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My brother has his ironman this Sunday. In wisconsin. He called me from the plane yesterday am, and said I can trach his progress on www.ironmanlive.com He said he has in finish in 17 hours, but is shooting for 13 hours. Anyway, I'll be looking for his results on Sunday!

OT: is anyone ISO dipes? I loved loved loved my stash, and I am selling it now. AIO's up here http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/...d.php?t=537605 I'll be listing fitteds, wool and nighttime fitteds later this week
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Good luck to your brother, Gigi!!! Ironman.... WOW!!!!

And I've got a race tomorrow as well . Go Girl Sprint Tri.
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Thanks for that Moonshine and Jaygee!

Here goes: (I'm not trying to step on the race keepers toes, just helps me to see the dates easier)

September 6
moonshine - 4 miler
JayGee - Go Girl Sprint Triathlon

September 14
HelloKitty - 1st Annual Mighty Meehan 5K Run For Research

September 20
babybugmama - USAF Half Marathon

September 21
TJsmama – Boulder tri Bebes Sprint Tri

September 28
shantimama - toronto waterfront half-marathon
Penelope - 10K -
pumpkinseed - 10 miler -

October 5
Naughty Dingo - Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon -
nancy926 - Leaf Peepers Half Marathon -

October 11
towsonmama - Baltimore Marathon -

October 12
DrJen - Chicago Marathon -
SugarAndSun - Steamtown Marathon -

October 13
HelloKitty – Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women

October 18
Kate~mom – Women’s 5K Classic (5 miler)

November 1
JayGee - Indianapolis Monumental Half-Marathon -

November 27
its_our_family - 99th Annual Thanksgiving Day Race (Cincinnati) -
HBM, mamabeth, & Mommabelle - Atlanta Half-Marathon -
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Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post
hope everything's okay with your ta tas!
I'm sure everything is fine, but I found a little lump I want to have checked out. My mom has fybrocystic breast disease and has had quite a few lumps, so I'm assuming I'm heading in that direction. Oh joy. :
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Teehee, Mamabeth said "ta tas"
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That is funny that you mention the watch from costco. That is the one I was looking at it is only 20 bucks here in west MI so I figure what do i have to loose I need the watch mine conked a month ago and I have been lost w/out it. So I think I just want the cool looking watch. Ha!
Anyway I think I am going to rely on the RPE method since it is working well for me right now and I don't have any reason to worry abut my HR at this point in time.

HBM- Thinking of you today
oh and Yeah! for Zumba shoes!

So today is my off day not sure why but just worked out that way, I did walk with DS to the library. I am getting sad beacause DS is getting to tall and like most almost 3yr.old boys he is really wanting to run. I am so not ready to give up wearing him, probably since he is my baby. The thing is my 4.5 dd is lighter than DS and she loves to still ride so it is always a race to mama to see who gets the turn. I really will be sad when I'm no longer a baby wearn' mama
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I got a little longer run in today at lunch. : I'm testing out my lungs right now, as I don't want to spiral back down to feeling like an elephant is sitting on my chest.
Anyway, it was a run!!! I have to quickly get back on progress!

JayGee...try not to have too much fun at your appointment!

MB..will it be a romantic dinner?!

mmm..must sip on my yummy afternoon coffee, so that I can sip on something else later!!
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MBelle, here's hoping....it will mostly be a "DH is not working and kids are not needing stuff every five seconds" dinner. So, if that spells romantic, okay with me.

HBM, let us know. or if you need a playdate for Jo. or a mama playdate.

at least I didn't say BAZONGAS!
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Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post

at least I didn't say BAZONGAS!
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You ladies are cracking me up with the ta tas and bazongas. Hey, nobody said anything about hooters, though!

I really need some comic relief after this morning's travels. DS was a complete and total BRAT on the plane. He started this thing earlier this week where he thinks it's really really funny to yell. Just a short little "AH". OVER AND OVER AND OVER UNTIL YOU THINK YOUR EARS ARE GOING TO BLEED. So, yeah, he did that on the plane. Refused to be entertained by anything that I had brought with me. He also thought it was really funny to whack mommy in the face. I'm starting to realize that I am a complete disciplinary moron because I just don't know how to get through to him. Ignoring is not working. Saying no is not working. Timeout is not working (not that I could do that on the plane anyway). Taking things away as punishment is not working (like his bunny when he keeps throwing him even though I told him to stop). ARGH. I know he's just two, but it's really starting to drive me nuts. And I have to get in a car with him by myself tomorrow for 6 1/2 hours worth of driving time.

I did pick up 5 (yes, 5) Elmo dvds for the trip. My best friend says they're toddler crack and I'm hoping. It's definitely his favorite part of Sesame Street. Thomas the tank engine was a big flop on the plane. He had never watched it before (he really doesn't watch much tv besides Sesame Street and sometimes the Wiggles) but the Thomas dvds were really cheap at Costco and he likes trains, so I figured it was worth a shot. I got about 10 minutes out of them. I also have cookies and other treats galore that he's rarely allowed. I don't care if it's bribery. I don't care if he's on a major sugar high when we get to South Dakota. I can always hand him off to grandma and grandpa and retire to my hotel room for some peace and quiet.

Needless to say, no forward motion today, and most likely none tomorrow. This whole "vacation" thing is killing my training!
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Thread Starter 
Mamas, was diagnosed with pneumonia today . Thought it was just my asthma acting up but I got feverish and sweaty, etc. so I went to the doctor. He listened, took an x-ray, and I'm now out of work etc. (the first week of school! ACK!) for at least a week. Not to mention running.

Just gonna watch you all run for a while I guess...
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Nickarolla, Ug, Take care of yourself and feel better soon. What do you teach, by the way?

Gaye, Parenting on the Move, Parenting in public, and Parenting a 2 year old are all forms of Black Belt Parenting. You did all three with that plane trip. It's just tough, and in a lot of ways, there isn't a right answer. For noisy kids, though, I go for the other toddler crack: Goldfish. Camping dingos have witnessed my kids' ability to consume the fish. The advantage on a plane is that you can't yell when your mouth is full, and it makes you thirsty to drink form a sippy on descent.

And in our family, all nutritional bets are off when on a long car ride. Want more candy? Sure kid, help yourself. :

Good luck tomorrow. I wish you a sane trip.
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nic~ That's really stinky. Here's hoping you're feeling better VERY soon.

geo~I did get him somewhat quiet for a while with yogurt-covered fruit bites...handed out one at a time. Unfortunately I only had the whole wheat bunny crackers, which are apparently not nearly as appealing as the cheddar ones!

Almost forgot to wish good luck to our racers tomorrow!

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Gaye, Parenting on the Move, Parenting in public, and Parenting a 2 year old are all forms of Black Belt Parenting.
laughup That is one of the best lines ever!

Gaye-Wishing you the best possible drive.

Nic-I'm so sorry. I hope you get better quickly.

Mamabeth-Have a great time tonight! :

Mommabelle-Where did you find that runner smilie????

Rene-It's so bittersweet watching them get big, isn't it? :

Ladies, I appreciate all of your regards for my melons.
I ran 2.5 while Lydia was at tennis lessons tonight. It was the first time I've ever experienced a reaction to air quality and it was really hot. Not the best run, but a run nonetheless.
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HBM..the jogger was down in hobbies/domestic tasks!
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Well, we are soon off to the races. (couldn't help it ) Both DDs are going to do the kid race. The rain has miraculously stopped for the morning, so I take that as a good sign.

JayGee, good luck today on your race!!!!!!!!!!
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Go Moonshine!!!!

Go Jaygee!!!!
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4.6 done this morning.

Where the heck is everybody?
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Hi! I'm here. wanna go shoe shopping later??????

I did a 5K with my neighbor this morning and it was HILLY. AS. CRAP. OMG, I should have realized that when even she said it had some hills that it was going to be bad. I remember thinking at some point in the race, "Oh, so this is what crossing my lactate threshold is like! I remember this!" She got hardware for the 45-49 YO division and I got....um....nothing, until I can run it in 23 freaking minutes. Atlanta running community is fast. I did it in 28 and felt good about it til I saw the awards. oh well! it was fun and a lovely morning.

can't wait to hear the "real" race reports!

ETA: we had the BEST dinner last night. so much fun. if you're a foodie, go here for the menu. The good thing about small plates is that you feel like you ordered a TON of stuff and it was probably the same amount as a normal dinner. just awesome.
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I'm here reading along, but really no running. I've just lost my motivation. I did do a walkathon at kids school one with each boy, the second with ds3 on my back, so that counts for something. I'm also keeping up on my push up challenge, which sure is challenging!

DH and I think we have had some sort of stomach bug for over 2 weeks now. Might be seeing the first signs of improvement though. Haven't been eating much (no desire+stomach pain if I do=no eat) so I'm hoping once I can eat "normal" again, I'll have the umph to do some running.

Okay, off to fold some more laundry! :
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