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Poll Results: We would like to change the name of the from from "Dads" to "Fathering." How do

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Originally Posted by First-Time-Mommy View Post
sorry, but sometimes men do have clearer views on things than other women.
No need to apologize. It's the truth! I think a lot of times males are not given enough credit for their clearer and more logical viewpoints. Just because some males out there act immature or incompetent does not mean that all males should be assumed as such. Lots of females act the same way, but I notice there is no stereotype of stupidity placed on women. Why is it acceptable for men to be labeled as such?

I guess that is a little off-topic.
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Oops, I'm a mom. I don't generally like to intrude on Dads forums, but I admit I do stray occasionally.

I think here should be a top-level forum for Dads' issues that everyone could post/read. Moms who wanted a dad's perspective could post here and also if any dads wanted both dad and mom viewpoints on a dad-topic could post there. But then think there also should be a subforum, something like Dad-to-dad, where it would be only accessible to dads. A place where someone could be reasonably sure the responses were from dads only. It would be nice to make it non-readable by moms too, but I realize that is hard since anyone could just make a second account, mark it "male" and call use it to access the forum. So perhaps it would be better to make it readable by everyone so there is no false sense of security.
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I had lurked on this board for quite a while before I realized that there even was a 'Dads' section. The way its hidden in a sub-forum gives the impression that the participation of fathers on this board is of fairly low importance, which is unfortunate. As a soon-to-be father I am having difficultly finding an online community where dads can discuss issues pertaining to fatherhood. I don't particularly care what the forum is called, but I think the forum would receive more traffic if it was easier to find from the index page.
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Let me throw in a different perspective here. We need to clarify the purpose and scope of this subforum.

If it is supposed to be a male ghetto where moms are unwelcome and dads can post about any topic, then it should be completely separate forum with separate membership and login.

If it is supposed to be about dad-specific issues, then IMO it is set up appropriately, and the name doesn't matter too much.

You could look at the low priority and activity of this subforum a few different ways. Maybe it's simply because of the small number of males using the forum, and maybe it's a testament to the extent to which males are welcome throughout the forum. In other words, parenting is parenting, and the few times "dad-specific" issues come up, there is an appropriate place to discuss them.

Just my $0.02..

ArdensDad, partner to lunaliss , dad to Arden (3y) and Fian (12/5/09)
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