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Oh, I LOVE shoes too!!! What a fun-fluffy thread!

I am vegan in just about everything, but my major downfall are shoes... : I somehow always justify buying non-vegan shoes in my totally irrational mind....by saying to myself...
I can never find shoes that I like that are vegan....except my Vans and Havaianas. :

Earlier this year I splurged on a silver variety of these:

I have tons of shoes...and always want more... :
And I love Prada!!!
Nevertheless, I end up wearing flip flops, the above silver shoes or some Gucci clogs from last year -- or checkered Vans.
Sometimes shiny red platforms from Sergio Rossi.
--similar to these, but from last year:

For fall I am kind of drooling over something like these:
...or these:
All cool with a staple pair of jeans!

Realistically though, I will have to use what I already have...

I just remembered - my husband bought me a pair of Manolo Blahnik mules in green 2 years ago and I have hardly ever worn them. It really is too bad. He wanted me to have my first pair of Blahniks... I mean, when should I wear them -- in bed??? Still co-sleeping, ds would be in hysterics!!! They have 3" stiletto heels and also ds and I do a lot of walking!
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I am in lust with these.
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subbing...shoes, shoes!
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