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Ours is really simple, and now that my kids are older, I find that they don't play with toys as much as they used to. The area gets used most when we have friends over.

Looking down the length of the basement. Pantry and book shelves at the end, toy boxes against the wall on the left.

Toy boxes against the wall. Toys can be brought upstairs, but must be returned to the basement when kids are done playing. Dress up clothes in toy box, boxes for different types of toys- play food in one box, star wars guys in another box, etc.

Our little 'family room.' Old couches, carpet remnant on the floor, TV (doesn't have reception) for the Xbox. My treadmill is behind the couches, I often watch movies while I'm jogging.

I took these pictures last winter. The biggest change that has happened is that DH made a HUGE table for the kids to run their matchbox cars on, it's sitting in the middle of the basement. We've also acquired several more carpet remnants. It makes it harder for the kids to skate in the basement, but keeps them warmer in the winter.