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I guess I'm obsessing a bit lol!

I just would like to get outside opinions on this chart. My lp's before Macey were 12-13 days like clockwork. This is my second month cycling after his birth, the first cycle I've temp charted again. We're still exclusively bf'ing. I'm at 17dpo today! I did think take a couple hpt's just to be sure and they were negative (the last one yesterday at 16dpo). My temps keep climbing though..

I'm really wondering if anyone thinks I might have o'd around cd27 or 28...I had a temp drop then a rise and since then they've remained up. I wonder if I geared up to O around cd18, then didn't and did later on cd27 which would make me only around 8dpo. I did have a lot of cf until around that time, then it dried up completely.

Anyway...any input would be appreciated, my chart is at

TIA guys!!