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New mama intro

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Hi. I'm new to this board. My first two babies were term- Alexis (8) was 37weeks exactly and Gloria (2) was 39weeks, 4 days. We just had our third on the 17th of this month (he'll be 2 weeks tomorrow). Levi was born at 28 weeks, 3 days.

When we went in for our routine ultrasound at just shy of 22 weeks, they discovered amniotic bands on both of his hands and affecting the umbilical cord. The diagnosis was grim. IF the bands didn't choke off the cord and kill him (and that was a huge if-it is nearly always fatal when it affects the cord), he was going to at least suffer amputation of his left hand where a band was tight around his wrist and had a high risk of neurological problems from the affected cord. His right hand had already lost the tips of several fingers. We talked with our doctor, got a second opinion and did a TON of resaearch (what we could, anyway, ABS is pretty rare and there's not alot of info out there) and decided to go to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for an "experimental" surgery that could save his cord and his hand. They did the surgery at 22 weeks and some change and were able to clear up the mess by his cord and snap the band around his wrist. Ultrasound afterward showed no major damage to the hand or neurological development. Because of the compromise of the membranes, we knew he'd probably be born between 28-34 weeks gestation.

Levi was born about 6 weeks later via emergency cesarean. My water broke on the 14th at exactly 28 weeks and they were able to keep me on antibiotics (and I got the steroid shots) and on strict bedrest at the hospital for three days before we developed a placental infection and I started to labor. I labor fast (my first two were vaginal and were 8.5 hrs and 4.5 hrs respectively) so they had to hustle. I went from closed cervix and no contractions to every 3 minute contractions and 7cm dilated with a foot out in under an hour. Because of all our complications and the location of the placenta AND he was breech, there was no way our very wise doctor was going to let us try vaginal delivery. He was 2lb, 10oz (1195gm) and his APGARs were 8 and 9!!! He was born at 8:44pm and was off the ventilator by morning.

Levi's back up to 1230gm as of last night and has been on room air for a week and a half. He's having a few bradycardias every once in a while, but overall he's doing amazing. He's only had one desaturation and no apnea at all. I'm feeling mostly recovered from the surgeries, but I'm still pretty tired from 6 weeks of bedrest. Emotionally, I'm ok some days and a basket case others. We've started kangaroo care which is helping both of us alot. I'm really tired of the pump and can't wait until he's ready to try nursing. We're really blessed to live just 5 minutes up the hill from the hospital he's at.

Anyway, our whole long saga and pictures are on his journal. Looking forward to venting/celebrating/commiserating with you ladies!
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Well I'm sorry you're here but sounds like he's quite the fighter!

best of luck with everything. The mommies on this forum are so great.

My 28 wkr spent 11 wks in the NICU and came home on O2 and he's doing so great at almost 8 months :

It's not an easy journey but you're so lucky to be so close to that hospital!!!
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What a beautiful little boy!!! What a journey you and your family has had! Congratulations on making it this far!!! Levi is almost home:

My dd spent 3 mos in the NICU....I ruptured at about 15 weeks after an amnio and was on bedrest FOREVER Today my dd is 2.5 yo and despite a very mild case of cp (I'm not even sure she has it) she is UNSTOPPABLE !! I bet Levi will be too!

Hoping that you and your family stay healthy...my eldest was in kindergarten when my littlest came home from the NICU and it was NOT easy keeping hands washed....take lots of vitamin C and take care of yourself!!
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Congrats and Welcome!

I understand how you can have the feelings you do. Levi sounds like a fighter and one that will break many ladies hearts someday! I am glad the Kangeroo care is starting and it will help your supply once you have that baby near you.

My former micro preemie is 2 1/2 now so always feel free to pm me to chat or if you need to vent I can relate!
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Welcome! My little sister suffered from an amniotic band on her foot that resulted in her loosing most of her toes. Luckily for her she was left with enough big toe that she is able to walk with no problems. She wasn't a preemie but had IUGR and was less then 5 lbs when she was born full-term. She's a teenager now and is doing great.

Your little guy is so cute! I am glad that he is doing well.
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