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Any Greenville mamas??

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I live in Simpsonville with my dh and two little girls, and I have a baby boy arriving very soon! We moved to Greenville last October from Florida, and we like it, but haven't really met any fellow crunchy types. Are you out there???
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welcome! we are around,just spread out a bit! I live in Travelers Rest.
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Yeah - we are around Me and a few other MDCers live in the spartanburg area.
I would definitely recommend going to the local LLL meeting - you'll meet lots of mommas there!
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Greenville SC or NC??
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Hey! I live in Reidville which is right down hwy 417-only about 10-15 miles from Simpsonville! Welcome to MDC!!
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Hi! A request to Spartanburg area families by a visiting mom from Oregon


I'm not even sure how to start this, so here goes.

I am a mom from the Portland, Oregon area who has been invited to go on a show local to South Carolina because of my book.

The book is a very special one; it tells the stories of children and their families who were in Hiroshima at the time of the atomic bombing. (More details about the book in a minute.)

I have been trying to figure out how I could make this trip semi-reasonable financially and thought that I should try to find someone to stay with but had no idea who to ask and who I would feel comfortable around. Then Mothering came to mind. If any of you would consider hosting me, we could talk by phone so we could learn more about each other and our spouses and children. I would be in the area, more or less, from about November 8-12th, probably not around much since I'd be trying to set up other appearances and talks to make the most for the book out of the trip. (Something like hosting an Obama volunteer.) My number is 503-645-6642.

I am happy to answer questions you may have about the book, but here is the book's website: www.a-dimly-burning-wick.com (Please don't bother looking at the publisher's or Amazon pages unless you are ready to buy it, since their information is somewhat misleading.) The first-hand account is by a friend I taught with in Japan, a very special woman.

A separate question, after you look at the info on the book a bit, is if you have suggestions of places that I should contact who might be interested in my doing an author talk (local TV programs, community organizations, congregations, etc.) I would appreciate the suggestions.

I just found a great way to tell you more about me - I spotted this - here!


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Hi, again

I'm not sure how often, if at all, folks check this area of mdc, but I will be in your area from Sunday through Tuesday. Do check out the show, and if you get my earlier message and want to contact me for more info, please do.
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