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I really agree with both sides of the issue. Even as a custodial Mom, I believe that Dad should be the one to schedule what happens during his visitation time. If that means the kiddos have to miss an activity a few times, then that's how life goes. I always made a point of speaking with the coaches to let them know the situation, and neither kid was penalized for missing games due to going to their Dad's. Lots of kids are in the same situation, and in rec play, coaches accommodate. #1 isn't particularly athletic anyway, so has never become more competitive. Although he is involved in other activities (drama & music). #2 is much more athletically inclined and does play competitively (as well as other activities). They both make their own arrangements with their Dad at this point. They offer to go more often outside of those activities, but that's not usually taken up.

As a parent, I do think that kids should be allowed to try different activities that they think they'd enjoy, and that part of our job as their parents is to support them in that. But you can't force the other parent to feel the same way. So you have to work around it.