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Mirena IUD & breastfeeding

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I'm considering whether I should take the mini-pill or get a Mirena installed, as a form of postpartum contraception. I'm at 6 wk postpartum, breastfeeding exclusively, so I think things are well established, but I'm a bit paranoid about diminishing supply. I'm not one of those mamas who leaks breastmilk all over the place (or at all); DD has been gaining weight steadily so I know I'm making enough for her, but...I'm still paranoid.

Has anyone had experience with either of these contraceptive methods while breastfeeding?
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i had supply issues with LO #1 and LO#2 at 4 mos and i didn't use BC -but this time i had the mirena put in and i am still nursing strong at 8 mos. so it hasn't caused any problems thus far and i had it done at 8 weeks....
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I had the Mirena put in at 7 weeks post-partum and had no noticeable affects on my supply. My LO is now 7 months and we are also going strong
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Mirena had no effect on my bountiful supply!
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If you are worried, you could try the mini pill for a month, and then if there is no drop in your supply, the IUD should be safe. At least if you take the pills and see a drop you can stop quickly and haven't paid $$$ for the IUD!
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Why not simply get a copper IUD, and not have to worry about the hormones?
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hmm, I'm sort of worried about my body's reaction to the copper; I tend to have massive allergies of all kinds (contact, food-related, airborne, etc). My doctor mentioned that this could be an issue, which is why she suggested the Mirena.

Another Mirena question; does it really make you bleed a lot more? Before being preggo, and before going on the pill, I had massively long periods, with tons of painful cramping and clotting. It was so bad that I decided to take the pill. On the pill, my periods were a breeze: 4 days max, light bleeding, no cramps.
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Another Mirena user here and my supply has never been affected and I only occasionally spot....no real periods.
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Mirena makes periods lighter, not heavier. Taking the BC (minipill) first to see how you go is not a great idea - the level of hormones in your blood from Mirena is only 10% that of the minipill, so it could well be that a woman who copes fine with the Mirena level would lose her milk/letdown on the minipill level.
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Originally Posted by GoBecGo View Post
Taking the BC (minipill) first to see how you go is not a great idea - the level of hormones in your blood from Mirena is only 10% that of the minipill.
I had no idea the difference was so great - thanks for the info!
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I am on the same boat, debating bewtween the mini-pill and mirena. I am quite afraid of all the side effects mirena has but haven't heard much about the mini-pill... Anyone wants to share their experiences?

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I've never BF with Mirena but i BF with the minipill. I didn't get AF for 54 days (it had returned 6 weeks PP despite full on-demand BF) and my let-down pretty much vanished overnight. DD began breast refusal, i coulnd't pump, i resorted to FF comp, my thyroid failed (pre-existing problem there, not the BCP) and i lost my milk. I had to wean at 7 months PP. Some women have used it without issues but i wasn't one of them. I will try Mirena after my next one but i wouldn't touch the MBCP again...
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