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Good morning/evening all. I am getting ready to put my kids on the bus this morning. This is there first time riding to school on the bus..I am more nervous than they are.

battymama..how exciting to be expanding your business. Is there a website we in the states can check out? I do a lot of mail ordering. I live in a VERY small town!!
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We are in the process of setting up a website, so i will let you know when it is up, although i am not sure how it would work ordering herbs from overseas.
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Today is the first day of Kindergarten! If anyone has any extra positive energy, please send some his way. I'm hoping he won't get sensory overload. I'm hoping he doesn't get confused or lost. I'm hoping he makes friends.
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DOK- sending lots of happy fun relaxed school day vibes to your boy!

After a busy cleaning weekend, I am looking towards autumn to really arrive and slow us down!
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Oh, Sprial Scouts. I've heard that the national organization is slow and difficult to work with, but that the program is cool and lots of fun. This, from older kids who've participated and other grownups at the Farm (they've got a circle... of course they do ).

I like the idea, though, of a decidedly pagan children's organization. I wonder if like, BSA has pagan baby patches. I know that there are patches/badges for children of particular religious affiliations to earn... I need not only to find a place to live, but to find a cub scout troop for Bean. He's been asking about joining them since he was about two, and saw the boys selling stuff at EvilMart; This year, he's finally old enough (you have to be in first grade). He'd probably love it, so I think it's worth looking into.

I'm freezing and tired. I'm going back to sleep before Bean's welcome assembly begins. (I love that I don't have to get up and washed and dressed to drive to these things. ) DOK-- I hope your first day of kindergarten goes as well as ours did.
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After having some difficulties with spiral scouts we decided now was not the time to join. I love the concept, it just isn't right for us now. They are going through some major growth and feeling the effects.
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I'm here!

Life story rambling.... I too have been having a bit of spiritual dry spell but I'm back now with a bit of a tweak. I considered myself Wiccan for a while (4ish years I believe) but it never felt just right. I gave up for a little while claiming agnostic but with pagan leanings. For a few months now, I've been feeling very blah like and since I started being more in tune with the spiritual side of life I've felt so much better. : I am Pagan with a bit of Druid leanings out to find the place where I feel most at home. (Should have done that years ago )

I'm SO excited that it's September! I love Autumn. Has anyone else decorated yet? We just moved to Texas and apparently it doesn't really do fall here so I'm not sure when to pull out all the harvest stuff. I want to do it this week but feel like it's jumping the gun. Eh, I just love my decorations.
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I love Autumn too, the trees are starting to change here. If you want a date to go by to set out fall decor, Sept 22 is the fall equinox/Mabon. But it's not like you have to wait for a specific day to celebrate the seasons, ykwim?

Cari- Yesterday was my dh's birthday too
Battymama- I hope your mom finds a wonderful new place after a great vacation.
DoK- Fun first day vibes for your ds!
MonkeyPrincess- Good luck selling your home, we are trying to sell too, so house selling vibes for us please

And lots of : for everyone
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Welcome CheapPearls

Spiral Scouts- we don't have one here but we do have a Roots & Shoots group. Although it's not specifically pagan it is very environmentally friendly/focused to when dd1 is older we may give that a try.

BSA- I think a lot depends on the local group leaders (in terms of how "alternative friendly" they are). I know Covenant of the Goddess has a badge that Scouts can earn, but I think the Boy Scout council doesn't count the badge as "official" so local leaders have final say on whether or not the badge will "count" towards a scout's total. (http://www.cog.org/projects/hartcres.html)

Can't wait to hear more about your week though! Someday we'll get out to the farm.
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Originally Posted by timneh_mom View Post
Any practicing druids here? I'm just trying to learn more for now.
I am trying to learn more. Thinking about joining adf. OBOD is out of my price range!

I want to do spiral scouts but there are not any around here.
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Happy Spring to those who are entering that season!

Battymama, how awful, I'm so sorry.

Welcome, timneh_mom and MonkeyPrincess and CheapPearls!

Good luck with the first day of kindy, DoK!

We had a spiral scouts hearth last year but turned out we were all lazy pagans and so we never really finished anything. I'm thinking about incorporating some of the stuff from the handbook into seasonal celebrations this year, though. We did find the staff sometimes hard to reach, but I hear they have done a big overhaul and things are better now. I won't be a part of BSA but we are considering having the girls join girl scouts this year.

Fall has begun here, but the changes thus far have been quite subtle. The light has changed and the twirly whirls have started falling from the maples. It's warm today, but the sunrise (yeah, I was up) was a bit cool) We are returning to academic pursuits this week (I homeschool) and taking note of the changes.
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I think it'd be fun to have an MDC Spiral Scouts Circle.. but again, my understanding is that the national organization is difficult to work with. I'd be all about joining, but I couldn't offer to run such a thing.

We're definately doing that Covenant of the Goddess thing, though. Thanks!

I have too much to do right now...
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i've been thinking about sage too. sending her some hugs.

happy september, at blessed last!

i'm hiding out and reading the silmarillion.
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Happy September all!!

I love September. This one had a rough start, though. Had to send the DSC off back to their mom's house (and I worry over them the whole time - issues in this situation). It's DD's first day at official day care, and I'm a ball of nerves. I'm sure she will be fine.

Well I just turned the calendar and noticed that the full moon is on my BDay this year! I've not done any rituals in so long, that this seems to be a big ol HELLOOOO!! to me.

I'm also planning on having a real party for once. It will be the big 33 - and I intend to have a "hobbit coming of age" sort of party. I've been wanting a big ol party since I came back home and now I'm going to get it, dang it! Now if only I can plan the darned thing and find a place to have it.

Here's to getting back into the swing of things.
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Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post
Today is the first day of Kindergarten! If anyone has any extra positive energy, please send some his way. I'm hoping he won't get sensory overload. I'm hoping he doesn't get confused or lost. I'm hoping he makes friends.
I remember the first day my guys went to Kindergarten. I will be sending lots of: your way.

Boy a lot of people are selling homes. We are selling ours too. I hate having to keep it so spic and span!! I have way too many pets and kids for it to stay clean. I hope you all have great luck in selling your homes!
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joining you all. i tried so hard to do the summer camp thing. but i was so busy with summer stuff i never got any of it done. :slly:
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Hi all,

It's so Autumn-like here already. It's beautiful.

Spiral Scouts look interesting as does Roots & Shoots. I'm going to have to look deeper into those and see if either are close to us. Anyone have any experience with Earth Scouts? Looks cool but is very new.
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Forgot to move to the new thread! Here's a repost:

Good morning everyone! We're back from our camping trip and besides waking up to a wet, rainy Monday morning we had a blast. The weather was just beautiful till Monday morning. It was a nice break and get away for us.

Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
What part of the Berkshires? It's roughly 230 miles to Great Barrington MA (It's 350 miles to Boston, before kids the trip wasn't bad but now it takes most of a day )
Terri's family lives in North Adams/Clarksburg area near the mohawk trail.

Originally Posted by redveg View Post
Eunice didn't make it.. We just had a service for her. Thanks to all for your thoughts.
awe, that's heartbreaking. Sending love and peace to you and your little one.

Originally Posted by mrsalf97 View Post
Anyone else know of any hurricane protection spells?
I don't have anything to add but I hope you're safe and made it through ok. Looks like Hannah might be paying us a visit by this weekend. I'm not worried about the rain or flooding too much but we do sometimes get tornado's off these storms.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Yesterday was my grandmothers 80th birthday. It's so weird to think she's gotten that old. My Nannie was always so youthful looking and full of energy. She still is but it's not the same energy since my papa pasted in 97. It's just difficult to imagine her getting old. She and my sister, and nephew are coming over for dinner tonight. Should be fun!
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I don't think there is much worse than trying to get my head together at the office, after a long weekend. Had a nice weekend though. A "crunchy" friend's baby shower on Saturday, a completely lazy Sunday and a picnic with friends on Monday. Even though I got to bed on time last night I am still not "wake" even though I've been in the office for over 6 hours. I feel like I've gotten nothing done.
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Oh wanted to add, we are struggling with the scouting issue right now too. There is a cub scout troop that isn't connected with a specific church in town, but I still am a bit leary.

The closest Spiral Scout troop is over an hour away, in a city I am not fond of trying to get to. There are a lot of back roads to get to it, and it always takes longer than an hour and on a school night, not a good mix. So we are still hemming and hawing.

There is a BSA open house later this month, we may go check it out just to see what is up. I adored my girl scout experience, despite being the only non-church goer and being one of two non-Catholics. So...
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