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Hi ladies! I have been super busy and haven't posted in a while. I am heading out for a 20 miler early in the morning. My leg is a little sore so I am hopin git goes well.

DrJen, my friend is doing Chicago on the LiveStrong team. I think Lance is supposed to run that marathon.
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moonshine~ WTG! You did awesome for so little training!

towson~ You're gonna do great! I heard this great mantra from some wise person I know..."Don't think, just run!" It really does work!

bec~Definitely take them back. Any running store worth their salt is going to work with you on that. Heck, my store took my shoes back with 30 outdoor miles on them, even though it was *completely* my fault the shoes weren't working! (I had my orthotics re-covered and the extra thickness of the foam was painfully smashing the tops of my feet into the tops of the shoes)

drjen~ You are SO going to kick some major marathon butt! You're totally ready!!

jaygee~: Seriously, you are so completely smoking fast. I'm jealous! Awesome times! And I hear you on the hanging up the swimsuit and goggles. I've been having the same feeling. Still debating on a half next month. I think if I can get out for a decent long run (say 7 or more) in the next week and it feels ok, I might be able to pull it together for Oct. 19!

Drive report~OMG, you guys. It was so stinking EASY. DS was a complete angel. He got slightly cranky right before lunch, and then again about an hour after lunch when he was tired but fighting falling asleep, but that was it. Thank God for Elmo, is all I have to say. My only complaint is: why can't they put multiple episodes on one dvd, so I don't have to pull over every 50 minutes to switch them?!? DS watched Elmo (all 5 episodes!), drank his milk, and ate his bagel I picked up for breakfast. I didn't even need to bust out the bribery treats. I could be totally screwed for the drive back to Denver, it was that easy. :

We're heading out to Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse tomorrow, which I'm excited about. I think we're also going to try to do this drive-through wildlife sanctuary in the morning, and hopefully I'll be able to get out for a run while DS is napping in the afternoon.
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gaye~Glad the hear the toddler crack worked!

poppy~That guy sounds like a douchebag. Did you see the elevation gain on that race? Yowza!

jagee~ You RAWK, lady!!! I'm super impressed!

callie~I had forgotten about that article. I'm hoping to try the step counting thing today.

Well, it's almost 5:20 here. I woke up at 4:00 and ate as much of a PowerBar as I could stomach (only about 1/4) and never really fell back asleep. My running partner will be here at 6:00 then we're off for 18 miles. Ack! Wish me luck!!! I'll report back.
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I'm tracking my (crazy!!) brother doing an ironman today http://ironman.com/events/ironman/wi...n?show=tracker

I think I found a pic of him, LOL setting up his bike. In teh gray shirt http://ironman.com/coverage/?race=wisconsin&year=2008
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Originally Posted by CathToria View Post
I'm tracking my (crazy!!) brother doing an ironman today http://ironman.com/events/ironman/wi...n?show=tracker

I think I found a pic of him, LOL setting up his bike. In teh gray shirt http://ironman.com/coverage/?race=wisconsin&year=2008
Cool!!!! Two of my friends did IM Louisville last year and I was refreshing the screen like crazy! What is your brother's bib number? IM Wisconsin is supposed to be a tough, but very beautiful course (especially the bike). Best of luck to your brother!!!
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his bib is 979
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Whew! I'm back from my 18 miles! It really wasn't so bad. I'm off to shower then I'll put the run on my blog. Callie, the counting helped!
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Wow, Gigi! He rocked the swim! I have crazy, crazy, never going to happen fantasies about Ironman. Keep in mind, they're the win the lottery type fantasies. Good luck to him!
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just back from a mountain biking weekend with friends. the riding was good. I got a short, but fun solo ride on Friday night and a 3+ hour ride with a girlfriend yesterday. the best part about it was my heart really settled down. i still think it's too slow, but i did a lot of solid climbing without the problems of lately.

the worst part about it was five families crammed into the house. it was a big house (5 bedrooms) - but with five couples and 8 kids plus all of our non-kid having friends who were staying in a condo across the street - it was mayhem. i just don't deal that well with so much noise and confusion all the time. and it rained yesterday, and no one brought inside toys for the kids except for ds's beloved trains and some markers and paper. ugh

i'm happy to be home though.
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Hey Gigi ~ your bro rocked that swim!!!!! I harbor those fantasies too, bec. It's never gonna happen though. I can't put in the training time needed. Maybe if I was 25 and single.....
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He did do well in the swim. yay for him. His 1st transition seemed long though, no??? 10 minutes??? He would admit that the swim is by far his strongest of the 3. We swam through High school on our local swim team, and he was a really good swimmer. I hope he does okay in teh bike and run.

thanks for tracking him with me!!! :
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Gigi, long transitions are pretty normal for Ironman. They actually have wetsuit strippers there to get your wetsuit off quickly and then someone helping each athlete with their stuff in transition. I don't think I'd EVER be ready to bike 112 miles though, no matter how much help I was receiving !

My two older kids are going to a birthday party this afternoon, DH is off to soccer practice, and I am hoping to plant some mums and get my bulbs in the ground. I'd really love a nice, easy run this evening too . Guess I need to get off my fanny and actually come up with a training plan for my half.... :.
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I finally got out for a run this morning - I woke up Saturday in the middle of the night with bad GI stuff (I will omit details for the clean-minded) and thought "Hmm, I don't want to be two miles from home and have *that* happen again." So I'm better today and got out for a good 5+ miles.

Only thing is, I have allergies to something that just started in the last week or so. I was fine all summer but now I'm sniffling and congested and can't breathe all that well. Does anybody use OTC allergy meds with any success? I tried them for a couple of days last fall but felt kind of wierd so I stopped. But I'm pissed that just as the humidity is ending I'm all snuffly. Sigh.

We went to a church potluck today at our new church and I got asked for the second time this week if I'd preach. First time was from our campus pastor, who actually signed me up for chapel later in the month! Now I'm just on the list of willing laypersons. I said "I've never preached a sermon, but I could give it a shot!" and apparently that's enough. (I'm a theology professor, so it's not so far off, but still!)
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Gigi, your brother is looking great so far! I, too, have pipe dreams of an ironman someday. I gotta get WAY better at biking, though, and I don't know if that's realistic right now. I really would like to try a half next year. I have a friend who did Wisconsin a few years ago, less than a week after she found out she was pregnant! She thought she was just so tired from all the training! She did it anyway, with her doctor's blessing, just took her time. And she finished!

It's a chilly, rainy day here in South Dakota. We went to a drive through animal sanctuary this morning. It was pretty darn cool. We had a bear literally brush the front of the car as it decided to cross right in front of us, and wolves just a few feet away. We're heading out to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse in an hour or so as soon as DS wakes up from his nap. Not great weather for it, but they're having a veterans' lighting ceremony tonight for my stepdad's navy ship reunion group.

rr~I just did a very very wet 5 miles. It started out with a light rain, but around the turnaround point, it opened up into a full-on downpour. What was going to be just a regular run turned into a tempo run, if not race pace. I hauled some major butt on the way back! Still feeling slow, though, I ended up with a 9:14 pace, I think. Not bad, but that's around what I'd like to average for a half. Around mile 4, I realized that my shoes are due for replacing. Ouch.
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His bike leg was almost 7 hours. my a$$ hurts just thinking about riding a bike for 7 hours... in a race.... after swimming 2.5 miles......

his run at the half was 10:48 min mile for the 1st 13 miles.....
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Race report

So here are the official results of the race:

Time 49:52 12:28/mile Age group % 38.9 %

Can I just say that yesterday was humid?? My goodness, we were soaked before we even started. But the rain held off until the afternoon, which was good, because it was quite a downpour when it came.

When I signed up for the race, I had to put my pace from my last race, which was around 9:20, but that was from 1.5 years ago. But they had seeded corrals, so that is the group I started with. I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to run that fast, so I just went a pace that felt comfortable to me, and let all sorts of people pass me. I actually only passed people on the uphill towards the finish. But I walked MUCH less than I expected to. And not really at all during the first half of the race. I kept waiting to hit the wall, but it didn't happen. My lungs were hurting the last 3/4 mile, but overall I didn't have to suck too much wind.

I thought of all of you during the race, powering me along every stride. And I have to say, the running felt pretty good. I do think that this was a great way to kick start my running. Who knew I just had to run a 4 mile race?? Oh, and did I mention, to borrow a phrase, this was the longest distance I have run since the birth of me as a human.

My lower back started bugging me on Friday, and has been getting progressively worse. Today standing upright was challenging. Thankfully I had a massage scheduled for tonight, and I think that I got it worked out a bit. Hopefuly the chiro can fix whatever is left to fix tomorrow morning.

CathToria, your brother is insane! I can even imagine how that is humanly possible.

Gaye, you are so good about exercising when you are traveling. I find that it is the easiest thing to go for me.

Geo, yeah, I am pretty amazed that I did as well as I did on as little training as I had. (that really is alot of 'as's'). Maybe I wasn't as out of training as I thought. I guess the little bit of bike riding did do me some good.

Gotta go find a good book to read before bed. The one I am reading is not working for me right now.
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well, I'm really worried. He's really dropped off his pace for the last half. I hope he's okay. He was #542 after teh swim, #1298 after the bike, and I sort of expected him to make up some on teh run... but he hasn't finished yet, and #1461 has finished. He's closing in on 14 hours, and 13 hours was his goal (and where he was tracking thru the 1st half of teh run)

anyway, I hope he's okay!!!! I can not beleive he's been RACING for 14 hours... insane!!!!!

Haaa, I spoke too soon, he's finished
swim 1:08:18 / bike 6:54:06 / run 5:34:31 / ttl time 13:58:23 / race rank 1461 / age group rank 268

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:08:18) 1:47/100m 542 101

TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (6:54:06) 16.23 mph 1297 241

FIRST RUN SEGMENT 13.1 mi. (2:21:32) 10:48/mile
RUN FINISH 13.1 mi. (3:12:59) 14:43/mile
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (5:34:31) 12:46/mile 1461 268

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Originally Posted by CathToria View Post
Haaa, I spoke too soon, he's finished
swim 1:08:18 / bike 6:54:06 / run 5:34:31 / ttl time 13:58:23 / race rank 1461 / age group rank 268

Um yeah, wow.

Hi mamas,
I feel so out of things! I'm trying to keep up but feel like I never have a chance to get out any thoughtful personals. Urg.

Moonshine - That's awesome that you just jumped right in!

DrJen - Woot woot! for your 20 miles! And : that work stuff keeps heading int he right direction.

JayGee - Wow! You are fast girl! Nice times!

I haven't run recently - still. But I did get out on the bike more this week. I did the grocery shopping yesterday and felt so pleased with myself for not just hopping in the car. And it was nice to be out and about on my own. I definitely need more of that! Okay, I totally would like to blather away here but I've promised myself I'd start stretching before bed and right when I get up in the morning. I haven't figured out when to do yoga but I'm so stiff and creaky I have to start somewhere!
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Originally Posted by moonshine View Post
Gaye, you are so good about exercising when you are traveling. I find that it is the easiest thing to go for me.
You know, it's really tough, but I force myself. It was SO freaking hard in Cincinnati last week, especially being on eastern time and having to get up so early to do it (I am NOT a morning person). I'm very lucky on this portion of the trip that the weather is cool enough to be able to run during DS's afternoon nap (and to have grandparents willing to hang around the hotel room while I do it!). I really have to do it, since I couldn't run Friday or Saturday due to travel. Wednesday and Thursday will be sketchy, too. If I want to have any hope of doing that half next month, I gotta keep a semi-regular schedule going. I hope your back starts feeling better soon...back pain is the worst!

gigi~Your brother is a rockstar! I know it was slower than he hoped for, but still, that's not too shabby.

We went to Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore this afternoon/evening. I was seriously underwhelmed by Crazy Horse. It cost us $25 for our car to get in, and that was just to the visitor/cultural center which is still WAY away from the mtn. They weren't running the buses to the base b/c of the rain, but that would have cost extra $ per person. So we paid a bunch of $ to see a far-away view of it and look around at the artifacts they have on display and the gift shop. The artifacts and pictures were pretty cool, I guess, but I'm just not that into that kind of stuff. I'd rather read about the history and look at stuff about how they're doing it. They did have a movie, but there was no way DS was going to cooperate for me to watch that. Not to mention that at the rate they're going, it's going to take another 500 years or so for them to finish the darn thing! Rushmore on the other hand was all that I expected and more. There's a really cool little trail that goes right along the base. Very beautiful, very interesting. We may actually go back again later in the week. I'd like a chance to do the audio tour and there was a museum thing that was closed that I'd love to see. The lighting ceremony was also really cool, my stepdad got to go down on stage at the end when they honored all the veterans in attendance. I just wish I had read the manual for my camera so I could have figured out how to manually set the shutter speed. None of my night pictures turned out at all. :
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moonshine~ great race report! Who knew all you needed was a 4 mile race to kick-start you back into running. Now, you're rarin' to go!!!!

Gigi~ A huge congratulations to your brother. He's an IRONMAN!!!!!

Gaye~ glad to hear you're having a good time in SD. Rushmore is really cool, isn't it.

I ran 3 miles last night as it was getting dark. Cool, lovely, with a perfect 1/2 moon rising. This morning I'm meeting my friend for 4 miles on the rail trail with the jogger. Oh, and the 'roid update ~ I'm seeing a surgeon next Monday about getting that nasty sucker lasered off. Yeowch!
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