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Cleaning my basement!

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Well I am FINALLY going to do it - tackle the basement. We have lived here 3 years and it is a total mess. It is so dusty and stagnant that it smells bad down there. So how to start? Some of the stuff is boxes of ? that we haven't unpacked since we've moved here. The rest is seasonal decorations and sentimental which can be pared down. We have decided how we would like to finish the basement with one room the size of a small bedroom for storage. I would like to get rid of enough to make the small area organized with room to make additions as our family grows. So where do I start? How do I do it? Designate areas for garbage, donate/sell, undecided and keep? Some other way? Thanks for any suggestions and BTDT stories!

I would post pictures but it is pretty bad. Let's just say it is a basement about 900 sq ft and the floor is totally covered except for one corner the size of a small bedroom! I cleaned that area to have a clean safe place for the kids while I am engaged in cleaning. BTW, I cleaned it by pushing the stuff that was in that corner to totally fill the other areas (I also mopped the floor).

Anyways I am motivated and ready to start!! :-)

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Lets see....me personally, I would first go through and pick up any trash and make a trash pile. I would then throw out anything I can visually see, with out getting in to boxes yet, that you know you don't need anymore. Then I would try to stack and organize all of the boxes on one side of the room, to clear up space to sort through the items in the boxes. Then I would go through each box one at a time. For every item you take out, decided immediately if you want to keep it or get rid of it and do it right then. Put in either your donate pile or trash pile. I would maybe try to have 2 empty bins or boxes as I go to keep like items organized, such as Christmas items in one, fall items in another and so on.

Good Luck!!! I know it can be daunting, my garage can get this way!
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