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I am just about done w/my nb stash, but feel I still need to fill in some blanks. Hubby wants to make sure we have plenty so he has diapers avail if I am too tired to wash Anyway, we want all natural diapering (except for the 3 pockets we will likely not use) wool covers only & cotton/hemp/bamboo on the bootie.

Here's what we have so far:

Diapers -
4 CYA nb fitteds
1 little beetle One -size 1
1 little beetle hemp lite - size 1
1 kissaluv size 0
3 swaddlebees organic cotton velour pockets size small
3 little lions fitteds- size nb
3 little lions fitteds- size sm
3 cricketts fitteds - size sm
8 tiny birds organic colorgrown prefolds - infant
6 all together diaper co. organic unbleached prefolds -infant

Covers -
1 Little Beetle organic merino wool wrap - size 1
1 Loveybums wool wrap - size nb/sm
2 CYA wool wraps - size nb
2 CYA wool wraps - size sm

I am making my own wipes.....i have 50 cut- too much/too little??