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Any other boob obsessed kids out there?

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My almost 5 year old has become boob obsessed. She is constantly trying to touch my breast all day long. She will snuggle up to me and start to rub my breast (in a nursing like way) and trigger this very yuck feeling. She thinks it's really funny.

She has discovered her own nipples and will rub and pinch them frequently.

The word "nipple" comes out of her mouth 8 million times a day, sometimes completely out of context.

Please reassure me that this is normal and will pass. It's making me nuts! Could these be signs that I am putting to much pressure on her to wean? (Oh, please no. I'm being so gentle.)
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well i think even if you were puting some gentle pressure on her to wean it would be ok. but that said my son who nursed until the week of his 5th birthday still reaches down my shirt sometimes to feel my breasts and especially at night likes to put his face by my boobs. he is now almost 7. i think he just has a good relationship with my body and me and takes comfort in being close to the source of what was his nourishment and love for so long. of course i also think we all have rights to our own bodies and at 5 a child is fully able to comprehend a parent saying that the kind of touch DC is giving is not gentle or comfortable or just too much.
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One of my boys went through a long stretch of being boob obsessed and it finally seems to be winding down (this has lasted about 8 months). Just before he turned 4, he decided started patting and groping my breasts and saying "Gugga". When it started at home, I thought it was really sweet. Then he did it in public. I was mortified. I don't think there is any thing wrong with it, but the public lack of knowledge about EN and the average person's view of breast as sexual objects worried me that someone might think there was something inappropriate going on with us. I have stopped his little hands every time he has reached for my breasts for months now. It is sad that I feel I have to curtail my LO's natural love of my breasts based on what society thinks, but I didn't see any other option.
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My firstborn self-weaned on his fifth birthday ... but starting before that when he began to think about weaning and continuing for many months after weaning, he liked to touch my breasts, cuddle with them, lay his head on "his" side, etc. a lot. To me, it made a lot of sense because of all the comfort and nourishment he'd received at the breast. I did at first (when he was weaned) have an uncomfortable feeling about it, especially in public. I relaxed about it, realizing it was normal ... but did have a conversation with him as to my being uncomfortable with him doing it in public places. He toned it down and we worked out "publically appropriate" ways to "cuddle" in public.
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It might not stop at weaning. Sorry.

My kids have long since weaned and they still love my breasts. My daughter comes up and SNIFFS them multiple times a day.

I often let them know that I feel like it's an invasion of my personal space and hug them instead. They usually knock it off when I ask.
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My 3 year old is driving me to the edge

Her boob obsession is making me gag. I am doing CLW, and tandeming with her 3 mo. old brother. When he nurses, it is just so sweet, but when she has the kind of day (like today) where ALL she wants to do is fondle and twiddle, and nurse, it makes me want to BARF. I seriously tried all day to tell her that this is my body, and to please stop. I stood up, I walked away, I redirected, I offered substitutes, I read all the books in the house to her, I tried to feed her tomatoes from the garden...I finally burst into tears! Then she pats me on the arm and tells me its ok, not to cry...and tries to fondle me again! When my DH got home I handed the kids over and locked myself in our room. Sorry to hijack the thread, and rant but it just seemed like this is the place to find someone who understands. It was just one of those days where I could not take it anymore, and could not dig any deeper for patience!
I am seriously at the point of cold turkey with her, and she can CIO.
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Dd, almost 4, is all about them. Wants to feel my "soft and pinchy" nipples, snuggle the "nummie" and shoves her hand up the straps or short sleeves over my shoulder and into the chest area, giggling deliriously all the while. Just obsessed with 'em. Sometimes I set a boundary when she's clearly doing it as a test (when my poor mainstream mother is at dinner with us, at a restaurant, for example), and say something like "Please respect my body and give me some space." This is verbage we have discussed before and she knows the context, so usually she's reasonable about it.
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I'm so glad I am not alone. I was afraid I might be when this post did not get to many responses.

The creepy feeling is the worst! It can be so hard to want to meet the needs of your child but have to insist on your right to your own body at the same time.

I too have had to get up and leave the room to stop my almost 5 year old from groping me. She thinks it's so funny to trigger that "Ahhhh!" feeling.

She also does this weird babyish thing sometimes which is just the worst. It is like her baby talk just goes straight to the nursing agitation spot in my brain and triggers all of the uncomfortable feelings I have. It is so much easier to deal with her need to nurse and touch when she relates to me as her almost 5 year old self.
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Henri is 2 and is boob obsessed. I am also tandeming with his 3 month old sister and sometimes its like "OMGGGGG if one more person touches me I'm going to run away to a desert island where no one can find me" I've lost count of how many times a day Henri nurses. Its at least 8, maybe 10 or more depending on millions of things (is he sick, hungry, tired, bored, getting picked on by Paddy, etc etc) He has no qualms about feeling me up, or rubbing his hands up and down my arms, stroking my face, it really gets to be too much-I'm not even that touchy feely with DH! Then he gets really excited and shouts "Milky! Mama milk!" jumps up and down, runs around, tackles me and stuffs his face into my breasts. Oh and any attractive woman with large cleavage he sees on television is "Mama". (which is weird because my boobs are average and I don't consider myself to be attractive, but boobs=mama) So far he only refers to them as "milky", and I'm hoping he doesn't pick up any cutesie words like "boobies" or "titties" or anything equally obnoxious
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My 4yo DD talks often about touching the "nurses" and tries to touch my breasts at least 6x a day. She weaned at 2yo, so it's been TWO YEARS since she last nursed. But I'm nursing my DD2. I'm looking forward to being done nursing in the hopes that this will finally end the obsessions of my 4yo. It's driving me crazy! Seemingly, she cannot stop herself- I see the gleam in her eye before she does it. I have trouble cuddling with her without her try to touch my breasts and that's what bothers me the most. I miss the closeness with her, but I cannot handle the unwelcome touching. And yes, she tries to touch me in public too, especially when she is uncomfortable. Redirecting does not work. She is obsessed.
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