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The only one I'm certain I've seen all of is House. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one on Mothering who enjoys it.

I probably have seen all the "Friends" episodes, but I'm not sure, and possibly all of Family Guy (again nice to see I'm not alone), but I'm not sure about that either.
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sex and the city
sopranos (almost, we're on season 6.1)
dawson's creek
my so-called life

the last two as a teenager
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And Late Night With David Letterman, clear back from the beginning when it was on the other network, live, even before there were VCRs.

Yes, I'm old. I've gone through 4 VCRS, one of 'em a betamax, several DVD players and I've even got one of those newfangled DVRs.
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Star Trek Voyager

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Sex and the City.
Gosh, I don't think there is one show on television where I've seen all the episodes. I'm really not a big tv watcher, and haven't been for years.

But I have seen close to all episodes of Friends and Sex and the City, but those are shows I started watching right when they debuted on t.v. before they got insanely popular.

I also watched them when they were insanely popular, and I love watching the re-runs.

Does anyone think the quality of tv isn't what it used to be? I haven't liked, I mean really liked a new sitcom or show in quite a while (other than maybe The Office and Scrubs, two shows which I find hilarious).
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Golden Girls
Family Guy
Law and Order SVU
Law and Order CI
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Star Trek TNG
Night Court
Quantum Leap
Sex and the City
Northern Exposure
Feasting on Asphalt
Twin Peaks
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Sex and the City :
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Twin Peaks
Law & Order (the original)
CSI: Las Vegas
Six Feet Under
Curb your Enthusiasm
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The Golden Girls
Six Feet Under (via dvds)
Queer As Folk (via dvds)

and... The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Northern Exposure is pretty close, but the last one or two seasons after Joel left - I've hardly seen any of those.
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Golden Girls
Little House on The Prairie

that's all I can think of for now.....

need to add.........
New Adventures of Old Christine
Two and a Half Men
How I Met Your Mother
Desperate Housewives
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CSI Vegas
The Shield
House MD
Greys Anatomy
That 70's Show
Sex and the City (even saw the movie!)
Golden Girls
Pretty much anything with Gordon Ramsy (I dunno if Reality TV counts)
Family Guy

I think that's it. Wow I watch way to much Tv!
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the office
big love (almost - about to finish 2nd season)
northern exposure
joan of arcadia
brothers and sisters
desperate housewives
brady bunch
gilligan's island :-P
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this is really going ot make me look like a TV junkie.

George Lopez
Malcolm in the Middle
Allo Allo
Will & Grace
Americas Next Top Model
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Red Green
Thats so Raven
Faulty Towers (the UK version)
Keeping up Appearences
Fresh Prince
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Little House on the Prairie
Home Improvement
Full House
Laguna Beach and The Hills (I know, I know, shoot me now)
Boy Meets World
the origional X-Files series with Molder. the newer ones weren't good enough to bother watching.
Early Edition


and there are probably more.. I do love me some TV watchin
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breaking bad (ok, there have only been 7 .. cant wait for season 2!)
star trek/ and next generation
happy days
Laverne and Shirley
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Originally Posted by oceane View Post

dawson's creek
OMG....I can't believe I forgot to add this. I've seen this all the way through 4 times. (Don't ask)
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Beverly Hills, 90210
The Waltons
Northern Exposure
Law and Order
Law and Order, SVU
Law and Order, CI (what can I say? I like L&O)
Jon and Kate Plus 8
Every Duggar special
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