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Checkout my photos...

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And critique me please! Give it to me straight, too. This is mostly work from 2+ years ago. I've just started picking up my camera again, and I'm curious which direction to go. Thanks much!

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You have a great eye!

I like the black and white series!
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hey there-- thanks for sharing! I also think you have a great eye, and loved the different perspectives you saw. The black and white series showed much depth, and I think I gravitated more towards those, as I am a funky macro person, lol! I liked the abstract tent in the color series, too. Good for you for getting back in the groove-- I want to do the same! Have fun! Michelle
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I think your work is simply beautiful! Your black and whites are fab fab fab.
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Great work

You have made great work Welldone!

My favorite is house5 from the Black and White set
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Those are great! I love the ones of the house... they are stunning in b&w
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Wonderful composition! They are all great. My favorites were the house series and the sandstorm photo.
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They're rally great! I like the black and white!
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"Maple Syrup" is beautiful.

"Eye Screws" is extremely disturbing! I say that as praise. The image is almost pretty and then I realize what I'm looking at--which is kind of interesting since it is "looking at" me!

My favourite was "Me2" because the composition invites different interpretations. The hands suggest an inverted kind of praying, but their positioning also suggests the female reproductive system. (Maybe I only think that because I saw it while on MDC?) So I'm reading that image as female spirituality/sexuality, although I'm not sure how that jives with the title.

Just a lay perspective--I don't really know how to "read" photographs.

(I liked the others too, but this is written in haste.)
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thank you all for the kind words. i'm in the process of establishing a design business, and this certainly helps my confidence.
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