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LOL spatulagirl, I think this was the first meal I've done by myself in at least a month that involved more than microwaving something! It wasn't exactly planned, though, I was writing to a friend who's moving in a couple of blocks away and telling her I should bring her a casserole to welcome her to the neighborhood (being silly, cause she only lives about a half mile away now) Anyway, it got me thinking about my dad's tuna casserole and I wanted it so badly I had to make it. That's pretty much how I have to eat lately, get myself really wanting something so desperately that I can't wait. In the first couple of weeks I would fantasize about fabulous sandwiches while I was nursing Ben to sleep, but lately, it's mostly been for things like a can of soup or a bowl of granola, or calling DH to bring me a banana split (which he's actually done twice, god love him!!)

As for getting help from Dan, he hasn't folded the laundry and I had to sort it and put it in the basket for him to take to the laundry room, but I think it mostly took him being desperate for a clean shirt, lol! He is already responsible for the dishes (an arrangement we made before we got married), and he's not so great with that, but me lying in a stupor on the couch really seems to motivate him to get his butt in gear We're not super tidy people anyway, so it's pretty easy to ignore most of the filth as long as there a clean clothes to wear (folded or not) and clean dishes to eat off of. He has been really good with getting up with Ben and making them breakfast and then getting him dressed and taking him to school while I sleep like a bum. I am eternally grateful for that this week!

Oh Rynna! Hugs to your mom and neices!! How scary for them and you! I hope your mom can come home very soon!

Have a good night everyone and just remember the 1st trimester will be over very soon and we'll be able to move on to more exciting griping, like stretch marks, lol!
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I guess we should re-name this thread to "June mamas whining in November" :LOL I am not saying it is a bad thing at all. I just feel like I don't really have any suggestions for anyone, and I just complain. I guess misery loves company!

Anyway, I was at one mainstream board today again, and I realllllly shouldn't go there. Things that are said just annoy me, and I don't agree with anything anyone says. :

Still feel like crap on toast, still tired enough to sleep 3 days straight. And now I am getting kicked off the computer.....grrrrrr

How do I get my dh to do things? Easy.....I tell him about the dh's on-line who don't do things their wives need :LOL Example..."Darren, can you believe this poor woman's husband makes her do all the laundry by herself?" Or, "Wow, this guy won't change ANY diapers!!! I am so glad you're not like that!" Yeah, kin of sneaky....but

Okay, dd needs the computer. Hope everyone feels a little better tomoroow.
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Well, I'm feeling good today, so far. Sickness doesn't usually kick in until afternoon though. Luckily, dh comes home from work and gets dinner for himself and dd. I'm usually too sick to eat by that time. When I'm nursing dd to sleep, dh cleans the house and does laundry. I didn't even have to ask him to do it! I guess I'm lucky that way.

I'm looking forward to my first midwife appt. on Friday. The only thing she'll do is a HPT type of test though. It's still exciting to go to that first appt. though! Dh and dd will go to every appt. with me. Dh didn't miss one with my last pregnancy and I'm sure he won't with this one!

One of the only things I've been able to eat is Fruity Pebbles cereal. Yuck! I hadn't eaten that stuff for years! It seems like all I want to eat is breads, cereals, and fruit. The thought of eating meat or veggies just grosses me out! Anyway, I hope we all have a good day today and soon we'll be out of the first trimester!
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Ugh! It seems like the more I need sleep, the less I get. I went to bed at 10 last night, but didn't sleep until midnight or so because Roland was fussy for a few hours, he'd start to cry a bit, and then drift off... I think he was bumping his siderail or the wall. Then I had a bad dream:

Kevin, Roland & I were eating dinner, and Kevin started to choke on something. His airway was completely blocked, so I tried to give him the heinlich maneuver. My stomach was too big, because I was 8 or9 months pregnant & I couldn't get my arms around him. Roland is only 2, so he couldn't help. I called 911, and told them my husband was choking & I couldn't help him. They told me I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat, laughed at me and hung up. Kevin was unconcious & turning blue. Roland was crying. I tried some more to get myarms around him, but it was no use & he died. Then my water broke.

It took me a long time to get back to sleep after that one, and then I woke up to pee at 3am. Kevins alarm goes off at 5:30, so Roland woke up then, and played in his room until about 6:15, so at least I didn't have to get up too early. I'm going to let him watch Barney, while I doze on the couch for another 1/2 hour, though. So tired.
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:LOL crap on toast has GOT to be the phrase du jour.

last night dh was a bit better. he helped me make my quinoa soup (um, YUM, by the way) by grating the carrots and washing the quinoa. he folded ALL of the clothes, and this morning he got everything ready to bring to lunch today. that was really nice.

so i have great news...my midwife sent us our deposit check back in the mail. she said our insurance company contacted them and said that they will cover everything, and our copay will be a whopping $35!!!!!!!!!!! isn't that awesome?

my green olives craving has NOT gone away. anyone else having any besides our old favorite-pickles?

oh, and speaking of DREAMS....YIKES. i had one last night that dh and i got into our worst all-time fight and i told him it was over and LEFT. it was RIGHT before we woke up too, so i woke up angry and guilty. i was so relieved to find that it wasn't real.

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Ugh, I have been trying to get over here to post...I've been so busy! All I want to do is take a nap!

My Mom, (who lives with me) had knee surgery yesterday. I also am a WAHM (office kind) and have my 1 year old with me all day. He just learned to walk the other day. So I have been chasing him, careing for Mom, working and doing the chores. Luckly, I have the best DH ever , and he always comes home and jumps in to do what is needed.

I was at my 10 yr old DS's school skating party the other day, talking with a mom who had her 20 month old DS with her. I realised that my baby DS will be that old when I have this baby! I had a mini panic attack, how will I do it??!! I mean, when my mom was my age, I was in college! Yikes! I came home and DH made me feel better. I'll be fine...:LOL

tabitha, the book Tandem Nursing sounds great, I think I will go pick up a copy.

To all you whiners, keep the whining coming! Everyone needs a good place to vent and be heard!
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Did anyone get hte newest issue of mothering yet??? Did you read the section on group-b strep? I really coulnd't tell you much about the article except that pickles are good, lots of pickles are REALLY good! Read it! You will also feel good about all those pickles (and probably olives too! )
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I did get the new issue of Mothering. I'll have to go check out that article.

Kerlowyn, and any other WAHM's out there, have you thought of any strategies for being able to continue WAH when you have two kids? I WAH too and I'm really concerned that this baby might be the end of all that. If so, that's the way it has to be. But we would be a lot more comfortable if I was able to continue working plus, I think long term, if I can keep this job it'll keep me from ever having to go back full-time anywhere. I keep telling myself that if DD will keep napping (she'll be three though!) and since she is going to part-time preschool in the fall and if I get the "typcial contented second child" I'll be okay. But that's a whole lot of ifs!

Today has been a better day for me so far :-). Let's hope it continues.
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seedling, honestly DH and I have just begun to figure out what we will do after the baby arrives. We will have a lot going on in 2004. Besides having a baby, we are planning on buying a house and moving sometime in the summer, before school begins for my 10 yr old DS. My mom does not know if she wants to stay with us, or stay in this area. We need to move closer to DH's work. He has the commute from h*ll, as anyone who lives in Boston and drives 128 can attest. His commute can take 1.5 hours or up to 3 hours depending on the traffic.
If Mom stays with us, she will help with the 3 kids. But she has all her friends and our family here, and this area is the only place she has ever lived (me too) She would really rather stay here, either have my brother and his family move into this house (we rent) or get a place of her own.
My boss does not know yet we are expecting. When he finds out he will be supportive, he kept telling me I should have another. However, his company is growing very, very fast. At this point, I think I will just have to wait and see how everything falls into place. I am not opposed to putting DS#2 in some kind of daycare a few hours a week if needed as long as I can afford it. I can also do part of my job when DH gets home. I am trying not to worry too much about it.:
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Glad to know that lots of others are having those wierd dreams too. I forgot about how weird these pregnancy dreams can be and so vivid too. Even at 5 weeks.

I posted a new thread instead of a reply last time so thanks to those who invited me over and pointed me in the right direction. So, hope I am in the right place now!

I am feeling more consistently nauseated and really run down. I sleep for two hours in the afternoon with DS when he naps.

Anyone out there a college student and what about swimming as a work out? I started swimming 1/4 mile 3 days a week before classes ( since end of Aug) to try to shed that last 10 pounds from ds and I still want to swim. I am not swimming as far now ( too exhausted), but wonder if anyone has experience with swimming and being preggo. Last time I didn't work out at all and then I paid for it in the end. Guess I won't worry to much about that last 10 pounds cause I am not eating much but crackers and gatorade!
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I am SOOO tired. That is all I can tell you. I am not getting enough sleep. I don't think it is possible. When DD sleeps, I should sleep, but I have too much to do...or too much that I WANT to do.

Today instead of sleep, I planned my 8 year old's 9 birthday that is happening on either the 22 or 29 of this month. It's planned, but now I have to prep and organise, etc.

YAWN. I'm soooooo tired. Oh, and now I have to make dinner. I wish we were rich and could eat out every night until I'm 12 weeks!!!

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Hi ladies ~

I'm feeling pretty good as far as m/s this week...last week and the week before were really rough...this week (8) not so bad.

But I'm kind of down tonight.

I had my first midwife appointment today. DH and I both took the day off because the only appointment available was smack dab in the middle of the day - 11:45.

My appointment went fine I guess. It just wasn't what I was expecting/hoping for. It was SO clinical. An hour long and the first 30 minutes was just intake questions about STDS, previous pregnancies, did my DH have any other kids, do we drink, do drugs etc.

Everything looks fine. My uterus is enlarged slightly...right about where it should be for 8 weeks. She was cool about not doing u/s. (We -- or I should say DH -- MIGHT want have one later on but she said because I had been charting and knew when I O'd there was no reason to do one now.)

She did a pap smear and a pelvic exam. John stayed in the room the whole time and she was good about including him in the conversation but.....

I don't know it was just.....

Blah. Routine. I mean I know she does this all day everyday but this is my first pregnancy and we tried for so long....we are walking on air and it was just so blah.

Oh AND.....the "packet" of info she gave me is FULL of formula company stuff and an American Baby magazine. She said.....oh there's some formula stuff in there...the only reason I allow it is because the companies give us free samples and some of my patients really need the formula. :

I just walked out of there shaking my head and feeling like.......SIGH.....that wasn't what I hoped my first prenatal visit would be like.

We went out to lunch after and I asked John what he thought. He said it was fine....pretty straight-forward. But he said....I bet you are not happy because it wasn't "warm and fuzzy."

I was like....Yeah...that's IT.....it wasn't warm and fuzzy. For some reason I assumed working with a midwife would be warm and fuzzy.

As we drove home I told him that I REALLY need his support to pursue homebirth as an option. He is less than thrilled about the idea but said he is willing to meet with some homebirth midwives and see if he feels any differently after talking with them.

So....anyway...that's my day....sorry to go on and on.....thanks for "listening"!!!

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So, Erin,
Was this midwife one that delivers in the hospital, or is she a home birth midwife that also does hospital births? I have always enjoyed my mw appointments. They are very unclinical, except for about 10 minutes of measuring my tummy, and blood pressure. I am actually hoping for even less of that this time around.

I am sorry you felt so let-down. I hope you can get your dh to agree with your desire for homebirth.

Felling crappy still today, tired and nauseous. : I ned a nap now. Maybe I can post more later....
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new here

Hi! I'm Julie and I am new to this forum, but I am soooo glad I have found this site! I have been tracking some mainstream boards for about a week and they are full of strange acronyms and numbers and tests. I felt really alone.

Erin- If you didn't click with the mw, find another one! This person will be intimately involved with you throughout your pg and you will have to trust her like a mother when you go into labor. You should trust your instincts and find someone you click with.

As to homebirth, feel free to e-mail me. I had a homebirth with my first child and it was WONDERFUL!!! dh wasn't sold on the idea either, but he clicked with the mw as well and trusted her and came to be okay with it. Now he tells everyone that the reason our ds is so healthy and happy is homebirth! I am sure he would be willing to e-mail your dh if he has questions. Plus I told him there was no way I was giving birth in a hospital, so he kind of didn't have a choice-not his body, not his decision. Sounds harsh, but I was going to do all the work and I was the one that would be subjected to all manner of things at the hospital so I felt I had the ultimate veto.

I am so excited to be with you all-hope we will become friends in the upcoming months.

mom to Tain Emry 3/11/02
edd #2 6/30/04
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m/s and meat

I have never been a vegetarian-I think if humans were not meant to eat meat we wouldn't need B12-but since my m/s has started I can't stand the sight, smell, or taste of meat. I haven't tried fish yet, hopefully it is exempt. I am trying to limit my dairy intake, I have done a lot of research about dairy and don't think it makes a very good food for humans, which leads me to my question: can anyone give me some suggestions for sources of protein and vitamins without eating meat or overloading on cheese/yogurt? I am totally at a loss here. I have had adverse reactions (mild to severe diarrhea TMI) with every prenatal I have tried so I really need to get most, if not all, of my nutrition from my food.


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Hi Julie, and welcome! I also have been sick, but not in the morning. Mine usually starts at about 2 p.m. and lasts until morning. I also haven't been able to eat meat. I can't even stand the thought of it. I'm having trouble eating anything right now! If you can stomach it, beans and legumes are great for protein. Even hummus on some bread or crackers would be good. Or how about bean burritos or curried lentils. Those are all favorites of mine. Well, usually. I couldn't stomach any of that stuff right now. I've pretty much been living on cereal and whole wheat bread! Oh, and orange and strawberry Starbursts!

Erin, I agree that you should look around for a different midwife if the one you saw didn't click with you. I think it's very important to have your birth attendant be someone you feel 100% cool with.
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Hello, all... Well, I had been feeling better this week, but the m/s has been awful today. I just keep repeating to myself that its only a few more weeks. Anyone else's gag reflex been upped? All I have to do is see, smell, taste, or feel something unpleasent and I start to gag. Putting a scarf around my neck started it up!

Erin - sorry to hear that you didn't click with your midwife. I'm sure there are others that you can try out. I had a pre-conception consultation with my mw, they didn't charge me a full visit fee and I just went to show her my birth plan and see if she thought it was well-suited to her and the practice she's part of. Plus I got to share a couple of my specific concerns with her - I liked what she had to say, so we went with her.

It seems to me that a lot of nurses, mw, doctors are somewhat "cool" towards patients the first trimester. I think that they see a lot of tragedies and are trying to protect themselves and the patient by not getting too excited or attached early on. Different folks deal with that fear in different ways. Not that that's an excuse, but it might be part of the reason...
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ugh, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep with Ben at 7 and now I'm wide awake after midnight! I HATE this! For a while I did it intentionally, cause it was working really well, but now with the pregnancy, it messes me all up.

Erin, I have to add my thoughts that you might look for another MW. Your experience sounds a lot like mine with the wretched OB that delivered Ben, I didn't trust my instincts with her and regret it so much. You could try another appt next month and see if you warm up to each other, but please consider looking elsewhere. Keep in mind that someone who starts clinical will almost always get more clinical once they get into the hospital environment, and if that's not what you're looking for, find someone else!

Ok, feeling like I'm gonna hurl, better go find something to munch. Night all!
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Hello everyone!
I spent (um....) forever reading this whole thread! I hope all of you are feeling better soon!!

I am "due" on June 3 or June 10th, so Im not expecting until the 14th or so. We arent sure of the due date because we arent sure how we got preggo, LOL... We were damn sure we were in the safe zone for good sex, but well, oops. LOL.
This pregnancy is a surprise, and I am excited, and happy. I have two children already. Kimber will be 4 in Dec and Zack will turn 2 just a month before this little one is born.
We are working toward a homebirth with this babe, we did hospitals with the first two. Zack was a planned FSBC birth, but they closed in my 30th week, so we had to transfer to the hosp, which ended up wonderfully anyway, except they took their time letting us leave, which really pissed me off.
My DH is not too excited about homebirthing. I hope he changes his mind, cause if not, he will have to go to the hosp alone He also wants an US, to know the sex, doesnt care about the rest, just wants to know what it is... I want to wait, but if it will make him easier to live with, I might concede, granted of course, if the midwife thinks its medically necessary No way hes finding out before its born that way, LOL.

I am probably going to be the envy of the bunch cause I have not been sick a whole lot. Brushing my teeth is nasty, and I gag sometimes changing or washing diapers, but thats about it... Ive thrown up a few times, but mostly im nauseous a little in the evening and then I got to sleep.
I do have a problem with food in the morning though- disgusting. I will make breakfast for my kiddos (Eew scrambled eggs, toaster waffles...) and not eat until lunch, or have a granola bar instead of breakfast. I just do not want food that early.
I dont cook a whole lot, just kinda heat stuff up, or assemble stuff, LOL. My DH used to do all the cooking, but for the last month hes been working 12 and 16 hour days. Its amazing because he just got laid off a month ago, and now the company that laid him off is paying him more and working him more hours than every before. Crazy what starting a business and becoming an outside contractor can do for you!
Anyway, now that hes working, I try to do something about dinner. It almost always ends up being a salad for him (Atkins for diabetes) and something out of a can for me and the kids- with or without added veggies- LOL. Im grossed out by food, but Im starving, and my chocolate cravings have not really changed much from a few months ago.

I started adding pounds before I knew I was preggo this time. So I still fit my jeans, but just my fat pants- the ones that were a bit too big a couple months ago and I swore I wouldnt fit into again. Amazing what a late period does for those resolutions, huh?

My 18 mo old son is still nursing and its awful. I have to second the recommendation for Adventures in Tandem Nursing. Having tandem nursed for 6 months last time, I thought it be an interesting read. Little did I know why I really needed to read it. The thought of tandem nursing makes me want to leave and check into a mental facility. I am not excited about it. Zachary nursing actually makes me nauseous sometimes, and it hurts alot of the time. Hes upset cause there isnt as much milk and Im upset cause he wont get off my boob. He nurses about 15 times a day (super snacker) and has turned into super switcher and an all night nurser. If that doesnt change soon, I am going to have to encourage him to sleep in the crib instead. I feel horrible at my thoughts of weaning him, he is so young, too young, I think. But the thoughts of tandem nursing again make me want to run for the hills. I just havent figured out whats worse. That makes me feel bad too, that I would compromise my sons needs for my comfort, or that I would turn into a bad mom cause I was touched out and miserable (like last time).

Lets see... I dust and vaccuum and sweep and mop. Not as often as it needs to be done though. I do all the dishes and laundry (in fact I hate DH doing these two) and diaper changing and most of the kid-getting ready, showers and baths... DH cooks, or rather used to cook. And he picks up, but thats because hes an anal neat freak and Im not. If he wasnt working nearly every waking moment, Id whine about a raw deal

I am exhausted, and up way past bedtime! I hope my pregnancy brain will remember to check back tomorrow!!

Umm... I guess thats all about me. Of course, its a freaking novel, sorry bout that
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I have been having my doubts about my ability to tandem nurse. Not my PHYSICAL ability, but my emotional/psychological strength to deal with the demands of tandem nursing.

Part of me wants to be the SUPERMAMA who tandem nurses, but the other part of me says, NO, wean your DD (26 months) NOW so you don't have to deal with it later.

My breasts are SO sore. I'm SO tired. I'm willing to wait until I'm 12 weeks pregnant or so to see if being less tired will make a difference. I am fairly negative nellied because of the fatigue.

I went to bed early last night: 8:00. I woke up at 4:30a.m.!!!! Because I couldn't sleep. I've been up for an hour and a half and I'm just getting sleepy again. I guess I'll hit the couch so as not to disturb DH and DD and try to rest until they all wake up around 7:30.

Blach. I thought for sure I would sleep through till 7:00. Oh well. I guess it is back to fatigue and trying to get a cat nap each day.

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