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Leftover platanos

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I debated where to put this, it seemed that it fit best here since it's about "ethnic" food.

Today was our 7th anniversary : and I made a special dinner. I felt pretty proud of myself - I made sobre barriga (which is technically not Puerto Rican but we love it anyway) with yellow rice, majarete, tembleque, and fried platanos.

It was all delicious, but now I have some leftover platanos, and I'm not sure what to do with them. I figure we can eat them tomorrow, but they just don't taste the same next day. Any thoughts on what to do with them? Can I use them as an ingredient in something else? Or is there a special way to reheat them for the best flavor?

This white girl from a potato eating Irish family says TIA!
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Are they maduros o tostones?

Maduros are good in a torta between layers of black beans, red onions, and flour tortillas baked.

Tostones are good in a soup! Like sopa de gallina or sopa de verduras.
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That's exactly what I was going to say. Maduros go well mixed in with anything, and I especially like them with something juicy like shredded meat or chicken, etc. Tostones make one heck of a soup... just google sopa de platano and enjoy. We make sopa de platano verde with soup beef and ohmigosh it is sooooo good!
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: i am curious as to see what you decide to do with the leftovers. tell us what choice you make. you can always tell when i'm hungry...
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if they are the super-sweet maduros (aka the plantain skin was basically black when you used it, not yellow or green), i would try mashing them up and refrying them. i eat fried plantains with rice for breakfast, it is so good.
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Thanks!! They're maduros. I'm thinking with shredded chicken sounds really yummy! But w/black beans and onions... also pretty good... :
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Yeah, we get the torta at this really fancy vegan restaurant where the plantains are sliced really thin and layered with the beans and onions. Then they have some pickled onions on top with a fresh fruit salsa.
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I've never had plantains but this thread has my mouth watering. I've always wanted to try them but never knew how to cook them- all because of some story I read in Childcraft as a kid about some spider that only had one plantain left and made it for his kids or something like that.
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