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Can anything TF remove mold spores/mycotoxins from the body?

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Long story, but we've been dealing with toxic mold symptoms (mostly neurotoxic) most of the summer and going nuts trying to find a source (We live in an arrid climate at 8000ft and couldn't find a water source). Anyway, I paid a mold inspector to bring his dog that was trained in the same manner as DEA/ATF dogs, but trained to pick up VOCs of hundreds of different molds. They came up last week and thanks to the dog we finally found the source and it all made sense. The landlord is finally taking steps to erradicate the problem, but still thinks I'm a nut and believes we are the problem instead of the moldy house.
Due to being exposed to all the various toxins from mold, dd (esp.) and I have become pretty sensitive. We're currently staying in a tent for 4 nights in the yard and dd not coming in the house at all to try to "air" out our systems.
We do all TF foods/superfoods and EVCO. Does anyone know of anything else that can assist the body in getting rid of the mold? I am taking bentonite clay since I already had some, but I haven't noticed any improvements since starting. Staying in the tent last night caused me to be almost symptom free today although I was in the house a bunch. Didn't make a difference yet for dd. I've done a bunch of NAET treatments for dd, but they haven't helped.

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I used to take a nasal spray of both b-12 and gluathione (separate sprays) to help with chemical sensitivities. It helps your body deal with the toxins somehow as they enter you nose I think, sorry I don't remember exactly the how and why. They were both Rx but they might be OTC too. I would take them right before an expected exposure or during exposure and every 15 min. during exposure. There was also a sublingual b-12 daily for prevention.
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Well, this isn't TF per se, but at our last house we had mold issues that we couldn't get rid of, and I eventually got one of these, which completely eradicated our symptoms even thought the source of the mold was still there:

It's not a filter; instead it heats air particles in its core and incinerates them, which is essential for mold because even the dead old particles can cause problems. Unlike a filter, it can guarantee a consistent 98% reduction in mold spores in the room.

Anyhow, we gambled on it and have been completely satisfied, despite the fact that we were unable to remove the original source of the mold. We stopped having symptoms completely once we started using the airfree.

HTH. Good luck!
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we just moved from a house with mold issues. we feel so much better just by moving.

I would think TF type foods would strengthen your response, but I want to hear if there is anything else needed as well.
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Thanks mamas!

mbravebird - Can I ask what your symptoms were? I'm wondering if you also had a mold that produced neurotoxins and if the airfree cleared those symptoms as well. I think I'm going to by an airfree as I've tried a couple different air purifiers now. The largest one, platinum 2000, only covers 500sq ft. Our house is about 1200 and the mold is growing in an open area. I hope it will still do the trick.

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How frustrating.
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I wonder about milk thistle. I know it is a specific remedy for mushroom poisoning, perhaps it might help. Susun Weed's website may have some info.
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i recently saw a holistic doctor, he diagnosed me and dd with mold problem which he said that we got when we lived full time at our flat in london. i can't remember the name of the mold he said but it seemed to be one that was found in compost heaps which is strange because our flat dosn't have any compost near it being in the centre of the city! (i;ll try and find the exact name of it) we moved to the country 18months ago and i felt so much better once i moved, becasuse i'd been so ill in that flat but then i also hadn't started tf and had all kinds of other stuff going on so i don't know if i was ill because of mold or just because i was nutrionally depleted and eating foods i was intolerant to.
however our flat was a basement flat with not much airflow and always felt like i was underground even though it was quite light - we still have it and we do have to stay there occasionally but i can't stand being in it too long, i really didn't think it had mold though and i'm interested to find out if it does and exactly where. i'm so glad you posted about this mold because this is something i've been meaning to look into but just not got around to it! (sorry you have to deal with it though) what was your mold source? does it look obviously moldy?

anyway the doctor did prescribe a homeopathic remedy which is made in germany, i will have to check but i think it was called nigersan. i haven't bought it because i'm having to budget all the suppliments i'm buying and i'm having to prioritise other things over it. i did phone up the german chemist that sells it though and asked her to explain exactly what it is and it seems to be a homeopathic probiotic, but i dont' know if it is specifically just for this type of mold that he said we had, or a more general thing. he said we should take it for at least 9 months, having typed this out i'm thinking i should get it and try it!
sorry for the long winded repliy. thanks for posting about this and i do hope that you can find a way to clear it.
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Originally Posted by moneca View Post
mbravebird - Can I ask what your symptoms were? I'm wondering if you also had a mold that produced neurotoxins and if the airfree cleared those symptoms as well. I think I'm going to by an airfree as I've tried a couple different air purifiers now. The largest one, platinum 2000, only covers 500sq ft. Our house is about 1200 and the mold is growing in an open area. I hope it will still do the trick.
I'm not sure, but I was thinking ours wasn't the neurotoxin kind -- we had respiratory issues, got sick easily, and I was just always stuffy. Our mold was in our crawlspace, so we put two of the airfrees down there. We had a 1200 sf house at the time.

It takes a couple of weeks for the full reduction in mold spores to happen with the Airfree, but once it happens it stays at those low levels, which is different from a filter. Filters can't keep the mold spores at low levels consistently, apparently.

You know about TTO and vinegar and grapefruit seed extract being more effective against mold than bleach, right? Another thing I considered doing was using a room diffuser to disperse TTO around the space. I never did that, though, although I think it's a good idea for large spaces where you can't touch every single space where the mold is.

We're using the airfree now in our garage in our current house, where some mold cropped up this summer and really threw us for a loop physically. *That* mold definitely felt stronger than the last kind. I was immediately sick after working in the garage last month, and am still recovering. Foggy headed, tired, immediate sore throat (those all resolved), and susceptibility to illness continuing. I put the airfree down there a few weeks ago and haven't had the courage to go back yet, but maybe I'll give it a try soon and let you know how it seems to be working on the more toxic-feeling mold. I'm assuming it will work well -- it can't tell the difference between the two molds, right?

The company I bought the Airfree from did their own tests on it -- they put it in a room with a block of cheese left out, and even after months the cheese hadn't molded. So it must do some good at preventing mold growth on surfaces in addition to clearing the air.

Good luck with all this! HTH.
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Ooh! Ooh Ooh -- I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier. We use a flower essence that is meant to protect against environmental effects. We use it to protect our son from the effects of the radiation from CT scans, but I think it would be appropriate in your situation, too. It's gotten wonderful testimonials at neutralizing all kinds of environmental responses. Here's the link:

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We bought an industrial ozone generator for our last place and would run it periodically when out all day. it seemed to really help and is good for purifying things you buy used if you stick them under a tarp and run it. But we only did it when out.
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Thanks mamas!

Leilalu - I borrowed a aranizer from a friend which is supposed to reduce toxins by creating o4,o5,o6. I was seriously cautioned about the dangers of using ozone by a couple people. One runs a mold inspecion company and I've got to say he is incredibly well informed on anything having to do with toxic mold. I don't know if you're concerned or not, but I can email you all the links he sent to me on ozone and the aranizer causing our bodies to produce free radicals. PM me if you have any interest in them.
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Well dh was the one who studied it out. Supposedly the ozone is highly unstable, so it would be safe to go back in within about an hour or more if the house was ventilated. It always seems fresh and clean after we run it. we are always cautious to air the house out.
What is an aranizer exactly?
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I just wanted to give you a

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Oil of oregano, see this book:

Can use on surfaces and to clean the air, also topically and internally for the body. I'm not sure what his affliation is with North American Herb & Spice brand that he mentions exclusively, but I've heard in many places this is the best:
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Our family suffered mold exposure and we spent a fortune trying to figure this out. Hopefully this might help someone We went to Ritchie Shoemaker, he put us on Cholestyramine all of us got sicker, we went to Sponaugle Wellness center in Florida  we could only afford for just two of us at $15,0000 each we got an IV for 6 days we felt better after the third day then both of us went back to being flat on our backs with zero recovery. We just tried the National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease in Atlanta, it was only $2,800 we've been on their treatment for about six weeks all of us are doing much better and what they explained to us and did for us made sense, actually it's the best our entire family has felt in more than two years. Good luck to all.

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I am interested to get more info about National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease. I have been ill with mold for years and am starting to get some pretty serious neurological and lung symptoms (among others). Since I can't find out anything about them, I am wondering whether they are a reputable organization. I very much believe in functional and alternative medicine. I saw a Dr. who follows Shoemaker's protocol who wanted to put me on Actos and Cholestyramine. Thank goodness I never took it. I would appreciate any feedback you have about NTCED. Many thanks!

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subbing :o. We have had a few water leaks in the house.

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Good luck everyone- Re: nasal spray, keeping your mucous membranes moist helps avoid irritation. If you keep the relative humidity in your home between 30% and 60%, mold is less likely to grow and you won't have dry sinuses!

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