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Our triplets are home!

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After 9 days in the NICU and one more night of rooming in with us at the hospital, all three babies came home together on Friday! They were born August 12th at 34 weeks after I developed pre-eclampsia while on hospital bedrest. I posted a birth announcement in my DDC, but not here, so here are the stats:

Levi: born 5:28 PM, 4 lb 6 oz, 17.5 inches long
Sage: born 5:29 PM, 4 lb 6 oz, 17 inches long
Jillian: born 5:30 PM, 4 lb 12 oz, 17 inches long

Here they are at 1 day old:




and some from yesterday, at 11 days old:

L-R Levi, Sage, Jillian:


Their NICU time was spent mostly as feeders and growers. Jillian needed a nasal canula for 5 days and was fed by gavage for a few days, but all did very well for 34 weekers! We have been able to nurse a little using a shield, but they have trouble latching on without it. I pump after every feeding and I can pump enough for one, but not for all three. We are working on nursing every day, though, and the lactation consultants reassured me that the pumping volume should increase now that they're home and we can have more skin-to-skin contact. We are exhausted but so full of joy!
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I am so glad you all are home and well. Good luck with the nursing -- it *will* get easier! Thanks for the update!
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HOW ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you and your family, mama!!!
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Hey you! I never connected the dots to you being you. I'm so excited to hear they are HOME!!!! I'm hoping the meals next week and the one after are helpful so you can just concentrate on nursing. Cannot WAIT to meet the little bundles!!!
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congrats! wow, they certinly look like siblings! haha. what an adorable bunch! glad you have them home now!
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Congratulations! They are just beautiful!
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Must be very nice to be home after only 9 days with triplets!! :0)
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Enjoy those beautiful babies. And drink lots of water. Try not to let the challenges of bfing and pumping for three preemies get you down. You are giving your babies an amazing gift.
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Congrats! :
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Wow, that's an amazingly short NICU stay - congratulations! That foot picture is so incredible.
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Wonderful! They are adorable, and definitely look like siblings!

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I hope this is okay to say here, but when I saw the babies photos my first thought was "Holy F#%^^^ Crap, She grew those babies all at once!"

Try to enjoy and rest.
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congratulations!!! yay for healthy babies coming home!
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Popping in from the Sept DDC to say congrats on bringing your lovely babies home!
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Congratulations, Mama!!
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I couldn't help but Awwww! out loud at the 3 of them in-arms! My kids wanted to know why.

We all think they are lovely, fantastic babies.


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that top picture of your little Levi looks like "I finally get to stretch out now that I'm not being smothered by those other two!!!"

congrats! I trust your pump is hospital-grade? good luck!
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Congrats!! :

My ds had this to say when I showed him the picture of the three of them together..

"pretty, pretty babies!!"

I agree completely!
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Congrats!!! They look just beautiful and 9 days is not bad at all!
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