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S/O: Do you think gum is gross?

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Am I weird or does anyone else hate gum? I hate seeing people chomp on it, hearing it pop and snap, and I hate finding it under tables and stuck to the floor. It really grosses me out. I hate the smell of it too. Sometimes I've seen people play with their gum, like use their finger to stretch it in a long string out of their mouth, then wrap the string of gum back around their finger and put the whole thing back in their mouth. I've even seen adults do that. And my sister, who normally has really good manners, will take a piece of gum out of her mouth and set it on the side of her plate while she eats, then put the gum back in her mouth after the meal. And it's not due to any shortage of gum on her part--she has packs of it stashed everywhere. My MIL who I adore, will snap and pop and blow bubbles like a little kid. It's so gross to me!

I'm usually a pretty easygoing person, but this is one thing that I just can't seem to get over. Am I the only one with this weird pet peeve?
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well, my grandma didn't like it....

so, no. I don't think you're the only one with this pet peeve. I think there are lots of people who find chewing gum to be crass.
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DH is the same. He doesn't get it at all.

I think it is gross when people chew it obnoxiously, but it can be fun to blow bubbles sometimes. I used to love all flavors, but now I only like sugar-free mint flavors.
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I really love gum. It didn't occur to me that someone would think gum could be gross.
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I used to chew gum when I was younger, think high school, but I really don't care for the stuff anymore. It doesn't bother me too much to see people chewing it, but if they are obnoxious about it, then yes, it is gross.
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Not a fan of gum here either. It's creepy.
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I like bubblegum, but I think gum is gross as a rule, and I can't stand to listen to someone pop their gum unless it's me doing it specifically to blow bubbles.
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Nope, I love gum, esp Orbit.
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My best friend in college was like the OP. He couldn't stand gum, couldn't stand hearing it, seeing it. I, on the other hand, have a serious gum addiction. We had a lot of classes together, and I had to try really hard to not be chewing gum when sitting next to him.

But I'm chewing gum right now! Mmmm. Altoids Peppermint gum is my current obsession, but I don't like the artificial sweetener, so I need to find a different one.
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As long as people don't smack it around in their mouths, I don't care.

I chew it very rarely. Anytime I do chew it for more than five minutes, I get a terribly stomach ache.
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I don't like it, but only because anything mint-related makes me want to :Puke
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I used to like gum but now I think it's gross. Now that I've been with DH 12 years, I don't care so much how my breath smells.
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Gum is gross. I was a big gum chewer when younger and my mother always said people look like cows chewing cud. I laughed. Then one day I was on the train across from a woman chewing like a cow. I never had another piece.
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I hate gum. Hate it!!! Thinking about it too much makes me gag. Yuck yuck yuck!!!

Of course, my daughter likes it . . . but I do ask her not to chew it around me because it just disgusts me. :Puke:Puke:Puke
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I hate gum!
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No, I dont think gum is gross, I just think its gross watching other people chew it. To me, its akin to watching someone eating with their mouth open when their mouth is full of food. THAT'S GROSS.

But yea, i also hate the smacking, the popping, and the nasty stale breath people get from chewing gum for a while. Ugh.

Small PSA, if your breath stinks, chewing gum (or sucking a mint for that matter) just makes your breath smell like *insert flavor of gum or mint here* WITH bad breath. You need to brush your teeth or floss, gum never quite gets it, imo.
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Originally Posted by macca View Post
I don't like it, but only because anything mint-related makes me want to :Puke

OMG, i thought i was the only one!!! The smell or taste of mint makes me wanna earl!
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I love gum. I have a bit of an oral fixation though, and chewing gum has been the only thing I've found that keeps me from biting my nails.

Originally Posted by macca View Post
I don't like it, but only because anything mint-related makes me want to :Puke
So don't get mint. There are tons of flavors! My current fave is Ice Breakers Ice Cubes in Raspberry Sorbet.
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I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Thanks for all of the replies. I think a lot of times people are chewing gum and I don't even notice because they are chewing with their mouth closed and not making noises with it and stuff--so maybe it's just "obnoxious" gum chewing that I can't stand.

I used to share a studio with some people, and when they went smoke-free a couple of people who smoked while they worked started chewing gum instead. I think I was the only non-smoker who preferred the smoking to the gum.
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i actually like gum and have to chew it when i'm working out at the gym. but i'm a polite gum chewer - i don't smack it or pop it or chew it with my mouth open and when people talk to me i don't chew it.
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