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September decluttering challenge! - Page 8

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Found 2 more garage sale items (yikes, the garage sale is this Saturday!), and 28 items that I threw away. Updated in my original post.
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I'm hopefully getting rid of two extra beds today that have been stuffed in a closet for months and months - yay!
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Cleaned out some of my bedroom last weekend and found some old clothes of dd's and books and toys she no longer wants...so far 8/100
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Originally Posted by Montana Mom View Post
I'm hopefully getting rid of two extra beds today that have been stuffed in a closet for months and months - yay!
How did you stuff them there?? MAybe I just have smaller closets. LOL

Thursday is my donate day so I need to tackle things this week.
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Can I jump in late and ask a question?

Now that DS is older we are trying to be more consistent about doing certain holidays and traditions. I find I am going crazy looking for the items for each occasion that I squirreled away from the year before. Any ideas?

I was thinking a small container/ box for each one... like a Halloween box. A birthday box. etc.

Also what about when you buy gifts for birthday/ holidays a month or two early and you are in a SUPER small space. Ideas?

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Well, we have lots of decorations for the holidays and seasons, so I use those color-coded rubbermaid tubs from Target (orange for halloween & fall, red/green for Yule, pastels for Ostara/Easter, etc). If you catch them after the holiday, you can usually get them on clearance.

I save kiddo artwork in them from year to year. My kids really love that. I'm about to break out the Mabon/Harvest/Samhain stuff and go through it. I usually end up tossing a couple of things each year, as we make new stuff.
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Found and priced 20 toys to stick in the garage sale. I am really getting there! Garage sale is all set up, I just have a few more craft items to organize. I hope we get good crowds, it is supposed to be nice.
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I Freecycle : I had another huge success with posting a couple of lots of stuff. I'm up to:

195 items given away
1 item sold
6 items given back to their rightful owner
2 bags/bundles of stuff thrown away

That gets me up to 204 which puts me more than 2/3 of the way to my goal of 300... Go me!!!

I have more stuff leaving today I hope. I am really really liking letting go of the clutter
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I hate Freecycle. I have three boxes of books sitting here no one picked up.

OK, it's Tackle It Tuesday, right? I am tackling one of my kitchen cupboards. If I don't come back to post about it, call the rescue squad.
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Um, annette, it's wednesday.
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Aw, crap.
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What through some craft/fine art supplies last night. Got ride of 8 more things!

Running total = 120/100
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Just added 50 more clothing items to the bag for my friend. She is coming today to pick up 2 HUGE bags of boys clothing.....I get sad looking at all the cute things they have outgrown but am glad some other sweet boy will get to use them. So now I am up to 204/700 I am just hoping I can get more done this week.

AM I am sorry but you made me I thought it was Tuesday too! My dd has decided that her chosen career will be torturing me with sleep deprivation!
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Aw, crap.
Well it was Wacky Wednesnday for AM.

Today it can be Go Thru it Thursday!!!

its thursday- RIGHT?????

it must be, gotta go! :
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We've got Throw It Away Thursday (at least one thing has to GO) and Thrifty Thursday here at my house (errand day).

I also missed tackle It Tuesday. I blame my DH though. He is home all week. My schedule is off. But I'm loving it. :
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OK, judging from responses this should be Freaky Friday this week!

How about Fling it Friday?
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Originally Posted by hellyaellen View Post
ooh ooh i haven't done one of these in ages


finishe my filing cabinet.......i am so close:
go through the extra closet:
get everything out of my moms house.........not much left really
find my mei-tei:
oh and organize my bookmarks

and the biggie.........
work towards getting rid of my storage building :

i already went through our bedroom closet and the kids' closet

even decluttered 1 float toy that died over the summer
ok i know i haven't been a mad poster on this thread but boy did i make progress tonight!!!!

my office looks so good:

also went through the kids toys and decluttered pretty much a whole box

added that to the first box thats i've collected over the month

extra closet is done and i have so much more space in there now, now i figure i can put some of the extras from other closets in there

mentally i am so ready to just get rid of stuff, forget having a big yardsale, too much work not saying i wont have one at some point whe the sheer amount of crap is more managable.

just feeling very very encouraged and had to share :::
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i want to join!!!! 1ht
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I am going to try to remember Tackle it Tuesday this week! Though DD#2 has an appointment at Dartmouth this afternoon, so we shall see what I get done.
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And it really IS Tuesday, so you get bonus points!

Wait until you all see the picture of all the stuff on my porch to go to the Rescue Workers. I just need to remember to call them now...
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