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race course is running at 544 as I type!!! I know it's cold & all, but we can bundle up & take dry lines! Otherwise there is always the possibility of throwing together a Big Bend trip in Jan or something... yeah, with this lack of snow my mind is on the river too... had epic Chama dreams the other night... sigh.  Haha! how funny, I started typing this yesterday & didn't get to finish it, & now it's dumping out side!!! :D Yay snow!!! we may have a ski season after all!!! Really though, I had kinda given up on winter & was in total River brain... But anyways, if you want to come down & run the race course one of these days I still am totally down! 

Welcome citymagnolia!!! Yay River Mammas!!! I sooo hear you about living on the River, boating to work &/or home... thats the way it is on the Salt River in AZ, I usually work it every spring but haven't worked a whole season down there since before mommyhood... I took a season off when dd was born, still got a few play days on the river though. But yeah, I remember one summer I didn't boat at all because of other work & it drove me batty!!! Anyways, yeah, get your girls out there! There are lots of fun easy family float type trips... riverundine & I take our girls out as often as we can! And yeah, canoe stuff sounds great! I Love open boating... kayaks have always hurt my knees, but I Love whitewater canoeing! Iv never done any of the boundary waters type canoeing, but always wanted to.  btw, I like your signature! Out of curiosity, how long do you usually bf? I was gonna wean dd at 2yo when I ran the Grand Canyon this spring... but we werent really ready, & I still had milk when I got back... sooo, we are still at it, goin' on 3! Think I'm starting to feel ready though... I kinda miss having my boobs to myself! Anyways, glad to have you in the tribe! 


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woah... 640 & rising!!! http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nm/nwis/current/?type=flow  (look at RIO GRANDE BLW TAOS JUNCTION BRIDGE NEAR TAOS, NM) wet suit, lots of fleece, dry top/pants... & dry lines baby! thumbsup.gif I know I'm dreaming of shreading powder right now... but damn, a holiday race course float at 640 would be mighty nice... might nice indeed...


btw, citymagnolia, where are you located? anywhere in the general vicinity of the SW?

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you know how much i don't like being cold or wet ;)

so are you saving up for the india rafting trip, lish?

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Brrrrr.... yeah, ok, I'm over the idea... I'v got a bunch of friends having a surf sesh today & I'm freezing my ass off just thinking about it! Aaagh! It's like -20 out there! few weeks ago it was unseasonably warm & sounded nice... today, I dont even want to ski it's so bloody cold! Anyways... ooooh India... oh how I wish wish wish wish I could... Just started work on Dec 20th, having been unemployed since the end of river season, mailing my entire paycheck to Melanie today for three months worth of back rent on my storage unit & am broke again... hoping my phone wont get shut off before I get my next pay check. Ouch. Willing to volunteer & work my bum off! boat, cook, clean, schlep, daily groover duties, any & all of it! praying.gif Not like I could afford just the air fare anyways... bawling.gif But who knows, I believe in miracles!!! 



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Hey Mammas! So I know it's been a Loooooong time since this thread was active, & probably almost as long since I'v been on here... but, I figured it was high time we revitalize the River Mom's thread & find our tribe!!!

Ok, so I have a couple of exciting things happening, first is a new facebook group for River Parents raising little boaters! Anyone is welcome to join, the link is http://www.facebook.com/groups/250132875077406/

The other exciting thing, is that after much procrastination, I finally did something I have been threatening to do for quite some time now, I started a blog! So the blog is about raising kids in the world of outdoor sports! Feel free to check it out, that link is http://rivermamma.blogspot.com/

As I mentioned, I know it's been forever since this thread was alive, but hopefully some of you are still around, and hopefully there are some new River Mom's too!

Here's to Loving our kids & Loving Rivers! joy.gif

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Happy to find this tribe!!! I'm a river running mama in boulder co with an 18 mo old son and a river running hubby. Have lived and boated in Oregon, California and Colorado!
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