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I hate eating!

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I really do. I am so tired of eating . . . and I'm only a week into this. (Found out just barely over a week ago.) I'm 6 weeks along, so I know I only have about another month of this before I start feeling better and not needing to eat every hour to ease my near-constant nausea, but today, sitting here eating for the 4th time since I got up at 7, a month seems like a looooooooong time.

Sigh. I gotta eat again in an hour.
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I'm with you! I really need to eat mini-meals all day long in order to avoid the terrible nausea. And to make matters worse, the only foods that appeal to me are salty/fatty or carb-laden. I, too, am telling myself I should be close to the end of this (I'm 7.5 weeks) but I am really sick of eating all day!
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mine is just starting and i'm almost 8 weeks...except i just can't force myself to eat much more than crackers today and toast...i hate to say it ladies, but mine with both my girls lasted until about 14 weeks...i hope your's go by much faster!
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Yeah, I don't remember when my nausea went away completely with my boys, but I do know it starts to ease after 10 weeks--which is usually the peak of nausea.
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Originally Posted by catballou24 View Post
mi hate to say it ladies, but mine with both my girls lasted until about 14 weeks...i hope your's go by much faster!
With my daughter, it lasted til my 5th month! But with my son, only 12 weeks or so.
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i have the constant nausea, but thankfully not that bad. im only about 7 weeks though so i bet it will get worse.
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I was focusing on eating protein because I need lots to not feel light headed and nausious...but I was also eating lots of cereal, bread and crackers. So for 2 days I didn't eat ANY fruit or veggies : yuck! I felt really awful. I'm still backed up because of that and I started eating fruit and veg yesterday.

Its just so unlike me to go a whole day without fruit and veg, let alone, 2 DAYS!

Yeah, so I hate eating too.
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no kidding!

i wish i had a way to eat a magic food that would suppress this BLEH feeling all day.

i don't want to eat, but it does help, and now i gained like seven pounds in only a month.

i'm at six weeks.
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I am right there with you. The hunger + nausea combo sucks! I'm hungry, but I'm nauseous so nothing sounds good. I went to put on my pants yesterday and noticed that they seemed a bit looser-- so I weighed myself and I've lost 10 pounds. I'm not even throwing up! I guess my metabolism really is demanding what it needs because I haven't really been eating much less than usual, but I've lost weight. I guess I'm going to have to find a way to make myself eat more and more often-- the thought of which makes me more nauseous.

The funny thing is I've been having dreams at night in which I'm eating all the things that The Fetus won't let me eat right now-- like candy and desserts. They totally sound appetizing when I'm asleep, then I wake up and my stomach turns at the thought of eating anything sweet.
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Originally Posted by dawncayden View Post
Its just so unlike me to go a whole day without fruit and veg, let alone, 2 DAYS!
I usually eat a lot of protein and veggies and limit carbs. Now all I eat is carbs. I haven't been able to stomach many veggies at all for the last week and a half. Luckily, I can do creamy (tomato, carrot) soups and fruits.

I'm eating so frequently, I'm surprised I haven't gained 10 pounds!

Here's to it getting better in teh next month or so!
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yyyup. i'm with ya, ladies. i had a brief reprieve for a few days when i felt a bit better but then it came back like a mack truck. *sigh* i'm 9wks today.
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I feel like a gastric bypass patient, just a few bites of bland food here and there and I'm full to bursting
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I'm right there with you. I am tired of being on this new-born feeding schedule...eating every hour... It wouldn't be so bad if I had a personal chef to cook healthy and interesting snacks for me... But wait, I"M the cook around here..... not fair. Right now I'm daydreaming about a frozen pizza, the greasy cheapo kind.. strange
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junk food

that's all i want...
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I don't want to eat but have to so I don't feel sick
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Yep, same here, ladies. I was feeling lots better for a few days after increasing my protein intake, but today I just felt totally nasty again. There's some kind of horrible irony in the fact that I'm eating more often than I ever have, totally guilt-free, while enjoying it less than I've ever enjoyed food before. I'm looking forward to hopefully feeling better in a few weeks. If I feel this way for my whole pregnancy this kid is definitely going to be an only child!
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In my first pregnancy, when I had major morning sickness, all I could stomach was fruit smoothies, red licorice, sourdough bread, and cashews. I lived on that for 4 weeks.

In my second pregnancy I had no morning sickness at all. Couldn't believe it.

NOw in my third pregnancy and so far no morning sickness but I'm just in week 6 and last time I had it it hit in week 8 so I'm holding my breath on this one.
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Not only do I hate eating, I also hate grocery shopping. I'm in the store for two hours because I can't bring myself to buy anything since it all sounds so gross.

I try to make myself feel better about my current aversion to vegetables by gulping down some green powder every day if I can manage it, which I often can't!
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Originally Posted by joybird View Post
Not only do I hate eating, I also hate grocery shopping.
: And I hate cooking and have developed an aversion to being in the kitchen. My poor DH has had to cook dinner for the past 2 weeks because if it were left to me, all we'd eat would be Saltines.
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Yeah, grocery shopping and cooking are usually my jobs, and I'd LOVE to not have to do them right now. However, it actually kind of helps me to do it myself, because that way I'm sure to have the foods that I can stand to eat. I have this large yet constantly changing set of food aversions that are making me feel like the pickiest eater in the world.
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