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C/Section moms.....

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Did it hurt when you DTD the 1st time after, and where did it hurt??

I want to but I'm scared, and DH is being so patient, but REALLY wants to DTD as well.
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We haven't done it yet! Granted I just stopped bleeding this weekend, too. (Well, I was done BLEEDING but was still spotting and so I was using it as an excuse telling DH I was still bleeding! LOL I'm bad, but I've been kind of scared, too!!)

I, too, have been wondering how it's going to be DTD after the section. I mean, I know how it goes for me after a vaginal delivery - sore! - but I wonder how it's gonna be now. There is nothing to be sore "down there", but I worry about my tummy! My incision doesn't really hurt much, it itches and at times it kind of feels like it is pulling, but no pain. My pain is in my lower tummy/abs. They said I would be very sore there for a while due to Ashley being footling breech they had to move things around a bit to get her out okay (her arms not getting pulled up over her head, etc.) and also because I had several small bleeds while they were putting me "back together" and they had to take my uterus out and put it back SIX times! It's still tender when I cough! And seeing as you tend to use abs muscles when DTD, I am worried! (I *am* only 4 weeks PP, though, so I still have "time"! LOL)
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Granted, we waited until 9 wks pp but that was about sleep and scheduling, not pain. I was ready at 6 wks. I was sore afterwards, but not from my incision!! My doc said that we should use lots of lubrication because the vaginal tissue is thinner and more sensitive because of the hormones from bfing. Wish I had remembered that advice before we got carried away.
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I just had a c/sec 3 weeks ago and we DTD. I was a little tender "down there" afterwards but other than that, I was fine. It didn't bother my incision or anything else afterwards. As far as extra lub, you can never go wrong with that. Still take it easy (no sexual acrobatics right away) but trust me, you'll be fine.
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I'm from another DDC but saw the post and thought I'd respond.
For the first birth we waited 6 weeks and I totally second the lubrication (coconut oil works better than ky or astroglide too btw). Even though nothing came out of that opening I was still incredibly sore and it took awhile during the act for me to get used to the feeling again. The scar also rubbed uncomfortably against my pubic bone if in the missionary position, that lasted MONTHS afterward till the scar tissue broke down a little bit more about 9 months or so later.
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Thanks ladies, I needed to hear that. Everything 'in there' feels normal, I was just concerned that he might put some unwanted pressure on my incision some how, just because this is so new for me. And the fact that i had SO many problems afterwards.....infection that wouldn't go away, it popped open and blood ran out etc.... anyway, my 6 week PP is Friday and I'm positive I'm ready to DTD. My only concern now is, no BC.... My 2 DD's were BF until 4 months and AF returned around 6-8 months, I never got pregnant. I won't use hormonal BC because it took 21 months to get pregnant and stay pregnant with Bodie. He hates condoms, and I guarantee he wouldn't 'pull out' even if I told him to. The only reason this is a concern is because he would be devistated if I got pregnant again right away. He's having a hard time right now because there are so many changes going on.

He got out of the Air Force
He started school FULL time
Our 5 y/o started K
New baby
C/S so I'm NO help (until the last 2 weeks)
And I have to have a C/S again next time.

Wahhhh I'm rambling, can you tell I've been home for a while mamas...
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ROTFL at the rambling! You sound like me, girl!

I,too, don't know what we're gonna do about BC. We WILL use condoms if we MUST (), but neither of us like them. As for hormonal type BC, I get sick on them, so I can't use them. (Kind of like I get sick from BEING preggy, I sick while on the pill due to the hormones! SUCKS!) We, too, have issues getting pregnant. (3 years for DD, 2+ for DS and this time was "short" 9 months of trying...) We know we want at least one more, but we are sure we wanna wait! I mean, I *am* only 4 weeks PP (and AF came back at 14 months and 9 months PP with the 1st two...), but still, don't wanna take that chance!

Here's our situation - lots of stuff for us, too:

DH works full time 40-45 hours a week
He goes to school 4 nights a week
Until October he has a prep class for his LSAT test on Saturday and Sunday for 4 hours each day (includes travel time)
DD is in 1st grade so no help at home
New baby
C/S (I'm STILL no help...)
And more than likely will do a section next time, too....
No insurance and sections cost $6000 for the hospital, $2300 for the OB, plus the extras that go on (anesthesia, baby - hearing tests and any other test baby might need, like DD needed jaundice testing because she was a bit yellow-ish, etc...)

So Teneal, I COMPLETELY understand where you're coming from! Having another baby soon would NOT be a fabulous thing, no matter HOW much we know we want at least one more! LOL
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OMG, it's crazy how much life catches up with you when you can't do anything because you have a ginormous gash in your abdomen....LOL

I got the bill they were sending to my insurance company (just to view it) and it was almost $15k and the bill for Bodie was another $2700. My jaw just dropped to the floor when I saw that. I assume it's from laboring for 24 hours getting the epi and THEN having a section. Oh and that didn't even include the Anistisia doc. Holy cow man.

I'm glad you understand tho mama!!
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Well, just to add another perspective, my c-section bills are well over $20,000 and still counting. That doesn't include the baby, I think he was like $3000. Of course that includes ICU and stuff... but I'm confused about how they are charging me for ICU when I was always in my LDRP room or the OR? Extra nurses or something? I was on a lot of drugs so I don't really remember everything, but I still can't figure that part out. It was only 10 hours from when we checked in to when he was delivered, so it couldn't have been a long period of time anyway.

We are charting again, using Creighton Method this time. I might start taking temps again when I'm getting more regular sleep. Who knows. I'm assuming that it would take a lot for us to get pg again, but with our luck we would end up with another baby if we weren't actively avoiding. Grrrr.
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7 wks PP here and haven't DTD yet, i think DH may combust if it's not soon though. i just got a Paragaurd IUD on tuesday and am bleeding pretty heavily, (my cervix was not cooperative and he had to grab it with clamps, fuuunnn!) my ob said to wait 10-14 days due to the possible risk of infection, we'll prob wait till weekend after next, i'm scared!
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Wow, I know of women that had to have that done to do an IUI to conceive, mine was much less intense than that tho, and my cervix was never even touched. That sucks mama, and the freakin bleeding already.....yuck, I'm sorry.

Well girls, we DTD, it sucked. I think I had worked myself up and tightened my vaginal wall unknowingly so it was that much more uncomfortable, and it felt like there was pressure on my incision. Had my 6 week PP check today, and she said all was normal and well, but that since I had tears in my uterus that they might be causing it to ache more anyway. She said the only way to know is to keep trying, DH said 'trying' and getting no where is not fun for him and he wants to wait a few weeks. I guess I'm ok with that, but knowing that I might have caused the discomfort from working myself up might make it easier to 'get started & finish' now.

We talked about a lot today. With next pregnancy, she advises we wait 12 months or so to even 'try' to get pregnant, and that we deliver around 36 weeks next time. Reason being, we don't know if my uterus can even with stand being stretched to 9 months pregnant again or handle prodromal labor again.

Oh, and my PAP hurt, she even made me bleed a little. I've never bleed from a PAP, ever. Oh well.
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The very first time we tried to DTD it really hurt and we had to stop. I think I was so worried about it I never really got into it. The second time I decided to "fake it until I make it" and made myself pretend I was super into the warm up stuff, until I really was really into the warm up stuff. That time I was still a little sore at first, but it was actually enjoyable.

I am also worried about putting pressure on my scar (I have a gross overhanging belly at the moment...ick), so we ummm..... used a position where there is no risk of pressure on my belly. If you... umm..... know what I mean.

Oh, and clamps on the cervix sounds extremely horrifying.
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I have that 'flap' too, and I wonder if it will ever go away? I'm not super skinny normally, but I'm not big. I've always been about a 6 and sometimes a 4, depending on the time of year, so I've never really had this type of pouch if you will. Not flat, but no pouch.
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Originally Posted by Tenk View Post
I have that 'flap' too, and I wonder if it will ever go away? I'm not super skinny normally, but I'm not big. I've always been about a 6 and sometimes a 4, depending on the time of year, so I've never really had this type of pouch if you will. Not flat, but no pouch.
I have that flap too! Will it go away? What can you do to lessen it?
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No pain--which is a world different from after my first was born (vaginally). Not that I would sign up for a c/s but there must be some compensation, right?
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UGH on that dang "flap"! Does it go away? And what can I do to mke it go away faster? It's SO icky!!!!! We still have yet to DTD. I am 5 weeks PP. I have a PP appt tomorrow, so we are waiting til after that... DH is concerned about hurting me, but I know he is SO ready! LOL I'm jusy not yet. I'm a little nervous about it, but to be honest, mostly, I have NO desire at ALL!
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did it! it was.......okay. DH is out of town, so we'll try it again when he gets back. yeah, the flap of skin....not pretty, actually quite horrifying. and i am still fat, which does not help things, my weight loss is going SOOOO much slower than with my 1st. i don't even recognize myself!
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