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Twins sleeping together

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Until what age do you think it works for twins to sleep together? I just saw a You Tube video that recommended it only til 3 months... could that be right?!?! At night we have no problems, but what about naps?
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i think it just highly depends on each individual situation.

mine are 22 m/o, much happier together. dh is away for long stretches often (=no nighttime help) and mine wake to nurse often, so having us all together in bed works wonderfully here.
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Mine still sleep together, too, at 26 mos--as they always have. Though they did go through a spurt where they needed to nap separately (8-11 mos? maybe?) as they slept much lighter in the daytime. They are now back to napping together, too. Their big sister often sleeps between them. =)
I'd say just wing it and see how they do--all kids have different sleep patterns and needs, and doing your best to read that is all you can do!
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We had ours together up until around 8 months, when there were too many wake-ups overnight because someone was getting kicked in the head. They slept in their own cribs (and with us when they wanted to) up until they rebelled against the cribs around their second birthday. Now they sleep in our old queen size bed in their room, and we have a king. Best move we ever made. They still often end up in bed with us, but at least now there is space!

I have never heard anyone say it wasn't safe for them to sleep together, though. Only that most people separate them when they become mobile, which I understood when it happened to us!
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Mine (28 mos) sleep together in our big king-size bed for naps and at night. They really do not like being separated. If one wakes up and the other isn't there, it's the first thing he wants to know is where his brother is. We put a big pillow in between them during naps so they don't roll over on each other and, at night, myself or DH is in the middle. It works great for us.

I can't imagine why someone would choose an arbitrary cut-off time (3 mos) for co-sleeping twins. I think it totally depends on your twins and how well they sleep when they are together. For me, the hardest part has always been that they sometimes wake each other up. So I always have a baby monitor on when they are napping and I'm poised to RUN into the room the instant I hear one of them start to wake up so I can either comfort him or remove him before he wakes up his brother.
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Mine coslept with us for 2 /12 years and slept with each other until age 4 1/3. and they are boy/girl. Then we got them their own twin beds but were in same room until age 6.
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MIne slept in the same crib (or with me) until they had beds except one brief period when one of them took to biting her sister :
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Mine slept together until 8mo or so. For naps they're now separate because they wake each other up. At night sometimes together and sometimes nots.

Last night, they both dozed off together in the playpen... one sleeping on her tummy, the other draped across her.
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My twins slept together until they were 10 months old....
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Mine still sleep together for both naps and bedtime. They start out the night in their crib and then are with us after the first waking.
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My girls still sleep together at 25 months. A couple of times (a long time ago now), they have seemed to bother each other, but when I moved one into the Pack and Play, they cried harder until I moved them back together.
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still together

My twin DSs are 7.5 years old, and have different beds in the same room. Most nights one or the other crawls into the other's bed, and they sleep spooning. It is delicious to see.
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My dd's aren't twins, although I get asked if they are constantly, they are 3 and 4, and they sleep together in a twin bed. Adorable, once they actually fall asleep!
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The boys slept in our bed until they were 6.5. They slept in the same bed until they were 8. They now sleep in their own beds in the same room.
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my 9 1/2 year old twins still share a bed most nights (queen sized). They consider it punishment to do it any other way.
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Thanks. I agree. Mine are 8 mos. and we all sleep together.:
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mine are 4 and still sleep together - when they aren't crowding into my bed, that is
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At night mine have always slept one on each side of me. I tried at first having them sleep next to each other but they were not into that. They always napped together (until they stopped napping at two) and it was never a problem. They have always really been on the same schedule so I did not really worry about them waking each other up, if one was up the other usually woke anyway without being woken by the other baby.
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mine still sleep together at a little over 2yo. their almost 5yo big sister sleeps in the same bed with them too about half the time. (the other half, she's just in the bed across the room from them.)

ITA with all the PP who said it should depend on the kids.
and what works for the family.

FWIW, my cousin has 16yo twin girls and although they have seperate beds if they wanted them, they still always sleep in the same bed, just like they have ever since they were babies.
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Mine slept together 'till they where 14 or 15 months, then they moved to there own beds because they were needing more space.

Naps they slept alone only b/c one had colic and slept in a swing and it just became habit for naps, then I moved him to a bed but they other liked to sleep in the living room. We've had all kinds of napping arrangements.
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