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My husband will be traveling for business to Peoria, IL mid-September, and I'll be going along with my 2 year old son.

I'm wondering if any Mothering members can give me some ideas of fun things to do with my son (parks, museums, attractions, festivals, etc.). We'll have a car since we're driving in from MI. I'm also interested in meet-ups if anyone is close by!

I'm also hoping that someone here can give me the name of a good pedi and a good hospital since I'll be 31 weeks along and I'd like to know where to go if I have any complications or go into labor that early. I'm having a normal pregnancy and should require little to no interventions. I'm the go prepared type, so I'd like to have names and numbers on file before I go.

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See parents.meetup.com/801 for the API of Peoria calendar.

If you go into labor at 31 weeks, you'll go to OSF St Francis. IMO the best OB/GYN would be Dr. Doug Harrington.

I need to get DD ready for naptime. In the meantime, would like to suggest you email leaders@apipeoria.org (I'm one of the recipients, but go ahead and mention me... "Sally"). And we can help hook you up with whatever you need, and especially help if you do go into labor.
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Thanks, Sally.

Any thoughts on where to stay or anything like that? Hubby's work will pay for lodgings, food, etc., but we can have some say in all of it.
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Recommendations on lodging... I'd be not much help. Well... might be influenced by where your hubby will be going for work, and what you want to do during the day. How long are you staying? What kind of stuff do you like to do?

The hotels that come to mind are over by the Northwoods Mall (so, if you look up addresses online or something, there's a bunch of them). What's nice too is there are several "extended stay" types, so you could get a kitchenette. That area is pretty convenient, right next to 74 (interstate that goes through downtown) and 474 (the partial loop around town). Lots of shopping and food right there. Easy drive into town. Easy drive to spots outside of downtown.

Saturday's there's the Farmer's Market over on the Riverfront.

And depending upon when you're here, we're in festival season... pretty much all of the local towns have a signature festival, and two of the biggest ones are in September.
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I'll check into that area. Hubby will be at Caterpillar Headquarters, but I don't know where that is! I'd like something with a small kitchen, despite his generous allowance for meals.
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"Staybridge Suites" is the main extended stay hotel downtown (I think the Cat headquarters is downtown on Adams St)

also the Mark Twain hotel
is nice and is right across the street from Cat, so your Dh could walk to work and you can sleep in! Plus it includes a free breakfast and I think many rooms have a microwave and fridge

downtown has lots of lunch options in walking distance and many other options within a very short drive.

as for fun things to do

http://www.lakeview-museum.org/ (public library next door)


http://www.glenoakzoo.org/ (very small but nice)

OSF hospital is also right downtown, and yes as Sally said, the only option you will have for a 31w infant.

post back if you need any other info. Sept is a great month to visit Peoria.
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if you stay downtown (which is probably closest for him, if he will be the Cat building), I would second the recs for the "suites" place - or definitely the Mark Twain. My DH and I went to college in Peoria and always stay at the MT when we come in. I am pretty sure that the MT's rooms have a mini-fridge in them...

Also, its a tiny bit of a hike, but I always love Wildlife Prarie Park. It is a huge park that has lots of wildlife (even big cats (tigers maybe?)!!) - they are fenced in, but not in "cages" - much more natural. Its beautiful - and lots of cool animals for your LO to look at. I'm not explaining it well - I'm sure they have a good website!!

Oh, and I would definitely take a walk around the Riverfront area (in walking distance of downtown) - they have made it pretty nice!

And my fav. restaurant of all times is Alexander's steakhouse, which is along the riverfront. Good steaks, good chicken, amazing texas toast, and a great salad bar (and you can cook yourself, if you want so its a fun exp.).

There is a nice park across from campus (up the hill from downtown) called Bradley Park (where DH and I got engaged!!). They have playground equip in some areas, but it is huge, w/lots of walking trails, etc.

hth! have fun!
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Wow you ladies rock! I just knew MDC would come through with someideas!
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Hello! Sally posted a thread on our AP board that you were coming to Peoria, so I thought I'd chime in.

I have a 2 year old also, and am currently 25 weeks pregnant. If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to meet you for a playdate.

I've never really stayed in any of the hotels in Peoria, but Mark Twain is supposed to be very nice. And, as pp mentioned, is downtown where Cat headquarters are. The riverfront has a great splash fountain, and ds loves to hang out there. So, if it's supposed to be nice bring something for him to get wet in. Ya never know that time of year!

Also, there's another newer area with a more upscale mall (upscale for Peoria ) called Grand Prairie and there are I think 2 new hotels as also. Good restaurant choices can be found there as well. There's also a playground with Caterpillar looking equipment for the kids to play on.

If you're going to be comped for hotel and food, I'd stay at Mark Twain. Oh, and there's a cute little restaurant by the riverfront called Rhythm Kitchen. Bring a stroller and wander around. I think my son would be perfectly content splashing in the fountain and watching trains and barges go by all. day. long.

We could probably arrange for a nice sized playdate along the riverfront with some AP moms and 2 year old boys if you'll let us know when you're coming.
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Wildlife Prairie State Park has animals that were once native to Illinois. So, no tigers. They basically put up fences to keep the animals in, but otherwise the landscape is very natural.

It is kind of out in the middle of nowhere, but another good way to spend the day.
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Im from Peoria, I just wanted to mention that Tanners Orchard is open. We took our ds there last year and he loved it. They have a nice play area for the kids, goats you can pet and feed, and you can pick your own apples. I love their store too, they have a lot of good food you can buy. It is about a half hour drive though. Here is the link to the site.http://www.tannersorchard.com/
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Oh man, that fountain with the trains and barges sounds like heaven for my son! I'm going to work on firm dates and get back to you ladies for a playdate!
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Originally Posted by tschifo View Post
Wildlife Prairie State Park has animals that were once native to Illinois. So, no tigers.
I was thinking "cougars" but typed tigers!! Anyway they have cougars there!! sorry to say tigers - pregnancy brain!!!
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Can anyone give me feedback on the Holiday Inn City Centre with a Bennigan's in the lobby? It's a few blocks from Caterpillar headquarters, but it's the one my husband's work will pay for!
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i'm from peoria and i can tell you that if you are doing a hospital delivery st. francis is BEST. its a bit odd cuz they are catholic but i dont know anyone who likes the other hospitals better, your baby rooms in, they do feet prints etc. so if there is a situation, then most likely they are the best for you . as far as a ped, they are who i went thru to, dr. shad beaty is who we went to and he is very awesome, pro nursing etc also i second the mark twain hotel thing hubby and i went there for our hunnymoon.
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I don't know anything about the Holiday Inn City Center. I'm sure it's your average Holiday Inn type of hotel. Not top of the line, but not horrible either. Still should be close enough to the riverfront to do what you want to do. It will be fine. My mom works with the wife of the Bennigan's restaurant manager. Nice guy.

We're still looking forward to meeting you, so if you want to get together while your dh is busy send me a pm. There are a few moms who should be able to meet with you, if you'd like.
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Originally Posted by TefferTWH View Post
Can anyone give me feedback on the Holiday Inn City Centre with a Bennigan's in the lobby? It's a few blocks from Caterpillar headquarters, but it's the one my husband's work will pay for!

this is probably too late to help you, but I stayed there a few times YEARS ago (probably 98 and 99) and it was fine - but I just recently read some reviews that it went DOWNhill for several years. But I also read that it has gotten better.... SO, if its the only one they will pay for, I'd take the chance. You can always switch if its horrible (which I don't think it will be).
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Just curious if you came and visited. What were your thoughts on Peoria? Which hotel did you stay in? Did you like it?
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