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Math curriculum for a visual learner

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My son is 6 and used to love math but the curriculum we are currently using (Saxon) isn't keeping his interest. He is very much a visual learner, so I would like to find something better to teach him with. I have heard that Mortensen math is good for visual learners. Is this true? Is it very expensive or hard to to teach?

Any other suggestions would be wonderful!

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We really like Math-U-See.
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We're using Right Start and love it. It's has a ton of manipulatives and teaches math in a way that both ds and I can understand. It is pricey, but well worth it in my opinion. http://www.alabacus.com/pageView.cfm?pageID=270
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my dd is a very visual learner and Math U See has been great. The manipulatives really help her a lot. She just started 2nd grade HSing, before that she was in public school. She has always been very good w/ numbers but she struggles w/ subtraction until we got started w/ MUS. In just the last couple weeks I have watched it all click w/ her, she is really understanding how to "see" it now even w/o the blocks.
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We really like Singapore Math. It doesn't come with manipulatives, however on their website, you can find recommendations for manipulatives that would be helpful for their program. Also, the books/texts are inexpensive enough to buy along with manipulatives without breaking the bank.
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We have used Saxon, Math-U-See and now we are loving Horizons Math. It uses a spiral approach, and the pages are colorful and fun!
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Another vote for Math-U-See, as the name implies, it's designed to be largely visual and was a big help for my ds when we used it.
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Thank you for all the suggestions! I am looking into all the curriculums mentioned and will be choosing this week! It was so helpful to hear everyone's ideas!
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I'd suggest Miquon and Noble Knights of Knowledge.
Good luck
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For a 6yo, I would recommend RightStart Math, with one caveat... we haven't actually used it yet lol...

But I've researched it quite a bit and it's probably what we'll use when DD is older, IF she decides she wants to "do math" at that age.

We just did math workbooks from the bookstore when DS was young, tried Saxon for grade 3 with some success but not completely, took lots of time off math, now we're having great success with Teaching Textbooks - also good for the visual learner, I think, since everything is done on a 'white board' 'live' on your computer screen along with the lecture. It's for older kids, though, the lowest level they have so far is grade 5.

I'm impressed enough with the RightStart Math, though, that I'm thinking of doing their middle-school level geometry with DS once he's finished his current pre-algebra, or concurrently, or something.
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