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mmm... looks like it was last sat? the 23rd? this sat is COLLEGE FOOTBALL BABY!!! <blush> yes, we're going to the UofA game..... :
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you mean to tell me that today is not the 21st??????


i need some coffee

and some tissue- im so sad i missed this!
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sigh. well, there's always oktoberfest to look forward to......
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I'm still up for going on this Sunday night, although I'll have to either leave my husband at home, or drug him beforehand, as he hates organized religion, even the ones based on love and compassion that serve yummy, cheap Vegan food. Don't feel too bad about missing the festival, really the best part about Govinda's is the food, and I noticed the festival didn't serve food till midnight, and that is wayyyy too long to go without food.
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i was just going to call you about going sunday.

I was just reading on the site what this week is about.

Maybe we could leave the boys behind.... well except for the cutest of them anyways
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