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Yum...fruity sweets! On Halloween I was starting to wish we had done more of a fruit theme with the candy - we got Hershey's miniatures, Almond Joy, Reeses, Milky Way and M&Ms and I was just craving Starburst and Skittles! I actually baked some lemon bars in the middle of all the trick-or-treaters.
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Monday morning....ugh! Warning! Pity party follows!

I feel sick all day. I am okay right after I eat something, but I have to force myself to eat because nothing sounds good. Saturday was miserable. Migraine, sick, with errands that I had to run.

Insomnia sucks too. I have had 2 nights of waking up and not getting back to sleep for an hour or more. It is awful...I am laying there, yawning, exhausted, but I can not sleep.

I also visited a few mainstream pregnancy boards over the weekend...big mistake. : It is a way of thinking that I just don't understand.....However, I did find a few good links for some cute maternity clothes. http://www.imaternity.com/shop.asp?MasterCategory_Id=No
Also, I think Old Navy had some cute things.

Anyway, I am going back to the couch. Hope everyone is feeling better today.
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wildthing - I hear ya on the headache thing. UGH! I was at a conference Saturday for LLL and they must of thought that I was rude ad withdrawn cause I didn't participate as much as I would have liked. My head was POUNDING. I hate taking anything so I just suffered through and went to be at 8:30. I also have been waking up in the middle of the night and not able to fall back to sleep. I have been trying to use some of my hypnobirthing breathing to relax my whole body and go to sleep. Sometimes it works and some time my mind just keeps working on other things instead. UGH!
Also this weekend I saw this link on another board and thought it was neat! Check it out
It show fetal development from conception.
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Which LLL Conference did you go to? I am the AACS for Registration for our area conference-So Cal/Nevada. We have our conference every Memorial Day Weekend. I will be, oh...about 38 weeks by then. :LOL Still looking forward to going.
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Hugs to all of you that are feeling so sick!

I went to Old Navy this weekend to try on some of their maternity jeans, the kind with the band at the top or the no panel kind. How depressing! I hated them! They must think that a size 16 pregnant woman has pencil thin legs, because I could not even get them over my thighs. The jeans fit like tights, not pants! It must be 'the style' I'm too old to be wearing tights for jeans. At least they did have a pair of low ride chinos that looked OK and fit, they tie at the hip.

I am on the other side of the candy cravings, I have a new found love of Milky Ways. A month ago I hated them, go figure. I keep raiding my son's Halloween stash.

I've been sooo tired each day come 2:00 PM, like now. I could put my head right here on the desk and fall asleep. I can't however, I am working right now (I telecommute from a home office) and the baby is in the next room. I want a nap!

Seedling, I am having the 'gotta pee NOW" dreams too. If I get up, my baby DS wakes up and then he wants to nurse back to sleep. Sometimes I just lay there, having to think what is worse...holding it in, or waking up DS while I run to the bathroom downstairs only to find him totally awake when I get back

I think I am going to start wean my DS soon. I am waiting till after he masters walking. He is 12.5 months now. It really hurts now to nurse. He is also an all night, co-sleeping nurser. So, I don't get more than 1.5 hours at a stretch of sleep. I know to grow this baby right, I need more sleep, my body is telling me so. I want to be able to take advantage of that drop in milk supply I hear about in the second trimester. DH and I have been talking a lot on how we will do this, what the plan will be. He will need to be the nightime caregiver during it all.
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ewww. life is gross for me right now. why is it that no matter how many times i throw up it is still the most horrible feeling ever when it is happening? my tummy feels like knives are in it. then, i try to eat something soothing. this morning i made soft boiled eggs,and they were too soft so i ruined them, though i swear i timed them right! then i tried avocado on toast, which i had one bite of before i was grossed out. then, i poured a bowl of cereal, and same thing, no go. aahhhh! so its almost eleven o clock and i finally had breakfast,somescrambled eggs with fresh pepper,which was remarkably good now that i'm starving. :

im just repeating to my baby (the one in my womb ) hold on,we're gonna get through this!

and we will. with a little help from the accupuncturist i am seeing at 3.30 today :LOL he also plans to try to learn the sex of this baby during his reading of my pulses. yay! what's more- my insurance covers this! and as many more visits as i need. whew,i mean we weregonna pay for it anyway,but it helps. big time.

well, sometimes i envy people who can eat starburst and the like, pregnant or not! my diet and lifestyle have been strict for long enough now that my body recoils in horror when i consume artificial flavors/ colors and especially preservatives. i have tested this on numerous occasions where i have a craving or there is simply nothing else to eat but at a mainstream restaurant or something, and always i am punished with evil sickness of one kind or another. the most recent examples of this are a couple of weeks ago when i ate like 2 M&Ms- just 2! grrrr. and the other night when i had dh rub this lotion a friend gave me on my legs- i guess i just didnt think it would be perfumed. boy was i wrong. i guess dh and i now fall somewhere under the category of chemically sensitive, though i assume all people would if they but cut these things out of their lives long enough for their bodies to recover. I used to smoke, even, and felt fine. now i cant be around someone who has smoked even if they arent smoking right then :LOL i guess it is a healthy life, but sometimes annoying!

well i will post tonight after i see the doctor. perhaps he will have an idea, perhaps not. i do hope he does though because i really want to avoid ultrasound. and dh is itching to know!

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good afternoon ladies! it took me a long time to read all the posts i missed...and i took out a piece of paper mid-way so i could jot down all of your great ideas, book recommendations and aromatherapy tips. you women are turning out to be my daily source of strength and groundedness as i undergo this transformation.

sarah...i too have a friable cervix, and i really don't know what the hell that means. i just found out at my prenatal appt. last tuesday. i guess i'll know if it's a bad thing when my pap comes back. this morning i did notice that my discharge had just the very faintest hint of pink in it...or was it my imagination. it's so hard to tell. i definitely wouldn't call it spotting though.

and talk about morning sickness....this is DEFINITELY my worst day yet. and you are all so very right...vlassic dill cold crunchy pickles are absolutely the greatest thing i can eat right now. dh is being SO sweet. he's reminding me that i'm nauseous because our little tadpole is starting to move around down there, and that this is just a sign that everything is going well.

the worst part though is that instead of puking from my nausea, mine seems to want to travel out the other exit. DIARRHEA. it's horrible! i only post that to see if anyone else is having a similar experience...i'm trying so hard NOT to complain to anyone, especially myself. it builds character, they say, and makes labor pains easier (or keeps you more in check as you're having them). but i AM a first time mom, and i have no idea if this is true or not!

i definitely feel much much better with the nausea after walking briskly for 20 minutes or so. and i enjoy it so much...those are the times i really connect with what's going on.

heather, i will certainly still keep you in my heart. i know the worst part for you is the purgatory of it all...NOT knowing. i'm sure you will know either way soon, and you can continue your peace with whatever will be.

eilonwy...please pardon my ignorance, but what is a mole?

this weekend was so nice...i got to spend a LOT of one-on-one time with an old girlfriend who now has an 8 month old daughter. she let me ask her all kinds of questions. it was great.

what should i fix for dinner? i'm thinking tofu crumbles, pasta, and some sort of cheesy sauce. any good recipe ideas?

happy monday to all...
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Originally posted by wildthing
Which LLL Conference did you go to? I am the AACS for Registration for our area conference-So Cal/Nevada. We have our conference every Memorial Day Weekend. I will be, oh...about 38 weeks by then. :LOL Still looking forward to going.
Wild thing I went to one in Central NY for leaders and leader applicants. I love the big area conferences they are SO fun. It's great to be around like minded people. I think I have dh talked into going to the international conference in Washington DC in 2005. I can't wait!!!
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had to pop in and announce that according to my accupuncturist, this little baby is a girl! hooray!

the treatment went really well and i am convinced it helped alot. he put the needles in at my forehead, wrists and feet. i didnt even feel it happen. then i rested (slept! :LOL) and he returned to restimulate the needles.i rested again and it was over. we went out for italian tonight and i feel good.

i am seeing him this wednesday and friday, plus more next week if i need it. i recommendthis highly to all sickly mammas out there.


ps Kerlowyn- have you read Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Nursing through pregnancy and beyond? I enjoyed it,and while it focuses on those continuing to nurse it offers greattips for mammas who need relief, including methods to help you cope, night limiting help,and weaning. it also talks about troubles or emotional difficulties and sleep deprivation. I think you'd benefit from it. I have a copy so if you cant buy it i dont mind sharing it! let me know!
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Hi Mommas! Whew, last night Dh kicked me off the 'puter early so I couldn't post, and now I feel like I'm so behind! Please forgive if I don't remember a thing

Felt utterly wretched and miserable this weekend. I'm losing my grip on the household and it was so stressing me out. I did manage to go grocery shopping and Dan helped with some laundry so I feel a little better emotionally, but I am so ready for this part to be over. My stomach just hurts all the time, even when I don't feel nauseated and I can't even sleep well. I have very bed insomnia so I always try to go to bed late enough to actually sleep through, it works pretty well most of the time, but makes me so tired in the morning.

Oh, I did make some progress tonight, I made dinner!! My dad's recipe for tuna noodle casserole with green peas on the side! A childhood favorite that I had a sudden yearning for and had to make, lol! I had similar yearnings last time, for all sorts of childhood foods I'd forgotten all about. Must be that comfort food thing.

Ugh, fuzzy brain, I should really get to bed. I hope you're all feeling perky and fabulous tomorrow! (hey, we can dream, lol!!) Night!
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Robin, I don't think I have cooked a real dinner since I found out I was pregnant! I just realized that this morning. I decided DH is going to have to cook a real meal tonght for the sake of our poor child who has been eating way too many meals of tofu dogs and baked beans!
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Good morning everyone! I had another rough night last night. Woke up and was sick several times. I'm not feeling too great this morning. Tabitha, I'm going to call about acupuncture today. I'm pretty sure my insurance will cover it too. I'm glad it worked for you! I think I need to get Adventures in Tandem Nursing too. Dd's night nursing is really getting me frustrated. It's hard to have her nursing when I need to go to the bathroom and throw up!

I also haven't cooked a meal since I started feeling sick. I can't even stand for dh to cook either! I really hope this is gone by Thanksgiving cause I really want to go nuts eating since I haven't been able to eat much at all recently.

Robin, I had a horrible weekend too and it hasn't gotten much better. Luckily, dh has been cleaning the house for me every night!

Hope everyone has a great day! Sorry to all the sick mamas, it really sucks!
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i've actually enjoyed cooking on some nights...last night i did make the tofu beefaroni, and it was SOOOOOOOOOO good. however, my "smells" issue kicked in full mega-force when i went grocery shopping last night. YUCK. first of all, does everyone who goes to my grocery store on monday nights smoke cigarettes? everyone i walked past smelled like an ashtray! and i couldn't shop well, my senses were all weird. i bought spanish green olives, which i NEVER buy, and when i got home i ate like ten of them!

here's a topic for discussion: dh has been trying to help me a little more since we've been preggo, but i'd like a little more. i still do all the cooking and cleaning, and once in a while he does the laundry...but i still fold it. i HATE nagging. is there an effective way anyone has discovered to ease one's dh into VOLUNTARILY doing more housework?

let's discuss...

have a great day!

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I've been okay with cooking, also. I've been cooking enough for two meals at a time though, so I get a break from it every other night. When I don't want to cook, it's because I'm tired.

However, our tenant sometimes bathes himself in cologne, and that stinks up the whole house. I usually GET OUT for a while when he does, because THAT is completely nauseating! Perfumey smells have always bothered me, my senses are just So hightened right now.

As far as getting husbands to cook/clean, we always have cans of chili or soup on hand, and I let him fend for himself some nights... and he feeds Roland while he's at it. Doesn't make for very healthy meals, though, so I try to rely on that only when I need to.

I find that telling him it's SEXY when he does stuff encourages him a bit... but still, he doesn't do as much as I'd like either. And there are ramifications later on in the evening, which is fine most of the time, but sometimes not.

Kevin takes Roland to Home Depot with him, sometimes. That way, at least I'm not doing housework & childcare at the same time. We don't do folding in our house. We both do laundry, and we've got 4 or 5 baskets that unfolded laundry just stays heaped in. That way, you have to dig to find what you want to wear, so it's probably not much of a time saver, but it seems easier.
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Laura- here's my method: cease all housewifely activities, no matter how compelled you feel to not live in filth. eventually, he'll be so disturbed by the state of the household, he'll do the work himself. all without nagging.

I feel good this morning, i am still not sure if the one treatment fixed me completely. i am a little scared it will come back full force, but i know it helped a lot, and will only get better when i keep seeing him. i am glad to have finally started seeing a LAc because i may need to have a relationship with one for other purposes this preg. and pp, ie breech baby, stalled labor, induction, post partum body pain, mastitis. lets hope none of that happens.

karl still wants an ultrasound. grrrrr. i dont really understand his reasoning, he says to check the fingers & toes and heart and stuff, see if there's more than one and so on. so i guess we'll be getting one at 20 weeks or whatever.

i didnt do my exercise this morning! i was and am so tired! baby must be growing big time.

i see my OB this thursday,whomever he or she is. just gotta keep my mouth shut and get what i want out of it. i cant imagine entrusting my care to those people.

well,lets share this book i have! (Tandem Nursing) Sound good?I can send it to whomever wants it first and then they can send it to the next mamma? Or everyone could just buy a copy,but i amnot using mine so... let me know!

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Dh and I finally got a chore chart and divided up everything that had to be done. We wrote down how often it needed to be done and decided who would do it. I gave him all the gross chores.
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Tabitha- If it is what you need to do in order to make him feel more comfortable with having a homebirth, then I would say it is a good compromise. That way, he knows that everything is ok. You already do, but this will pull him on board!

I am on medications now for morning sickness. I knew that what I was dealing with wasn't normal morning sickness, but I just didn't understand how bad it would be until today. I went through this with Kettie too. It is called hyperemesis. You would think that as a doula, I would know that I am going through it, but I didn't. So, hopefully I will start to feel better soon. I am already losing weight, and with nursing, it is too hard. I can't function. I have two moms due and one being induced today for a liver problem...sigh...I hope everyone is doing ok.

My man cleans for me everyday. Everyday. He comes home, makes dinner, feeds the family, makes me tea at 11pm if I need it, bathes the girls, reads them books and puts them to bed.He is amazing and I love him so much. He is a great man.

Oh, and I have to be having a girl with this sickness...
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hey mamas!

harriet, (I think it was you!)your dream about the toilet/time machine makes me laugh every time I think about it!

well, MS sets in pretty much every day around 3 pm on to sleep. yuck yuck yuck. I find myself really dreading the next day. I suppose I should just count myself lucky that I don't have it ALL day! (yet?!)

chore wise... that is something dh and I have been wrangling over for the past 3 years, seems like something that we fight about, it passes, everything is fine for awhile, then it rears up again. Is there any solution? I'm not sure... Now what I tend to do is say things like "okay, you can either wash the floors or put on a load of diaper and clean up the kitchen" Giving him a choice of 2 things really seems to work.. It is still kind of a drag to actually have to point out what has to get done. I wish sometimes that he could just see it without me having to point it out, but he really is getting better about it. I agree with Tabithat too, it really does work to 'go on strike'. That's when Dave started to realize "okay, the livingroom doesn't pick itself up every night after finn goes to sleep!"

Oooh Tabitha, you've got me convinced to seek out an acupuncturist up here..

Headaches, citrus cravings and bone crushing, cementshoe filled exhaustion... oh what fun and only 6 weeks left of it!(I hope!)

Any of you other mamas have asthma? I do and I've noticed a serious decline in my breathing since the beginning of this preg. With Finn I noticed an improvement. I've heard something about this indicating the sex.. I'm hoping this is true because it really would be nice to have a girl too! A boy would be dandy too of course but this house is very boyful with 2 male animals too. I'd like some female energy!
Finn tells me it's a girl baby anyways!

keep on keepin' on

mum to Finn (2) and ? (june '04)
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Okay, l know ya'll think I just come here to complain. I promise I will try to be more positive in my second trimester. Today has been the hardest day. 1)Dog dug out. He came back easily but still, he's been stuck in the house with me all day and I've got a big old hole I have to fill in tomorrow 2)DH has been mad at me all day because he was putting the moves on me in his sleep last night and when I rolled over to tell him to get off me, I hit him in the nose by accident 3)DD has been a holy terror...I had to leave a playdate today because she was hitting and being generally uncooperative and 4)the project I thought I'd finished for work has some major flaws in it that my boss had to point out and now I'm gonna be up several hours later than bed time trying to fix it up. I feel like a bad dog owner, bad wife, bad momma, and bad employee all rolled up into one. My DH is in class tonight, my house is a disaster and I've caved on my "one 30 minute video a day" rule and am letting DD watch a Thomas video again. And I just want to cry "I'm pregnant, leave me alone! I can't help it if I don't feel patient/sexy/smart" at all of them!

On a postive note, I think my MS is easing up some. I'm 9 weeks today. I still horribly tired all the time but at least I'm not feeling quite so sick. I'm starving all the time...got up at 10:30 last night and made a salad. And I'm so thirsty!

As for chores, I find that my DH is generally willing to help pick up toys and I usually give him the option of "do you want to wash dishes or get DD ready for bed?" and that seems to work pretty well. He's okay with helping me keep things "picked up" but he almost never helps with cleaning (vacumming, bathroom, dusting, etc) unless we have company coming and I MAKE him (ie nag him to death). End result, the cleaning doesn't get done as often as it should. Oh, and he is in grad school in addition to a full time job so he's not around a couple nights a week to help with anything at all.

Anyway, sorry for the sob story. But it helps to get it out. Time to get the kitchen cleaned up and start bed time.
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:LOL It's very easy for me to get dh to do housework: it honestly turns me on! When I see him with a load of clean, folded laundry ... . He knows it makes me hot to see a much cleaner room than the one I left, and he also knows that I'm rarely in the mood if things are a mess. If you withhold sex for a while and make it clear that cleaning up will solve the problem, he'll clean. :LOL

bandana: A hydatiform mole is not an actual pregnancy; sometimes when a sperm & egg come together, they don't make a baby. Instead, it'll make a kind of tumor, or a 'mole' which can implant in the uterus and grow. They grow very quickly (more quickly than babies) and sometimes (I think) you can even have positive pregnancy tests with them. They aren't alive, though, and don't resemble a baby in any way. Speaking of which...

I don't have one. I'm not sick as I was, but I definately have a sour stomach most of the time. And even though I've been starving, I've only gained half a pound! I find it so difficult to believe, the way I've been cramming food into myself! :LOL I'm very relieved.

seedling: Feel free to complain; I know it makes me feel like more of a regular human being to know that other people can get just as frustrated and miserable in their pregnancy. Not that I want you to stay miserable! :LOL

elbee: I have asthma too, and mine cleared up almost completely while I was pregnant with Eli (I had maybe 3 attacks the whole pregnancy, which is ridiculously good for me). I have noticed a little bit of wheezing which, if I were not pregnant, I probably wouldn't use my inhaler for. Because I am pregnant, I'm more careful about it: I've read that it's very dangerous for babies in utero to be deprived of oxygen for even a short period of time, so I'd like to keep it in check! If it is a sign that it's a girl this time, that'd be wonderful! I'd be thrilled with another little boy, but I'm kind of hoping to have a little girl next.

My strange sex dreams have begun, but I have a problem with them. Sometimes I'll wake up from one to find... a baby attached to his nursie!! It's very creepy to me every time that happens. *shudder* I just don't want to associate those feelings (which are fun!) with my son. I have no idea how to solve this problem. Help! I'm not going to wean him; is that the only way?

And now to my own complaining. Last night my mother, nieces, and a family friend were going out to eat when an SUV came flying past a stop sign at 50 MPH and sideswiped the car. My older niece is physically fine, but was traumatized; in her booster seat, she got a perfect view of my mother's skull. Her sister has a brushburn from where her seatbelt (which probably wasn't threaded correctly through the booster seat) wrapped around her chin; it bothers her a little, but otherwise she was fine.

Our friend hit the windshield and his head looks nasty, but is fine; his glasses were damaged a bit but aren't unwearable. My mother lost a lot of blood when she hit something (she doesn't know what) and her scalp split open. She's okay, but still in the hospital; she looks kinda scary (Eli got very upset when he saw her! ), but she's coherent. My older niece insisted on going to school today, even though her mother told her she didn't have to. She called home once during the day to make sure everything was all right, and has not eaten since yesterday afternoon . (She's one of those people who won't eat when she's upset, which isn't great because she's really too skinny to begin with. ).
The police found the vehicle, which had been reported stolen (I think before the accident; I'm not sure) and was abandoned. They don't have any suspects yet.

It's all very depressing to me, and the fact that I've been dealing with pregnancy depression all week doesn't help. Please keep my mom & niece in your prayers; I'm sure they'll be fine, but a little extra can't hurt! How do you deal with situational depression problems during pregnancy? This is a first for me. I find that everything gets me thinking about the new baby, giving me more reasons to worry, making me paranoid. I was terrified to blink while I was driving this morning, and that's not a great driving habit.
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