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Do you have the birth cert/social security card yet?

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I'm having difficulties with these things for DS. Maybe someone has suggestions?

Check out my post here!

I told DH that by the time we're having our next babe we'll have the town clerk straight on exactly what she needs to do!
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My mw took care of the paperwork for us - the SS card came in the mail last week (baby was 6 weeks old)

We haven't gone in for the birth cert. yet.
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I got his SS card at four weeks. Have not got his BC yet, but that requires me to send in a check, which I have not done yet (it has been filed).
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I'm in NJ- The MW did all the paperwork for the BC and I picked it up at the town clerk.

For the SS card I had to go to the SSA office with the birth cert (which does list us as parents here), my driver's license and a medical record from the pedi. The SS people were totally confounded by the fact that he was not born in the hospital. LOL

Good luck, all that red tape can be a PITA.
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Still waiting on the BC and then I suppose we'll have to do the whole SS office thing. Midwife did the paperwork, we had to get someone to witness part of the BC paperwork because we're not married.

Hope it comes soon...
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we had a home health nurse from the county come out to register our home birth -- was super easy and was registered as an unassisted -- dd is 6 weeks, she came out at 3 weeks, I think, and still nothing.
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In Canada we get to do everything online as long as you have a credit card. The gov't website lets you apply for birth registration, certificate and Social Insurance (same as your social security) card at the same time. The certificate was couriered within 7 days to my house and the SIN card I got around 3 weeks. It was a great option rather than doing all the paperwork in hospital and waiting for snail mail! Technology nowadays....
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Have the ss card, not the birth certificate.
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We got Zoe's social security card within 3 weeks of her birth, I think. Dh then got her birth certificate. This was really important to us, because we needed these documents in order to apply for Zoe's passport. We already have tickets for Germany in late November, and should be getting her passport in the mail in 3 weeks or so.
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the ss card came when she was 3 weeks old, i picked up the birth certificate hen she was 4 weeks old (it had been ready a few weeks).
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I got Ashley's SS card at 3 weeks, I think it was? I still haven't sent in the paperwork for teh BC yet - I've been too lazy to get the dang thing notarized yet! LOL
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Got SS card at 3 weeks but no BC yet.
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still waiting on both--i have to go sign the form for the BC at my 6 week postpartum
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I just filled out the application at the hospital and we got the card less than 2 weeks later. My town hall has our birth certificate. If we want official copies we have to pick them up for $5 each.
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She's 8 weeks, and no we do not have them yet! : Boy, do I know a thing or two about getting the run around with this!

This was our first out of hospital birth and it was a UC, but I checked beforehand and knew what I needed for the BC and so forth and had it all ready to go.

We go down to our county registrar (small town) 2 days after the birth and they look at us like we have 3 eyes. We didn't mention it was a UC, just a homebirth. They tell us we have to take the baby to the hospital to get it, as it's done electronically now and they don't do them.

Well, we knew that was bull, but didn't know where to go. So we call our state vital records office and they confirm that we're right. They call our local office and she claims they have never done a BC before and they don't have the forms. They tell us they're sending her a packet and she'll let us know when she gets it. Weeks go by...no call. I call her and she says she has the paperwork to do it. DH takes off work, we get someone to watch the other kids, and try again. She clearly never even opened the packet, because when we got there she discovers that the packet they sent were the forms we had already filled out to get the BC, but no BC to fill out.

She calls the state office back and we all realize that they misunderstood and didn't realize that she didn't have an actual BC to fill out. Then they argue over the phone in front of us about what her job is. So they say they will send it that day and it should arrive soon. DH loses half a day of work over it and has to take off again to go back.

She takes our number and says she will call. Again, no phone call.

Her whole attitude is that we're bothering her. Why should she have to work just because we can't go to the hospital like everyone else?!

I'm so fed up and just want my baby's gosh darn BC and SS card! DH says "Well, at least we know they can do it next time."
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I dont even have the birth cert for my my middle child yet... And I dont have the card but I have a number for her.
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Nope, we're just too darned busy this time. It's such a pain.
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