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Carrie, if it were me, I would still go to the chiro. Mainly because I know how much better my body functions when my spine is in alignment and with you being down so much (just like riding in a car for a long time), your spine can't possibly be where it's supposed to be. I know I'll need my spine to be in alignment come time for labor and birth so things can move around more easily. You know what's right for you though so if you truly feel uncomfortable with going, then don't go. You might call the chiro's office and see what the doc thinks.

AAM: Mizzou won! YAY! We spent the day with my Dad, stepmom, and younger sis yesterday which was nice. We're just bummin' around today. We slept in and I even took a nap after breakfast. We've been to the grocery store and we have Bradley class tonight. I love long weekends with DH.
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Sounds like you had an awesome weekend, Tara!

I just have to brag about how wonderful my MIL is. She called before and said she was coming over, that she had something for us. DH jokingly said that we have no more room for stuff, and she promised it wasn't another bagful of baby clothes from Carters! (Honestly, she hasn't come by empty handed for the past 2 months!)

Anyways, she showed up with veggie burgers, buns, macaroni salad, baked beans, and a whole bowl of fruit salad! She said since I was stuck at home on bedrest, she wanted to bring the BBQ to us! How incredibly sweet is that?!?

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Awww how sweet is that?! Good for you!
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Carrie I totally wish I had a MIL like yours! She sounds like a very sweet woman
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How wonderful Carrie! That sounds really good! I hope people think to bring us food when we get to the point that we need it.

I forgot to say in my last post that the weekend was great until we were headed from the game Sat night to our hotel room in another part of town. We were talking and following the flow of traffic (detours all over St. Louis) and then came the lights flashing in the rear view. Ugh. Yes, we got pulled over and DH was ticketed. : We're still not sure he clocked us correctly or that he was clocking at all. We think he was just driving behind us and got a speed based on that. He claimed we were going 78 in a 60. : We weren't even passing any of the other cars and there was a lot of traffic! Why did WE get pulled over?! DH never drives the limit but he doesn't drive THAT fast. Sheesh. Oh well.
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34w1d here (but who's counting? )! I've been having some sciatic issues. I see my chiro again tomorrow. She does that "dropping the table" thing too--I wasn't expecting that last time. I'm really hoping she can do something for me. She gave me a stretch to try last time I went that did absolutely nothing for me. I have two friends that rave about her, though, so I'll give her another go.

Sounds like most of you had pretty fun Labor Day weekends! We went and saw the Bodies Revealed exhibit on Saturday with a friend. I wasn't all that excited about it, but a female friend of ours wanted to go and DH was the only other person she could find that wanted to go. He felt like it would be awkward to go by himself with her (she and her DH are more "couple friends" with us) so I jokingly said I'd chaperone their "date", ha ha. Anyway, I'm really glad I went. It wasn't nearly as disturbing as I thought it might be and was actually pretty fascinating. We met up with friend's DH afterward for dinner and games. We had dinner with another set of friends last night and they were supposed to have fireworks in their neighborhood (delayed because of all the CA fires) but they got cancelled because of high winds. Today DH hung around the house and worked on a huge box of work he brought home, so I went out and had a pedi/mani and had lunch by myself with a good book
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Thanks guys! My MIL has been fabulous throughout this whole pregnancy. She is the best!

Tara, ugh, getting pulled over sucks. It's so nervewracking, isn't it?

Tiger - that exhibit sounds so interesting! I wish I had the energy to do the museum thing right now. The idea of being on my feet walking slowly for more than 10 minutes sounds absolutely exhausting to me right now!

AAM - Insomnia stinks. I have been up every hour on the half hour since 11:30 pm, and it is now 3:05 am. I either wake up just from random thoughts, random dreams, thinking about my stupid mother and how she hasn't replied to my email yet, having to pee, or having a contraction. Finally, this time, I was like, forget it, I'm just getting up and going to watch TV and play online. I cannot sleep. Boo.
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Hello Ladies!

I'm seeing lots of mamas who aren't feeling too well and/or dealing with knucklehead DHs this week. s for you all. I hope you all find comfort, and that your DHs become more considerate soon.

I'm back home after a long weekend at the family cabin on Greer's Ferry Lake in Arkansas. I spent a lot of time floating around in the lake, boating, eating too much, and working on my birth preferences.

Before we left, I had my last day of work : ! A few of my co-workers had a little baby shower for me and gave me a generous gift certificate I intend to use for crib bedding. The nursery will (nearly) be complete soon.

DH and I had a great meeting with my doula before we left, too. She's so awesome. We genuinely like her, and she makes us feel so much more confident and excited about giving birth for the first time.

The bad news: DH has to go to Florida on business. He hasn't gone since early in my pregnancy, and neither one of us is very happy about it, but it really can't be avoided. He leaves this evening and I'm going to miss him a lot, but he'll be back Friday. I always get a little nervous about him leaving while I'm pregnant since the time I had a bleeding scare and he was away. That was hard for both of us. Since I don't work anymore, I could go along, but I'm 34 weeks now, so I don't think I would be able to fly on such short notice. I would also miss childbirth class and yoga.

The entire month of August was very busy and hectic for both of us, and I just want us to be able to relax a bit, finalize our baby preparations, and enjoy each other. It was my hope that September would go that way, but it's not getting off to the best start. Maybe next week...
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Tara - That sucks about the ticket!!! DH got pulled over twice in a row when it was total BS

Well, I am 35 weeks today!!! Five more weeks to go and I will have my dream day Now here is to not having MIL try to force an induction while she is here
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Maryann- force an induction? Wow! Your MIL is really a control freak.

Tiger- I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. Mani/pedi, a book and a trip to Bodies Revealed w/o children sounds like a great treat! I was thinking of booking a calf wax/pedi for this week (since shaving and clipping my toenails are out right now) but probably won't get around to it.

BabyCakes- so sorry to hear about the sleeping woes and contrax. It sounds like bed rest, no matter how annoying, is a good option, if walking for 10 min. sounds exhausting. Congratulations on finishing up work.

Crosscat- You're done with the workplace! Hooray!

AAM- FIL is much better when MIL isn't here, although he does expect women to serve him. When I asked him what he wanted for lunch, he said "what are you making?" I replied "You know what's in the fridge." But, on the whole the visit ended well. I made two pots of soup last night and he came in "Are you cooking again?" I glibly remarked "Well, if you all would stop eating, I wouldn't have to cook!"

I've become a total homebody, which I knew was possible, but this is downright funny. When we first bought our property, our "town" was under 2,000 people. So, I am amazed that there are weeks now when I don't have to leave this tiny little town, especially during the December-April Farmer's Market hiatus. I was supposed to go to an open house yesterday, but was just too cranky without a nap by the time I should have been getting ready. I guess you could say I'm just comfy in my little nest!
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Wooo-hooo! 35 weeks! Congrats Mary Ann!
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Hey mommas! Checking in for the week. I'm feeling calm and relaxed and excellent. Mentally, that is. Physichally, I'm wiped out. My feets hurt and my back hurts and my intestines have declared war on me. My dh finally got teh crib matress so we're ready to go as far as the whole baby-bed thing. No nursery for us, Mal's sleeping in his darling brother's room after those first couple months of me putting DH on the sofa so I can co-sleep and breast-feed in peace. (DH is adimently against co-sleeping ) Anyway, other than the tummy troubles, I'm feeling splendid!
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YAY for 35wks Maryann! How exciting! I really think you'll go full term, just a gut feeling.

33w4d here and anxious to get to 37 so I can quit working entirely. I'm at that point where I just don't want to do anything. I don't want to leave my house at all. DH is out of town for work until tomorrow night. Originally he was supposed to be gone through Fri so I'm glad that changed. My next appt is Thurs and we're seeing the CNM again because our OB was booked up on Fri. They normally do the GBS screening at 36wks, right?
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That's what my Dr. told me. That's next week for me. Boo!
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^I just need to make sure to talk to the MW about it at this appt (34wks) then. I'm consenting to it but I want to make sure they won't do an internal at the same time and see if they're open to doing natural remedies should it be + and then test again after a round of that to make sure I'm neg so the hospital won't insist on abx. If I decline, the hospital treats you and baby as if you're + so that's out of the question. It'll be easier to just make sure I'm neg.
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I've been doing probiotics, GSE and cranactin for months now but I'm also going to take a bottle of diluted hibaclense in with me for a quick rinse when I leave my pee sample. If it comes up positive after all that, good grief give me some antibiotics!
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^HAHA!! I thought the test was a vaginal and rectal swab? Do they test urine too?
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I just posted in your other thread, Tara, but thought I'd add here that my mw only did a vaginal swab. I didn't feel her do anything near my rectum at all. They also wanted a urine sample, but I think it was to check for a UTI rather than GBS. I had mine done at 34+4 but only b/c of the risk that I was going into labor at any moment! Luckily that wasn't the case, so I'll restest probably regardless, positive or negative. We'll see, I suppose.
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I haven't had a chance to read what everyone has written yet, but wanted to post while I had a second.

My weekend was pretty nice. Dh and I grilled out and worked on getting all the stuff from our showers organized (instead of the pile that engulfed our dining room). We received a bunch of great condidtion 2nd hand clothes from my MIL that were used for our nephew. Which is wonderful... but I am SOOO sick of laundry. I have washed and washed and washed and it feels like I've hardly made a dent in it. I really don't have much to go, but I want to be done washing. LOL.

Dh put together the stroller, swing and pack n play. The pack n play is HUGE. We plan to have baby sleep in it next to the bed and it hardly fits between the bed and wall.

Other than that I just read and tried to relax. Dh hasn't officially started classes yet, so we got to spend some time togther and it was a nice treat.
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Hey all! I"m still out here. Busy week last week, making sure the kids had everything ready to start school TODAY!!! Yes they are aaaalllllll in school! That means I get some down time, BY MYSELF, until baby boy arrives! Had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. It was my bday last friday (yes Im 40), did dinner and a movie (vin diesel new movie), swimming on Sat., chillin' Sun. and Mon. The weather has def. changed since the weekend. It was a bit breezy and chilly this a.m., fall is on the way! Oh yeah, I'm 33 weeks 2 days today and feelin' it. I've had 2 dreams (in the last week) now that baby came early, like 34/35 weeks, so send some vibes that baby stays put until at least 37 weeks. I am planning a homebirth but I don't want to have things change if baby comes early...ugh! I've been having some "real" feeling contractions (once after dtd for a couple of hours and once last week where I had 2 ctxs that woke me up from sleeping). They go away after I rest, but these are def. different then my reg. BH ctx. Otherwise all else if good!
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