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i have been tackling my art supplies and it is very hard and a little painful. but i filled 2 boxes of stuff to get rid of and 1 box of stuff to keep! i have i dunno 10 boxes of stuff to go through but most of the rest will be easir i hope
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My list... what I've finished so far:

1. move the bottles in the filing cabinet in the linen closet to the empty kitchen cupboard - done! :
2. move costume to clothes boxes or find a place or give away if there is no place - done! :
3. purge baby blankets & store in empty drawers in ds's room
4. purge kids' clothes
5. move 1 set of sheets to each person's dresser - done! :
6. move quilts to under mattresses - done! :
7. freecycle filing cabinets
8. move towels to empty bathroom cabinet - done! :
9. get electrical outlet lightbulb combo for linen closet
10. move freezer to linen closet
11. purge homeschool cupboard - done! :
12. move homeschool cupboard to other side of dining room
13. make a new table top
14. move table left and actually USE it for meals

I'm so excited to see things leave the house!
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And now L, who I thought was over the flu, is NOT over the flu. Tackle it Tuesday has become Tend to the Sickies Tuesday.
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(((Aiofe & L)))

I have been making good progress on the in the house stuff, BUT, I am not counting the stuff in my numbers until it's actually gone. I have 12 bags of clothes in my car. I bagged them up Sunday, put them in the car yesterday and hope to drop them off at the emergency help place tomorrow. However, I have been known to move bags like that from my car to my garage ("Oh, I just need to move them for a few hours while I go pick up XYZ.") and never get around to actually getting rid of them!

I pulled out the Harvest/Samhain decorations yesterday and will be going through those and pruning as well. I know i have a couple of broken things I will need to decide to fix asap or toss.
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Well I've learned some pretty big lessons this month about how much CRAP I have been carting around with me. Seriously I have sooooo much stuff that was from before I moved out on my own, accumulated from my Moms and my Dads houses put together... most of it is being purged but I just can't believe I've been moving it with me for the last couple of years... Live and learn right?

On the upside Freecycle is my saviour... I'm getting rid of so much stuff and more still to go

447 items given away
3 items sold
11 items given back to their rightful owner
15 bags/bundles of stuff thrown away

That puts me at 476/300 so I'm past my goal :

And more to come still
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I lost track of all that I've been getting rid of. A lot. I have been going through the clothes, everyone's clothes. I can't stand all this stuff. And I barely even have that much. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I actually held onto anything.

So, no real tally going on anymore. But still purging. I find that de-cluttering goes hand-in-hand with my mood. When I'm frustrated with life, I just start tossing things.
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So I changed my total, the kids and DH are all out of the house at work, school, parents day out and I got rid of 60 items. A lot are going to the rummage sale at a local church.

I still need to do dd1's size 6 clothing since there is a lot and I know I wont need it all for MAggie. I have 180 items to go.

But as I got rid of stuff, I also cleaned so I am loving our upstairs now! I also am rearranging things so the whole thing is empowering I must say.
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Ok, I donated 6 boxes of things over last weekend! I also got ride of 9 shirts in the closet.

Total: 129/(upping my #)300
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So its Sunday night. I went thru dd1's size 6 stuff and weeded out things as well as stained things that wont store well anyhow.

I am hitting the home stretch. Now need DH to go thru his clothing as well.
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Well, I did terrible at this challenge!! I was sick most of the month and then my Grandmother moved from her apartment to a nursing home. And guess where most of HER belongings went? Of course they came to my house! Looks like I have even more to declutter now
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Tomorrow is Tackle it TUESDAY. Let's see if we can all remember what day of the week it is.
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Well, I did 150/200 pretty good. After my garage sale, I got lazy. Luckily, anything that did not sell got bagged or boxed up and went to Goodwill. Nothing came back in the garage, so that is nice.
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Well with illnesses, anything else that comes up etc, I didnt make it all the way to 500. But I got close. So I will have it done this week, just not by the deadline!
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I'm counting the rest of this week as honorary September.
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honorary sept. would be great for me as well! I only got rid of 26 things so far but i did throw away like 6 bags of trash..and an old rug...does that count?
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