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MD in Portland

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Hi - I'm relocating to Portland and am in need of an alternative-minded MD. My health care team will eventually include a naturopath, an acupuncturist, and a massage therapist, so I'm open to other referrals, too - a doctor that I like is just harder to find. My ideal doc would be an ally in improving my health, and would work with me rather than lecturing, patronizing, or being too quick with the rx pad. Must be fat-friendly and have some familiarity with using nutrition and supplements to address health issues. It would be great if she/he supported traditional diets. Needs to work well with my other practitioners - as in, not belittling their approaches. Bonus points for being willing to listen to input from my medical intuitive. Slight preference for a woman, but the other qualities are more important.

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I love my MD: www.nanopracticepdx.com
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That looks promising! Thanks!
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What type of massage therapist are you looking for? Treatment work or more relaxation?

My husband is a phenominal massage therapist who specializes in treatment work and travels to home/office.

PM me if you would like any more information.

And welcome to Portland!
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