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mineral water

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This may be stupid, but it mineral water (Evian) safe to drink while pregnant. It is the only type of water that doesn't leave a horrible sweet taste in my mouth. I actually hate drinking it since it is so wasteful, but I gotta drink water!
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Dunno, but I hear you on regular water tasting sick. Even my Brita water tastes funky to me. I'm really enjoying Vitamin water right now, ditto on feeling frivilous and wasteful, but also needing to stay hydrated.
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I've been squeezing 1/4 lemon into the glass--12-16 oz glass--then topping it off with ice cold water. We use the britta filter. No sweetener. It really helps.
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yeah i gotta dress up my water for it to be palatable. lemon helps, so does lime sometimes. with lots of ice. i'd prefer crushed ice, but don't have an ice crusher thing. what about popsicles? or even just chewing on ice? i know, it's bad for your teeth but something's gotta give!!
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well, apparently Evian is not mineral water but natural springs water. Lemon in water makes me sick so does ice and popsicles. It is strange, the only water that doesn't make me want to vomit is Evian. And man is it expensive!!
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