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what names are you coming up with?

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My dh and I always have a terrible time with names!
So far for a girl, the only one we're really kicking around is Iris, for a boy, Anton is pretty much it. We're not thrilled about either though.
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oooh fun. For a boy, our top name is Tristan. For a girl, we have a list. Sarah, Mia, Sadie, Eva, Eve and Sydney.

I had this girls list going great and then the tech said that she "thought" it was a boy at the 12week ultrasound, but she couldn't say for sure. So, for 3 days of panic we had to come up with at least one boys name for me not to accept that this might be a boy. Tristan is the only name I could come up with. I'm kind of warming up to having a little boy named Tristan though

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i haven't even BEGUN to think of names.
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We looked back at our list from last time and realized we now hate almost all the names on it! Except for our top girl name, which, neither of us is (or was then) massively in love with, but both have a certain fondness for: Penny, short for Penina.

Other than that, the negotiations have not yet begun. My DH rejects any name that he has ANY sort of connection to: if he's ever known anyone by that name, if it reminds him of a basketball player, etc. It's difficult. I'm open to more names, but I'm all over the place: I like Summer, Casey, and Penina about equally.

For a girl it should be easy because DH's mother is no longer with us; her name was Marly. But last time DH rejected every single M name in all four of our baby name books. Too bad, because I happen to love Miriam.

Plus my mother is pretty desperate that if we have a girl we should at least middle name her after my late grandmother. That could be a name based on either Sara or Lily. Any suggestions for variations of those two names are welcome.
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We've had our girl name picked out since before we were pregnant:
Adeline Gayle

Choosing a boy name is not going well. Dh went through an entire baby name book and only liked:
I'm not crazy about any of these names, but I guess they aren't that bad. These are my favourites at the moment (which dh doesn't like):

The middle name will be Philip.

We're both hoping it's a girl so we can avoid the name trouble
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I think Oren Phillip sounds great!

DP nixed one of the names that I love, so I let a few weeks pass and suggested it again (as if for the first time) when she was in an agreeable mood, and now it's at the top of our list! Maybe that'll work on your hubby?
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We had names long before we were pregnant...and after knowing kids with those names, we don't have them anymore (Nora and Jackson)....nasty little buggers!!! Terrible to say, but true

Now, we have happily settled on Leo Aloysius and Violet Grace. Aloysius is a 4th generation family name on my husband's side (our's would be 5th), and Violets are my favorite flower. Leo is because we were married in August, and my dh is a Leo.
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Originally Posted by juliebelle View Post
i haven't even BEGUN to think of names.
Me neither. We only have middle names picked out. We want to wait to pick out first names until after the kid is born so we have an idea of what he/she is like first.

If the child is a boy, his middle name will be the same as the middle names of his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather - Charles.

If the child is a girl, her middle name will be after one of the most amazing women I was ever blessed to know - Alice.
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Meredith Rose for a girl, Micah Robert for a boy.
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No middle names as of yet but for a girl it's either Abigail or Cordelia and for a boy either Giles or Felix.
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Originally Posted by Red_Lil_Mamma View Post
Me neither. We only have middle names picked out.
Us too! For a girl, the middle name will probably be Jean (4th generation - I'm (really) Casey Jean, mom is Leisa Jean, grandma is Emma Jean) or Ruth for my dad's mother (who is like a mother to me).

For a boy, we like Archer for a middle name. I actually like it for a first name, but I refuse to have an "Archie." Especially given the high probability that the baby will have red hair. Huz really likes Zane for a first name, but I'm not sure. Someone here has a son with that name, I think--any issues with it?

And I agree that "re-suggesting" a name a few weeks later is a good way to get it back on the short list...that's how I got Ruth back up there.
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If it's a girl, we have no clue. I honestly don't have a favorite... well, I really like my name but I'm not going to name my daughter after myself!

If it's a boy, we like the name Daniel b/c the Biblical Daniel was a great guy and also b/c we think it goes well with our last name.

We are not very adventurous when it comes to names! I will often hear a unique name, love it for a couple months, then start to loathe it. I don't trust myself with unique names... I'd rather give my kids a name that has stood the test of time!
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I'm refusing to discuss it anymore with SO, because he hates all of my awesome girl names (Lenore, Audrey, Astrid). I'm not even going to think about it again until I'm holding the baby, so to him.
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For a girl I love the name Lillian. It's the name of my mom's grandmother as well as my dad's grandmother. For middle names I haven't really decided for sure yet, but Elizabeth is one I like after my dad's mom. Boys names have been quite a challenge, like Citykid my hubby rejects just about every name with any sort of association. The only one I really like so far is Vaughn. We'll just have to see what we get!
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We've decided. Oliver Gordon for a boy and Eliza Kate for a girl. It was easy and quick to decide this time, the only thing we might adjust is the middle names.
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Naming a child has to be one of the most difficult life experiences there is. We always have such a hard time with it, especially the girl names. I have my "things" and my dh has his "things". Some of my things being....no names that you can nickname, nothing too ryhming, not too many sylables, no double initals, things like that. I know I'm a nut. We have bent these "things" slightly once or twice, but never on the nickname thing!

Having said that, we have not even discussed names at all yet! We have both always liked and agreed on Ian for a boy but that hasn't been brought up for so long that I'm not sure it would still sound the same to us anymore.
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A problem that I have ... although I don't mind, really ... is that I'm a published YA fiction author (yes, in addition to being a paramedic) and have used a whole whack of my all-time-favourite names for characters already (because for seventeen years I thought I would never have a child). And I think it's arrogant to name our child after a character in one of my books.

I've already used:

Isabel (Izzy)

Among others ...

So feel free to use them, mamas!
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Names are tough for us too- we have a hard time agreeing, and we want it to be something meaningful and unique, as well as appropriate for the baby once it's born. Usually we have a list and then decide a couple days after the baby is born.
We do really love our existing children's names. I have a strong aversion to common names because my name was very popular and it really doesn't hold any meaning or identity for me. We want there to be flexibility with the names too.
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No idea...the last two weren't named until they were a couple days old...names are hard for me becasue as a person who sees a lot of young children, I can really see the name trends and it puts me off of a lot of otherwise great names.
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I already posted this in last week's chat thread, but our top girl's name is Cordelia (family name). Next in line is Calista.

My #1 boy's name is Simon but it's probably too popular. Caspian has been on my list for ages (nickname Ian) but I'm worried with the resurgence of the Narnia tales/films that it might seem trendy.

But it will most likely be Cordelia, since it's most likely a girl.
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