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heat rash or teething rash

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DS has little red spots on his head arms and top of his thighs. I gave him an oatmeal bath last night and then put a zinc oxide cream on it but now I am thinking it would have been better to just let his skin air out over night since it looks the same today.

What else can I do? I don't know if it is a teething related rash or just heat rash because it is very hot here these days.

I just dusted him in corn starch hoping that will help keep him cool. We only bathe or shower him once a day and it's before bed- should I wipe him down in the mornings as well as the shower/bath at night?

and another question:
For those who freeze a wet washcloth in a ziplock in the freezer- what do i do with it? give him the whole wet and frozen thing- won't it be too cold for him to hold and does it matter if he gets soaked from it melting? Just wondering how exactly you use this method of relief- I am feeling so bad for my little guy.

The Highlands Teething tablets are helping with crankiness and he smiles as I hold them under his tongue to dissolve so I am guessing that means- yay! Momma thanks for figuring out I needed those again.
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No one has any experience with either heat rash or frozen washcloth to relieve teething pain? Is there a better place to ask these questions?
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i've been wondering myself about this wet wash rag thing. ds seems to not like an ice cube in a rag (which was my half-butt quick attempt to get him something cold).

whenever ds gets any kind of red on his body i just give him some extra nakey time. we already do about an hour daily though (not as much as some other mommas on here, i know!) so if he has a rash we let him stay diaper free for about 2 hours, and then we will let him go cover free for even longer (do you use cloth or disposables?) either way, some air time is probably what he needs.
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yes- he needs mor naked time- you are definitely right on that! I keep worrying that he is going to hurt his important parts if I leave him naked. I am such a nut. He is creeping so he moves around on his tummy and I keep thinking he will hurt himself somehow if he doesn't have the diaper on. We use disposables unfortunately (no washer, no vehicle, I put him in a carrier and walk a few blocks to wash our clothes. I plan on doing cloth when we finish building and are in our own home with a washer.)

Hope someone has an idea about this washcloth thing
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I just wet one corner of the washcloth before sticking it in the freezer. That way, there is just a couple inches of cold, frozen washcloth, and the rest DD can hold in her hands. Plus, it doesn't get her completely soaked that way when it starts to thaw.
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aha! very clever- I knew I was missing a vital bit of info that would make it all make sense. I'm gonna put a couple in tonight so DS can have them tomorrow. thank you thank you
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I give DS a wash cloth soaked in cold water, but not frozen. He never liked the frozen ones, so I just put some water in the fridge and soak a washcloth in that, then give it to him. He likes to suck on it.

He gets incredibly wet but it's no big deal. Babies dry.
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