALLY start eating until after their second birthday (when I cut back to nursing only 4 times/day).

My singleton is now 21 months and I haven't nightweaned or anything (he's still mostly breastfed), and no PPAF yet, but I can't imagine it'll stay away much longer. I am starting to feel a bit hormonal again.

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We exclusively breastfed and we co-sleep. Babes started some solids (self-feeding) around 9 mos and at 16 mos are still breastfeeding through the night. My cycle returned exactly at 1 year and has been like clockwork since.
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EBF 7 months,BF total 26 months AF at 10 months. Singleton Af at 6 weeks. Singleton 2 af 10 months. Co slept every time Still do!
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