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How early do YOU know you're pg?

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I know the books and the doctors etc say it is IMPOSSIBLE to detect any changes due to pregnancy before you've missed your period, or even later, but seriously this is not true for me. I was pretty sure with ds a WEEK BEFORE my period (breast changes and a subtle but real shift in the experience of hunger, which would quickly turn into definite morning sickness). Now, I'm pretty darn sure again and a week away from my period due date.

What's been your experience? I'm just looking to distract myself with a fun thread here, please help me out
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I can tell by about 5-7 DPO and get a ++++ HPT by 8 DPO. Good luck!
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I knew at 7 DPO (even though the test was negative). A positive result came at 10 DPO. I knew because of my temperature charts and breasts.
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I swear I knew the day of implantation. Noone will ever be able to convince me otherwise!

It's like I woke up one morning and my entire body chemistry had changed.
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We weren't trying so I wasn't paying attention.

I knew 1 day after my missed period because I nearly fell asleep sitting up at lunch. I was all of the sudden soooooooooo tired.

I guess it's not all that early.
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I have had four kids and known that I was pregnant with two right at conception and then the other two by about 7 dpo. I always had a + pg test by 12-14 dpo.

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We were trying and I was charting when we got pregnant with this one. I got my first lightly positive (had to hold it up to the light at the right angle) test at 10 DPO. My real one at 12 DPO. The entire week before I tested I felt stretching and cramping in my uterus. I thought I must have been insane because for sure symptoms really wouldn't start that early. I was also SUPER tired. I didn't feel sick or anything yet, so I thought it was all in my head, but obviously it wasn't!
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I started drooling a week before my period was due with this one

With DD, I thought i started my period a week early-- implantation spotting. I didn't realize i was pregnant until about 2 weeks later when my breasts started hurting and I couldn't drag myself out of bed.
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Huz knew before I had missed a period because I became hungry in sort of an angry way, and was extremely fatigued. I was in denial....
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My last two recent pregnancies (one miscarriage & my current one) both had the same first symptom: had to pee constantly (that never left LOL). They both started around 6DPO. I didn't have that happen with my son, however; the first sign with him was tender boobs. Though, that was 7 years ago .

I also charted and had a mildly triphasic pattern.
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I knew from implantation spotting about 7 dpo, immediately after which my breasts became noticeably sensitive.
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I started feeling anemic 5 DPO, I went for a run and I was breathless and it took me hours to recover. I got my BFP 10 DPO.
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I was pretty sure this time about a week after implantation.... I was really tired and I had cramping, but lower than period cramps. Plus that feeling that my period's going to start any day, even though it would be super-early if it did. I got my bpf around 12 dpo.
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I knew but didn't realize I knew - I had a really strong nesting/setting up a home urge the day of conception - in the middle of dinner, I started crying and had a total emotional breakdown and really strong need to have a home (I even managed to convince DH we had to move back to my hometown! That notion passed quickly, though). The whole episode was bizarre and came out of nowhere!

One of my cats, who's had kittens, knew by 7DPO - she started nuzzling my head in bed and being really affectionate which is so NOT like her!

I also had some implantation spotting around 7DPO.

I got my BFP at 10DPO.
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Originally Posted by justKate View Post
Huz knew before I had missed a period because I became hungry in sort of an angry way, and was extremely fatigued. I was in denial....
"hungry in sort of an angry way" - i love that! that's me sometimes just normally and definitely when pg and a huge understatement when nursing a newborn
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suspected with both pregnancies about a week after the deeds (dh and i have lower drives)- i was super tired and my breasts were tender with both. I didn't take any tests though until i was late (at 1 1/2-2 weeks after conception) since neither pregnancy was planned nor avoided....but I knew pretty early on..
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With my last pregnancy, I was gagging while brushing my teeth by 12 dpo. There was a significant slow down in my running times even with the same effort by 9-10 dpo. THe plus sign at 15 dpo just confirmed what I already knew.
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i was nauseas at about 6dpo I knew I was pregnant right then and there.
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The next day, I almost threw up my coffee. It tasted disgusting, and it wasnt the coffee as my friend drank the rest of it and said it was good.
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Pretty early-- I don't remember what DPO, but it was well before it showed on tests. I took 3 before I got a positive.
I had a really light vague twinge in the pubic bone (like the pelvic symphasis I had with my 1st), and I pee'd away all my pre-period bloat. I just knew- with both kids well before the ++ showed
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