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Oahu/Honolulu mamas - fun "crunchy" stuff to do?

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Hello Hawaiian mamas! We are going to be in Waikiki for 2 weeks coming up and I will desperately need to escape from my ILs who are coming too and have their own little "Hawaii routine" which seems to involve finding the cheapest all-you-can-eat buffets and sitting around on the beach. There has to be more to Hawaii, even Waikiki than that, right? We'll be there Aug 27 - Sep 10, are there any music festivals, cultural things, food festivals, kids' stuff etc. on in that time? What are fun things to do, both with and without kids? (The good thing about the ILs coming is that they can look after DD if there are things DH and I want to do without her!) I don't mind a little bit of sitting on the beach but I'd rather be a little more active.

Oh, and if you landed on Waikiki beach and needed to stock a condo fridge with healthy food fast, where would you go?

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Down to Earth for good food, bulk healthy, and close to Waikiki.

I'd get out of Waikiki as much as possible - but you know that.

The Discovery Center is close but no food in the building so go early then go to lunch across the street at Ward Warehouse, or bring a picnic.

This local show sends out a "things to do this month" email you can sign up for this month.

The University of Hawaii campus is fun to walk around/play at for little ones - and Yogurtland is right nearby!

The Waikiki Aquarium is walking distance from anywhere in Waikiki and down near the more clean end of Waikiki beaches, farther from food though so leave time to get back over for lunch or bring a picnic.

We like to do the 1 mile easy hike at Waimea Valley Park on the North Shore - you could make a day of that, lunch at Grass Skirt Grill in Haleiwa and some beach time on any of the North Shore Beaches (no big waves up there in the summer).

The Honolulu Academy of Arts is nearby and has cool kids hands on stuff downstairs, is across the street from Thomas Square Park which has cool big banyan trees you can swing on.

Bishop Museum has fun kids exhibits including one where you can make a volcano errupt, dress up like native birds, etc. It also has a huge great lawn so bring a picnic lunch!

Here is one community calendar.

Our newspapers are The Advertiser and The Star Bulletin if you are so inclined to look through what is listed on their sites.
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subbing - we live in kona on the big island and might move to oahu in a few years so i am very interested in this!
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i would definitely recommend you made a stop at the discovery center- we love it!
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I'm just a Canadian Hawaii lover passing through. I LOVED Bishop Museum...what do the locals think of Iolani Palace? Never got to go there...not sure when I will again but I can dream!!!

I also loved going to the Valley of Temples (definitely not in Waikiki - I took the bus and it took us about two hours) and visiting the Byodo-In Temple...hauntingly beautiful and peaceful.

I miss Hawaii!
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Valley of the Temples is awesome and worth the ride out of Waikiki - easier with car but as PP said it can be done on the bus.

Iolani Palace is great but one of the Native Hawaiian Sovereignty groups (there are many who want all sorts of things along a complex spectrum - whole 'nother thread) who keep taking it over for a few days, etc. Because of that it's less accessible sometimes so you'll want to check before going ovver. if you want to meet the activists one group holds court under one of the trees in the courtyard but I'm unsure on how friendly they might be towards tourists (I'd just suggest friendliness and asking with an open mind).
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Well our trip here is nearly at an end and we've seen Bishop Museum (interesting, but kinda glossed over anything unpleasant in history... the Pacific Peoples exhibit was nifty though), Byodo-in Temple (would have been better minus the gift shop and obese koi), and Senator Fong's Plantation Gardens (FANTASTIC!!!! if you're into plants, probably dead boring otherwise). We went kayaking off Lanikai Beach and saw a sea turtle, had ice-cold coconut from a fruit stand, hit the farmer's market at Kapiolani College (one of the best farmer's markets I've seen), and spent a LOT of time on Waikiki Beach, which DD loved and I tolerated remarkably well. DD went to the aquarium and the zoo, too, and loved both.

Thanks so much for the suggestions! It was a really nice visit.
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I'm so glad you've enjoyed your visit!
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