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She is here!!

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Our daughter was born August 29th at 2:02 am. She is 7lbs 11 oz and 20 and 1/2 inches long. After 7 hours of labor and 12 minutes of pushing she came out. The hospital birth was amazing. It was a pow wow of women....2 nurses and a midwife ( our doctor was unavailable but it was better that way in the end) Dp pushed so wondeful and all was perfect. Dp had a few stitches from tearing but baby lexie is eating, pooping,and sleeping about 4 hrs in a row. We are totally in love and so greatful to have her.


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wow! Congrats! :
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: Congrats. She's so cute.
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Congratulations & much joy! She's darling.::
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What a great (and quick!) birth story! Enjoy your daughter - she's beautiful!
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What a great birth! Enjoy her and take lots of sniffs!!
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Congratulations! She is BEAUTIFUL!

What is Dp??
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Congratulations! 4 hours of sleep...wow!
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Originally Posted by immamama View Post
What is Dp??
That is her Dear Partner.
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She's a beautiful baby! Congratulations! I am so happy your birth went really well!
Welcome Baby Alexis!
:::::::::: ::::::
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Congratulations! Welcome to the world Alexis.
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How wonderful! She is beautiful, enjoy your babymoon!
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: Congrats!! She's beautiful!! :
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You're baby is so cute. Congratulations!!!
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She's adorable! I love the dark head of hair.
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Congrats! She is beautiful
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Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!
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