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Westchester NY Mamas!

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Just relocated to Westchester and looking for reccs on all the good stuff!


~no-vax/selective/delayed friendly ped

~fantastic chiro for well visits (for kids and adults) and adjustments

~local coops-- are there any great organic coops in the area???

~fave restaurants-- any organic places in the county??

~friends! where are all the crunchies hangin' out??!!

thanks and its nice to meet everyone!!

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Chiro - Dr. Jonathan Donath in Full Circle Family Care in White Plains.

Ped. - try Dr. Erin Kelleher. While she's not super-supportive of delayed vax, she's in general very pro-AP and very pro Bfing and other AP practices, very non judgemental.

Welcome to the area! I live in Fleetwood, which is in the south.

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Briarcliff peds are great.Dr Costabile.I moved from Tarrytown to CT and now northern NJ and I STILL travel to see him.We never left.People think that I am crazy.
Ther is a great sushi place in Dobbs ferry called sushi mike's.
Where in Westchester are you?
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Hi, I'm new to this forum.

Our chiro is fantastic. Dr. Laura Heisler in New Rochelle- Aspen Healing Center. We brought our DD to her when she was 4 weeks old since she was a C-section and C-sect babies can get neck problems from delivery. I highly recommend her.

I would love to find some local organic food coop but i don't know of any. there's a farmer's market in new rochelle during the summer but not much organic produce.

I would also love to meet some local moms to hang with. All of my peers' kids are much older.
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Hi Westchester Mamas,

We are not there yet but after much debate have decided to focus on Westchester...we'll be relocating some time this school year. We have pretty much narrowed our search down to Croton-on-Hudson, Pleasantville or Dobbs Ferry...which do you all think might be the "crunchiest" option (if any?)

It's great to have those doctor recommendations........does anyone have experience with a nursery/pre-K program that they love too?

I don't know about food co-ops but have heard the Peekskill farmer's market is a good one...I have also heard good things about Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture http://www.stonebarnscenter.org/ and Muscoot Farm http://www.muscootfarm.org/farmersmarket.htm which has a farmers' market till the end of Oct.
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Has anyone found any local playgroups? I really don't have any friends with very young kids or infants.
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Hi guys!

There are a couple AP Westchester mamas Yahoo! groups, but not super active. Always looking for new members!

We like Dr. Kenamore in Hartsdale Peds, but she's NOT no-vax friendly. She's working with un delayed vax, though, which I know is outside her "comfort zone." Other than the vax issue, she's been awesome.

My hubby is a chiro in the central-Westchester area, if you want his name and number, just PM me!

Muskoot Farm is fun any day, but I thinkthe Farmer's Market is only one day. There's an indoor Farmer's Market at the County Center in White Plains:
Indoor Farmers' Market
Select Sundays, November 2008 through March 2009
November 16
December 14
January 4
February 8
March 15

10 am. to 3 p.m.
Westchester County Center
Free Admission, Parking $4

Fresh Produce, Delicious Baked Goods, Flowers and Plants, Maple Syrup, Honey & Jams, Meats Wines, Dairy Products

Purchase a variety of food and products that were grown and produced by New York Sate farmers and vendors. Plus food demonstrations by a local Chef-of-the-Month, mouth watering samples, and musical entertainment!

For general information, call (914) 995-4050
For vendor information, call (914) 864-7148

The Westchester County Center
198 Central Avenue
White Plains, NY 10606
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Croton on hudson is generally pretty "crunchy". They have a local coffee shop and the town is walkable.
Pleasantville is prettier, but more expensive. Maybe not so crunchy as Croton.

We use Dr. Michael Lasser in Peekskill.....I cannot say enough good things about him, he is AWESOME. He supports delayed vax/selective vax/no vax. He is pro breastfeeding and pro homebirth. (his wife had a homebirth and breastfed all three of their boys at least til 3)

It is a very busy office, but he is so good and I trust him TOTALLY.
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Hello to everybody, I am new here
I live in Eastchester and I am getting crazy looking for a
PEDIATRICIAN that supports delayed vax (for my 2 years old daughter)

I also would love to find a holistic pediatrician. I need one especially for my 7 years old daughter who suffers from asthma. She is getting sick every other week and I'd like to try some alternative medicine.

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(sometimes I feel like this is the only post I ever put on here! lol)

I can't recommend Riverside Pediatrics in Croton on Hudson strongly enough. It's almost as if every person I meet who doesn't vax/ delays uses them. Dr Cowan and Dr Baskind are the two main guys. I drive a half hour to get to the practice- that's how great I think they are!

Lots of people also find Full Circle in White Plains a great resource. I use one of their midwives for well visits (she takes insurance!). But they have pediatricans, homeopaths, etc.

I've lived in Westchester most of my life, and I have to say- it is not a hotbed of crunchy-ness. But for me, the way people do the specifics has become a lot less important the older my kids have gotten. More and more it's about the actual person- not their "crunchy creds."
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Welcome. I love the pleasentville farmers market and the one at muscoot both have at least two organic produce vendors each week.

there is a farm share coop but i'm sure what it is called and i know it sells out quickly, maybe google?

we love dr. purvis at mt. kisco medical group in katonah. i almost don't want to share because i don't want her to get too busy!!!! dr. lasser is great too just a little far for me.

since we are networking, any westchester homeschoolers out there? my dd is only 2 but i'm searching to find a community/group.
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Hi, and welcome to Westchester County.

We live in Yonkers and I was raised in Mt. Vernon. I haven't found either community to be particularly crunchy, but have found some good resources nearby:

Chiro: Dr. Russell in Fleetwood. He and his wife share the practice. Very open-minded and excellent care.

Ped. We were seeing one in Eastchester. She was OK re: our not vaxing, but kind of ignorant about bf, which was a turnoff, so I wouldn't recommend.

Food Co-ops: Don't know of any in my immediate area, but we go to the farmers' markets in Greenwich, CT (not very far and you can get raw milk there!), at the New York Botanical Gardens (just a short hop to the Bronx), and at Muscoot Farm on Sundays (excellent eggs, pickled foods, and other things, plus critters to see).

As an AP mom to a nearly three-year-old son (ext. bf'ing and seriously considering homeschooling) I really wish I knew some like-minded mamas near me. Haven't come across any at the local playgrounds or pretty much anywhere else. Once met one at the Botanical Gardens, but she was from New England! If anyone around in Yonkers, Bronxville, Tuckahoe, New Ro, or Scarsdale would like to meet, count me in.

I don't know of any specifically organic restaurants (except for Blue Hill at Stone Barns, which is supposed to be great), but some of the non-organic places we like include A'Mangiare in Bronxville (Italian); Spice Village in Tuckahoe (Indian, great lunch buffet); Eastchester Fish Gourmet; and Ripe in Mt. Vernon (excellent Jamaican; the chef/owner beat Bobby Flay in a Throwdown!)

Oh, and for the poster looking for a good place to relocate in Westchester: Yonkers is a large and diverse city, also quite affordable in some areas, but the school system has been struggling for awhile; similar deal with Mt. Vernon (but it's a much smaller city). Bronxville and Scarsdale are very upscale and quite expensive. Hastings-on-Hudson and Dobbs Ferry are both lovely, but still kind of pricey. If I could afford to buy in Westchester, I'd probably choose the Fleetwood section of Mt. Vernon, Hastings, Dobbs Ferry, or Tuckahoe. Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown are also really nice.

Good luck everyone!
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My niece just had a baby (she used a midwife & BF mama, and I'd love to recommend a new mom& baby group to her.

So what are the new mothers doing in Westchester?
Any decent new mom and baby groups?
Do you all go to LLL meetings?
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i've gone to one LLL meeting in White Plains and plan to go back.

i'm back to work so don't have time for any playgroups but i'm hoping to start part-time hours, in which case i would want to find one.
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I exchange email with one of the LLLL in Westchester and she suggest this is nice like minded group of mamas who go to the Holistic moms group.


It meets on Saturday, I like that, it takes into consideration the vast majority of women who also work outside the home.
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dewi, have you gone to the holistic moms group? i plan on checking it out next month.
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bumping this up.... anyone find any good playgroups, preferably ones that meet up on the weekends and ones with younger babes (<12 months)?
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Riverside Peds

Just another vote for Riverside Peds in Croton-on-Hudson. We're in Cold Spring and drive 30 minutes. Worth it! We see Dr Baskind. I've heard Cowan is great too. Have heard less favorable reports of the Odells (husband and wife both practice there), though nothing specific.

Welcome and best wishes!
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I used to use Riverside Peds and it was good. Now I use Dr. Katz in Nyack. It's about the same distance for me.
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Hi Westchester mommies

I am in Jersey now but I grew up in westchester! This thread is making me a little homesick, LOL. I grew up in Elmsford (right outside white plains) and went to Pleasantville HS. Also spent TONS of time in Croton on Hudson- if I was going to move back to westchester I think I would try to go there. they had a really cool local arts/music scene... at least a few years ago....
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