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how does your milk change when pg?

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I have heard that if your toddler is going to wean when you are pg, it usu happens in the first trimester because that's when your milk supply dwindles - is this true? I have a 23 mo old that is still bf and I still just love it, we have so much fun. I think I will be v. sad if my pg causes her to self wean. Then I think what it might be like to be tandem nursing and my head spins!!
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my experience

My milk didn't entirely disappear until the middle of my current pregnancy. My 18 month old all but stopped nursing at this point. He would ask once in awhile but only laugh and pretend to nurse for a second or two. Now at 8 months pg I have a bit of pre-colostrum coming in and my ds was right on it - nursing every other day or so now. Maybe I will be tandem nursing after all!
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That is interesting, Hoosky. My 17 month old is still trying to nurse about 3x a day but it seems I have NO milk. I don't hear any swallowing and she wants to switch sides right after starting. I am currently about 20 weeks pregnant. How far along are you mtnmama?
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from what I understand the taste is one of the things that change...some toddlers don't like it...but look at your little glutton all over that colostrum!!!
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They're all different!

It seems like it goes different for each mother and child. My ds stopped nursing after both my milk disappeared AND he had a couple of full days in daycare - not our normal routine. Before that though, he was doing similar things as your ds, Cosmos. Switching and no swallowing. Abimommy, I was actually a; little bummed when he picked up nursing again. I've been enjoying the space, but since we've been fighting a cold I'm hoping the colostrum will help his immune system - plus it is nice to have some special cuddle time with him before he's a big brother!
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Too soon to worry about it, is was it sounds like. I am only a few weeks, I haven't even been to the midwife yet. Thanks for the tips - I'll be on the look out for a "sour puss" face or frustration when/if my milk stops. It is encouraging to hear that she may start up again later in the pg - I will just have to wait and see.
Its hard to believe that she might just Stop! she is such an eager bf!
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