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Twin Birth in Chicago?

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I have a friend asking my recommendation for an OB or, even better, a midwife who will strive to give her a normal birth with twins. She is only a couple months pregnant and beginning the search. anyone have a good experience delivering twins in Chicago area?

Holly Barhamand
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First, a disclaimer. I am looking for a twin vbac provider, so it's a lot more limited than just twins. However, the list below is the recommendations I have received around these boards and elsewhere.

Dr. Julie Ericson (www.womenobgyn.net)

Dr. Elias Sabbagha (I know he is know for doing breech births, common w/twins)

UIC Midwives

Dr. James Smith (www.obgyneassociates.com) (this is the one I am choosing, for location, insurance coverage, he returned my call and didn't seem bothered by the fact it is a vbac. He has 3 midwives under him. However, he is not the most comfortable with a 2nd twin breech so we'll see how it goes.)

I also tried to get in touch with Dr. Kovio (sp?) who is with the midwives that left Midwest Midwifery. You'll see some thread about them here. They might be an option as well.

There are also traveling homebirth midwives that do twins, if that is within your comfort zone. You can see a response to my question on the ICANofChicago Yahoo group.

Good luck!
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