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Do you have a dr/midwife appt scheduled? - Page 2

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I haven't yet. I'm planning to wait until I'm near 10 weeks or so to go in to see my doc, and then will see my mw after that.
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I just went in today (9 weeks tomorrow), but I made the appt back in July. This was their earliest intake appt. available, too...so not a bad idea to call right away.
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I have my first appointment on Sept 9. I will see the OB nurse, my OB, and get an ultrasound. I will probably be high risk this pregnancy because of my current high bp and my pre-e with my last pregnancy.
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i haven't scheduled anything because we won't have insurance for another month or so. i don't think there is much the doc can do right now and i'm not in a hurry
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I have to find a hbmw and I have no idea where to start........

Also dh and I have to sit down and talk and figure out who we'd rather have as "backup" for work purposes the bc mw or the ob who I saw for the end of my pg with the twins

So no appmnt yet and none in the works. TBH I don't really see a point until 12wks or so and then mostly just for work purposes
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I haven't made an appointment or anything. I still owe my midwife from the last birth and I want to have her paid off before I ask her to take me on again. I don't know that she would even take me as it has taken me 2 years to pay her. My insurance fell through like 2 days before I delivered. I hate not knowing if she will deliver and I am kind of embarrassed to email/call her. So I guess we shall see.
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I have my first appt with the NP scheduled for 9/10. I should be about 8-9 weeks along by then. This is our first and I've been so nervous; I really am counting down the days until the appointment as I'm hoping for some peace of mind.

I've been really sick for the last 1.5 weeks as well.

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On Tuesday I'll call the midwifery office and try to get the same midwife. I think she'll prob say something about me being back so early.
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Including blood tests, I've been about six times already! I had a miscarriage in the spring, and I was spotting a few weeks ago. I'm almost 40, and the loss was my only previous pregnancy.

There was also then some confusion about my LMP date, because being freaked out by the spotting I blanked on the date and just said '28 days from last Saturday.' Then they wrote down a date that was actually 35 days from the previous Saturday, and I had an early sonogram way too early to see anything. So for the next two weeks I had my blood taken at least twice a week until the hormone levels. They rose like they were supposed to, and are now at the level where they wanted them to be, so I have a songogram scheduled for tomorrow. I then have to see the doctor on Thursday to have the sonogram explained to me - my doctor and another practice have a recent (and apparently not particularly wanted, at least on my doctor's side) parternship. Blood tests and scans and things are all being done at the other place. To have the scan done with my doctor there I'd have to wait another week, and I decided I'd feel better having it over with quicker, since I've been so worried, even if I have to go twice.

After that, provided everything is *cross fingers* ok, I should finally get a midwife (I picked this practice because it offered both doctors and midwives) and start just going monthly or whatever until later in the pregnancy.
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