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Southern Albeta?

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I couldn't find a southern alberta thread, but I'm just curious to see how many mamas are on here from the South side?!

I'm in Lethbridge.
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I'm in Medicine Hat.
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There are very few of us here I find too! Slowly but surely though, people are catching on!!

I'm out of my home (the addy on the site is just a mailing address at the ups store, LOL).

Where are you now Rosemary?
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hey guys- I live in Ontario now, but I just wanted to say I grew up in Vauxhall! You know, between Taber and Brooks.
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Queen of my Castle: LOVE your work! That self portrait especially, and all the birth paintings. Awesome!
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thanks mama!
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I'm a SA gal too. I grew up in Med Hat, went to University of Lethbridge, and now live outside Calgary.:
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Born and raised in Lethbridge and always an Alberta girl at heart. We live in New Zealand now.

(I think I know you from the Babiesfirst yahoogroup.)
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My mom and grandma live in Lethbridge (used to be in Taber when grandpa was living) and I've spent a lot of time there over the years, usually a couple of weeks every summer.

I remember walking up 8th avenue south with my baby girl in a sling 10 years ago and running into another mama with a sling. That was cool (slings were rarer then then they are now).

I love hanging out in downtown Lethbridge, especailly when the Hutterites come into town for the day! I miss Macabee's bookstore, but there are still some interesting shops to wander through.

Whenever I go to visit, I've used the YWCA dropin childcare to give my toddlers a break from grandma and grandma a break from the toddlers. I just LOVE that YWCA, such a beautiful facility and play yard.

But I hear it closed in August for lack of staff....does anyone know if it is still closed? Not that I'm planning to go soon, but I just feel sad about it....
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Originally Posted by Aubergine68 View Post
I miss Macabee's bookstore, but there are still some interesting shops to wander through.
I worked at Macabee's for a summer, back in '93. It was a fantastic place. It's so sad those little independent places don't "make it" anymore.
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Yup! I'm in Calgary and Andrea we know eachother through AP/Facebook!
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I'm High River
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Hey Andrea!

I'm gonna bump this thread and respond

I'm in Med Hat too!

Miss Holly, congrats on your new little bundle! Is there anything you need? PM me if you do... I'm trying to clear out baby stuff! If there is anything you can use, you can have it!

There are a few of us crunchies in this city I am finding...MommySwenn also posts on here...and there are a few others around town (not sure if they post on MDC or not).

I'm not feelin' so lonely with all my crunchiness anymore which is good!:

Should we start an official monthly tribe for us SA mamma's?
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I am not in Southern Alberta, however, a friend of mine lives in Calgary and recently had her first baby. Can you guys hook me up with some ideas as to where she could meet some other AP moms?
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There is a great Calgary AP group!

Here is the link:


Does she cloth diaper? There is also a great Calgary CD'ing group too, if you want that link, let me know.


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She does cloth diaper so that link would be great, thanks so much. I a already posted the link to this thread and the AP group on her Facebook.
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I'm in Southern Alberta too! In Lethbridge
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Just wanted to bump this thread up again. The AP playgroup in Lethbridge has started meeting again! We're on Facebook if anyone is interested
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I'm in Calgary, is that considered south? I"m originally from the coast and I don't know how long we're going to stay here, so I might not be a southern alberta girl for long! I think I'm going to try and join the ap group, can anyone join?
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