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This Thursday hits 35 weeks according to my OB. I figure that once 36 hits, I'm out of automatich NICU range. That is a HUGE relief.

I'm dropping though. I feel this intense cervical pressure as though baby is trying to push out. And sometimes I even feel like pushing a little myself. It's weird. Anyone else with this?

About the pubic symphisis stuff... try a chiropractor! What a difference mine make!!!
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Originally Posted by OrchideZ View Post
Janasmama: I replied to you some more at the tail of the last weekly chat thread. Not sure if you saw or not. When you say you were working on diapers, do you make your own or was this just a repair?
Repairs. I have to replace some elastic in my DS fuzzi bunz.
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34 weeks 5 days here..

Just got back from a road trip, 9 hours in the car there, 4 days there and then 11 hours (DH wanted to make lots of stops) back. The good part? We missed a big heat wave at home and it was cooler where we went. The bad part? I live in a house that is all one floor, and the friends we stayed with have the guest area in the basement, and the nearest bathroom is 2 flights of stairs up. Not much fun in the middle of the night!

My doctor is still 'unavailable indefinitely' due to a family emergency (her son was in a terrible car accident) so I haven't seen her since the beginning of July, saw another doctor in her practice at the beginning of August but really didn't like her, so just made an appointment with a 3rd doctor because I can't put it off any longer, hopefully this one will be better.

Right hip hurts most of the time, have trouble lifting that leg so I have to lead with my left and that just feels weird! Baby is still riding low as always so I don't have trouble breathing, just with endurance. Feels like I've been pregnant forever, but I'm not quite ready for baby to be born yet.
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Almost 33 weeks. Dr appt tomorrow. Nathan is back in preschool from 830-1130 he LOVES it ( Montessori)
Any other (currently non bfing moms) getting milk yet? Ive been noticing if I giive a little squeeze I get milky stuff now.
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I've been leaking for a couple of months now, if I don't have a bra on my shirt gets soaked! But it's colostum-y.
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i stopped nursing ds#2 in June when my milk dried up...but it looks like it's back...lots of colostum when I squeeze but luckily no leaking.
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[QUOTE=MommaFox;12029270 Back to the nice quiet pace of my life. And Knitting nursing pads. And I need to et elastic for diapers. Oh well, so much for the quiet pace.[/QUOTE]

do you have a pattern? that sounds like a great idea.

Originally Posted by farmerjess View Post
Everything's pretty good with me. I just have a little vent. Last night at our potluck dinner, I got up to let someone pass around me at the table and somehow she caught my chair on her pants and dragged it way back just as I was sitting back down. I slammed down HARD on my butt.

I know it's illogical, but I am having a hard time not being mad at her. I kept it together while I was there but as soon as we got home, I started crying and couldn't stop. My back hurt immediately. But mostly, I was afraid that it would make my water break. I have been thinking about having a preemie baby lately and have been really scared of it, so I guess I was having anxiety.
that really bites. i hope you feel better soon. i hope she apologized over and over and over.

Originally Posted by mkmb129 View Post
I don't often get in on these early either, I'll never keep up either. I've been having a really emotional week, on the verge of tears is no fun, I don't want to leave the house because who knows what'll set me off! With the great news of dh's orders getting delayed so he gets to be here for the birth came news of more school.. so he'll be gone for 5-8mos, won't know until he's done with the first school which other one he gets (options are the long, longer, and longer yet.. ).
well, you are NOT alone. im an emotional basket case too. it comes and goes though....but so strange.

Originally Posted by freedak View Post
Therefore, the house is a mess, but I can't bring myself to clean it.
this is soooo me....soooo much. i have so many things i have to do but no energy in which to do it....where is my energy??? hello...are you out there???? lol!
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Today is my DD's 2nd birthday. It's been along day though, she is kind of overstimulated and whiney. Due to curcumstances, she never napped today.

34 1/2 weeks, first sneeze induced pee leak. Sigh. Alas...

My pictures were today, I hope they turned out okay. The aformentioned whiney 2 year old was not cooperating, and my Dh was not listening when I was making suggestions as to how he might help her be more comfortable. We did our pictures outside, and I was all naked for a bit then I was more or less naked for the rest, hopefully my neighbors aren't too scandalized. My friend/photog said she really liked some of the shots. So at the very least we did some good portfolio building.
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Yay congratulations on the low sugar levels and blood pressure Maggie
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Happy monday everyone!

I'm 32 weeks today!!! My belly has REALLY popped, and I feel like I'm leaning backwards, but I'm doing fine.

We went to the fair on Friday and had agreat time. DH has a job interview comeing up this week, so hopefully, he'll have a job soon. I have another MW appointment this week, and I'm trying to take it easy, too.

After two weeks of practically running nonstop, I started to have some pretty strong braxton hicks last night, which kind of worried me. I don;t remember them beiong so strong with DS. But I drank more water, and tried to rest frequently today, and only one or two BHX that I noticed.

I learned to make and can tomato soup today!!!! How fun! It's nice to be able to spend some time with my mom. I've been missing her most of this PG, maybe because things had been so unsettled. . . She's comeing with me to my Mw visit on Friday, and it will be nice to have some company- not to mention someone to watch DS!!

Everybody take it easy this week!
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Originally Posted by myrmom View Post
I seem to have both my sugars and my blood pressure under control now so yeah for that!!!! I am waiting on my hemoglobin so crossing my fingers that my numbers are high enough for a home birth....otherwise I have to work twice as hard to bring them up.
Excellent news on the sugars and blood pressure, and : for the hemoglobin numbers!

And you people laugh at poor little ol' breathless me, but I'm serious! I've always had craptacular lung capacity. Remember playing in the pool as kids and having contests to see who could hold their breath under water the longest? Yeah, I never even played. I don't mind losing, but I do mind losing so pathetically. So now there's just no hope, what with the little one bound and determined to stretch out. I keep trying to tell him/her that as of now, it's still a fetus and therefore belongs in the fetal position, but already the little bugger is ignoring me and just doing it's own thing. Sigh.
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Originally Posted by heidirk View Post
Happy monday everyone!

I'm 32 weeks today!!!
Wait a minute. You're due 4 days after me (10/09 here) and according to my handy-dandy internet calendar I'm 33+4. So how are you only 32? I'm guessing you meant 33? :

Either which way, glad you're enjoying your mom's visit.
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33 weeks here! Starting to think about packing a hospital bag. I've got baby's going-home outfit picked out and my mom bought me a pair of pretty pajamas to take with me.

I went to the chiro this a.m. It was a really good visit and I feel better. I go again next week. She gave me a good stretch for my L psoas muscle which is super tight. Funny small world--she goes to my SIL (a massage therapist) for massages all the time!
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Maggie, that's fantasic your levels are stable now! What a relief! Hooray for a homebirth!

Jeana, isn't it fun when your boobs start functioning! I noticed colostrum at 15wks ( yes, really) and I feel like I could pump there's so much now!
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Originally Posted by MommaFox View Post
I just can't wait for it to all be over and to finally have my little space pirate to love.
Hehe I just love that there's another Firefly fan. The guild I run on World of Warcraft is actually called "Space Pirates"...and I am Capn Tightpants

I'm getting annoyed at trying to find a pediatrician. I finally found 1 that I wanted to have an appt with-only to call and be told they're "too busy" to do prenatal appts. So if I want to use this dr., I don't get to meet her ahead of time, talk to her, or ask any questions! How goofy is that? : I just need to get to a year though-there is a fantastic dr. that only takes 1 year olds and up.
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My crib is here!!! YAY! Fed Ex just delivered! I saw the truck pull in the driveway and went to the front door and unlocked it so he could bring the box in. He got out of the truck and set the large, heavy box against the house by my garage and drove off! WTF?! Fed Ex is worthless! How the hell am I supposed to get that in the house?! I managed to get it in the garage at least so it's not sitting outside. Sheesh. It's 77lbs and all in 1 very large box. I completely disappear standing behind it. *sigh* At least DH will be home tonight so we can get it in and put together. I'm tempted to call my bro when he gets home from school (15 years old) and see if he can come help me get it inside. Anyway, I'm so excited it's here! Now the nursery will actually look like a nursery!

I taught my last class at one of my fitness centers this morning! Hooray! It's definitely time to stop.

Also, should I be concerned about a bloody nose? It lasted for quite a long time and I went through several tissues. I've only ever had a handful of bloody noses in my whole life and never of this severity so I don't know if it's pg related or just a random bloody nose. Thoughts?
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No, I wouldn't worry. Totally par for the course. Congrats on your crib!
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Maryann, Congrats on making it so far in your pregnancy! That is so exciting.

Myrmom, Congrats on all of your numbers. That must be a relief. I just got my iron level back (hematocrit I think) and it's 34 which is right on the border for being ok. I am so confused about the many ways to measure it.

Tara, Congrats on finishing teaching one of your classes. I really don't know how you still do it....

AAM: My back is still hurting today, but I am feeling much better emotionally, so my back doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore. And, no, the girl who moved my chair did not apologize she exclaimed, "Well, that's what the 40lbs of extra water is for...she'll be fine." As everyone else looked at me like OMG are you ok?? She is not one of my favorite people, hence the extreme annoyance

My baby tasks this week are washing new clothes, prepping prefolds and putting together a list of interview questions for the pediatrician interview on Thursday. To others who have done this were you able to ask a long list of questions during the interview or should I just focus on a couple of the most important things to me?
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^How rude! I cannot believe she would respond that way! How would she know how much water you have or how it may have affected YOU as opposed to the baby. Sheesh.

We interviewed a ped about a week ago and I took a long list of questions. I started with the most important ones and those tended to lead to answers to my other questions. I think that's one of the things that made me so comfortable with the dr; he answered my questions w/o me having to even ask them. GL with the meeting! I hope it goes well and none others are required!
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Jess, that is so rude. I swear, if I EVER made a pregnant woman fall, I would be so apologetic and feel so terrible I would probably offer gifts to her and follow her around all day to make sure she is okay. How incredibly awful for you! But, regardless, I'm glad you are feeling better. Best to just move on, I guess.

Tara - Fedex are jerks! Who does that?! OMG at least you'll be able to get it in the house later! Ugh, I would be so PO'ed!

Hi to everyone else that I missed! I'm jumping into this thread late for a change!

AAM - I. am. so. done. This day alone is torturing me. My feet and hands are so swollen, and I don't feel like working anymore. I'm so tired, I look like crap, I just want to have this baby and be done! ARGH! And, can I just rant for a minute that I'm tired of people saying, "DAMN GIRL, YOU GOT BIG!" every time I talk into our small cafeteria. How can they even think I want to hear that? Last night my FIL said, "Carrie, you look different today, yesterday you didn't look so...huge." I said, "Thanks, and BTW, that's exactly what every pregnant woman wants to hear." Everybody laughed at him, so I felt better. He felt like poo!

Regardless, I feel so done. Mentally and physically, I'm just so ready for this phase of pregnancy to be over. I'm ready to bring this little girl into the world and meet her! I'm ready to love on her and be her mom, and feel the love I am so ready to feel!

The only thing keeping me going is chanting to myself, "14 days of work left, 14 days of work left..."
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