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~* June 2007 Moms * September *~

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Hi guys--

Since I'm an autumn lover (and a summer person not so much ), let me be the first to welcome you all to September.

I hope everyone is having a fun, relaxing, and beautiful Labor Day. (Thank God-- IMHO, at least!--that it isn't "that kind" of labor. )

Silly me for posting that A. wasn't showing any signs of teething except for the persistent night wakings. He's got two molars just through and one white spot right under the skin. Poor punk! Ibuprofin last night got us up to a four hour stretch.

Here's a question for you all: Do you feed your kid(s) strictly by what they seem to easily chew, or do you wait on certain foods just in case? (I wonder because I tend to be very cautious, but A. is much more adept at thorough chewing that S. was, and he's desperate for grapes, and I'm tired of peeling them all...)

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I lurve autumn too! In fact, "Autumnal" is just about my favorite word ever. I love the way it "tastes".

And we are seeing signs of Autumn... a few yellow leaves falling, a few trees edged in red, nights cool enough to pick fuzzy jammies for the girls and flannel shirts for me. But the mid-day is still hot and sunny. Mmmmm.... autumn.

Foods- well, we do the self-feeding thing so other than waiting till a year for honey there wasn't much we held back. For chokables like small tomatoes and grapes and blueberries I've been cutting them in half but I've never pulled the skins off (total confession... I don't use a knife. I just bite them in half and eat the half in my mouth while putting the "outside" half in the bowl. My bad but the way those two eat blueberries it's my only chance of getting any myself!). If Ro seems to be having trouble with something I'll break it down a bit more but usually she has whatever we have, just in a smaller serving.

Is it mostly a food allergy thing, or is it a size/shape/choking thing?
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I'm glad some people are enthusiastic about fall. I start to get all moody because I know winter is on its way. I hate cold, I hate dark, I just get grumpy. Hopefully everyone's enthusiasm will help me out.

Owen managed to pop all four molars in about a week. And yet he's still missing one of his front four on the bottom. Silly Imp.

My babe has such opinions, he's a complete toddler in his behavior sometimes. He'll be all happy and silly and playing, and then have one meltdown after another if things aren't just perfectly the way he wants. Which is made more difficult by the fact that he can't talk so I DON'T KNOW what he wants. Jeez. I'm so exhausted. Today was just rough because he wouldn't leave my arms all day. DH was gone to a roleplaying game for the weekend, which was fine with me (and my idea in the first place) but I was really looking forward to having a co-parent again. Nothing doing for O, he was thrilled that DH was home but was not going to let go of me for anything.
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I love the fall & winter months here in FL. I'm so excited to see the heat easing up, we were able to go for a bike ride tonight and it was great!

Foods: we do everything now. We tried peanut butter 2 weeks ago and it was a hit. I only avoid things hard to chew like nuts. Grapes and berries are cut in half or bitten in half.
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I love autumn too - the sweaters, the food, the leaves - love it all, except that it is followed by winter (which I hate!)

Wombat - didn't make it to Dinosaur BBQ - the drive to Syracuse was very long due to traffic issues in Toronto so the ' 4hour drive' took us 6pm. We did Arby's (yuck, btw) somewhere along the 95. On the way home, we just went to the restaurant nearby the hotel.

Maine was awesome - the kiddos did really well at the ocean. I will be driving back (even if it does 12 hours).

Here is a picture of Seanie - he is such a big mobile boy now.


Seanie eats whatever we eat - I do cut up cherry tomatoes and don't give him a full banana, cut up hotdogs etc but otherwise, no restrictions. He is probably one of our better eaters.

Climbing - we dismantled our bunk beds last week. He was unbelievable how fast he could scramble up the ladder. I would be right there getting pjs out for the older boys (bunk beds not in Seanie's room) and he would be laughing at the top - 20 seconds or less.

I have a third train man. The boy loves Thomas - the wooden or the lego sets. He walks around the house with Thomas pieces. If you turn on the TV, or a Thomas video (or goodness, You Tube Thomas stuff ... my four year old has become an expert on You Tube - don't ask, little ones are awesome without any guidance on the interent, now I have to figure out how to focus their searches - he types in searches), he runs to see the picture. He does these awesome little dances. His love for Thomas/trains, I think, has also shown I have yet again a child with an incredible attention span - he can play trains with his two older brothers for 15 minutes + at a time. I build the sets, and the three can manage their way about. (OK - I love Thomas too!)

First day of school tomorrow!!!
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Well, I love September too, but then I'm holding my breath until late April!

Bjorn is getting all four molars now. He's changing so much- they say babies grow tons while teething. He doesn't really talk either. He just grunts "uh uh uh" when he wants something and points. He doesn't say mama and dada anymore either. He tells the dog to "drop" in a very assertive manner, and he says "yuck", though he only pronounces the "ck" part so he sounds like he's trying to clear something out of his throat!

I was worried he wouldn't be ready to be one of my nursery school "students" this fall, but now that he can follow simple orders like "put that back" and can feed himself with a spoon/fork, I think he'll be fine. He's by far the youngest. I have eight others aged 2 and 3 years old. Life right now is all about prepping for school. My dh starts tomorrow but the rest of us have two weeks befores school starts.

Bjorn's favorite place in our yard is the bench underneath the grape arbor. He goes there, climbs up on the bench and points and hollers until someone takes pity on him and gets him his own bunch of grapes. I have never thought to cut them or peel them. He also loves to pick plums up off of the ground. We have about 12 of them along our back fence. Who knows how many of those he eats a day! He eats blueberries, strawberries, dried figs and anything else he can get his hands on! He is a great eater. He eats nut butters too. We always give him whatever we are eating- usually he eats it but sometimes he doesn't like it (green peppers, potatoes and squash are his least favorite foods) but I don't give him other things. He still nurses quite a lot and he eats ALL day long so I'm not worried about him going hungry!

Yeah, Patch, I know what you mean- it's an interesting time as they are so inconsistent at this age! They can be cuddly babies and then hitting, fit throwing kids a minute later. Bjorn's taken to fake fit crying with his eyes tight shut and his mouth open so wide to let out this hugely loud screaming when he's frustrated. With three older siblings bugging him, he's frustrated not infrequently!
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Hi everyone,

I it has been a while, I haven't been able to keep up much, life has been busy, my only enjoyment of the season change is that things start to slow down a bit and I can focus on life at home.

Jolie is going through a fit of breaking teeth right now, we are just doing our best to comfort her, and I have for the very first time given her motrin, which I think will be be a daily routine until all 9-10 teeth are through. Poor baby, she is hardly eating and set off easily, I mean excruciatingly easily.

I have not limited nursing as it is pretty much all she is getting right now. I am planing on starting the weaning process at around 18m, I personally do not want to go past 2 years.

So is anyone pregnant or thinking about it, it's about that time, right? I am done, but like to know about anyone else who is expecting. I just got my Mothering "pregnancy" issue and for the first time I actually was not excited about it, I am passing it on to my sil who is pregnant. I have such a hard time getting myself together after a baby, emotionally and physically that I just can't put myself and my family through it again. For instance I just ordered the book, "Lose your mummy tummy" and am finally starting to think about getting my body back. It has only been 15 months.
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Here are a couple pics of Jolie taken just yeterday on a beautiful hike we all took in the rocky mountains in the shadow of mt. Autubon. The one of me is not all that flattering, but whatever.


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I just ordered the book, "Lose your mummy tummy"
Love love LOVE that book. That and the CORE routine book are the two I live by. Not that I've had time to exercise recently, but I wanna.

Great pictures!
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We had a few nights where ibuprofin improved A.'s sleep, but last night was a bit of a stinker again. Oy. Molars must really suck.

S. starts Waldorf Kindergarten today. It's a short day (and a normal day is only 8:10-noon ) and families are invited to attend to ease the transition. S.'s new slippers didn't arrive yet, and I already donated the old ones. Oops! (They don't wear shoes in class.) He'll have to wear his winter "bootie" slippers today, and it's supposed to be 85 F. Sheesh, Mommy! I also don't have enough clean underwear for him to take two extra pairs to school like they suggest (one whole change of clothes, plus 2 pr socks and 2 pr undies.) Is there a special punishment for most disorganized mom?

I did, however, get into a fit and rip up the hideous, old, matted, vividly stained tan carpet from the dining room over the past two days. The floors underneath are the most beautiful in the whole house!!! You can really see how the table in the center of the room protects the floors from wear and tear.

Oh, and when I asked about what everyone's kid was eating, I was pondering texture/chew-ability this time. Basically, go with my gut vs. play it safe and continue avoiding more dangerous (choking hazard) foods. I think I'll keep slicing grapes (or biting them in half, like some of you others admitted to, too ), but I'm just not going to peel them anymore.

I'm giving A. more dairy this week, and, with cheese/yogurt at least, he seems not to have S.'s lactose intolerance. Yay! However, big bro is wondering why I'm giving A. things that he can't eat. Arg. I'm trying to reserve nut butters for S. for now, largely so I can still point to something big boys get and little ones don't. I am giving A. bread with sunflower (seed) butter already, though, 'cuz the kid loves bread and I'm trying to make it a little more nutritious. I also feed him the Ezekial 4:9 (is that the right chapter/verse?) bread, which at least has all the legumes and protein...

I think I need to go wake S. up for his big day. Oh, and I'm going to remember to take a first day of school picture this year, too! Dang it!

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Hi everybody! I missed the September jump somehow.
It's been awhile since I updated so I don't even remember what all is new.
Lola is finally eating solids, but she's really picky. O-shaped cereal, yogurt, and shredded cheese are her favorites, but she also regularly eats a few bites of banana or a couple of raisins. She won't really eat anything else, but she might take one or two tiny bites of whatever we're having for dinner as long as she can stab it with a fork. She's obsessed with eating with utensils. That's even her favorite pretend game--she picks up an empty bowl and spoon and pretends to eat. She loves to pretend to drink out of everything too. The other day she freaked out because she asked for her sippy cup and I put some water in it. She wanted the empty cup to pretend with!
She's still not really talking. She still says mama and wassat (what's that), but anytime she learns any other word she only says it for a couple of days at most and then drops it. She has started learning a couple of signs. Her first sign was game and her second was play. Her signs look nothing like the real ones, but they're pretty consistent. She's also signed thunder and baby, but less consistently. The signs seem to be working like the words--use them a little and then drop them.

Molars really suck. Teething tablets were working for awhile but they don't seem as effective anymore. I think one may be close to getting out. Do they REALLY need molars? What is everyone else doing to help?

She's also constantly constipated. I'm not sure what to do to fix that since she's so picky. Hopefully the raisins will help, but she has a hard time with the skins so she takes forever to eat them and doesn't get many down.

In other news--DH got a new job. : He started last week. He's still doing more or less the same thing, but for a less dysfunctional company, which means so much less stress. He's much happier, which means Lola and I are happier too. The only down side is that instead of 4 miles away, he's across town now. He used to get to come home for lunch every day. Today is his birthday, so we may try to go visit him at the new office, depending on what time Lola wakes up and how grumpy she is.
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Yay for the new job!

Willo- I know... dd1 started waldorf play school yesterday and I'm a mess! I did find enough clothing but the lunch thing is driving me crazy! Her day is 9:30-2:15 (wed-fri) so I need to send lunch (they make snack). But there are nut allergies so no nut butters, they don't allow pre-pack or processed foods so cheese sticks etc are out, they don't allow sugar dense foods (ie no jelly, even home made, no dried fruit, no juice), and no sugar added foods (sole exception is home made bread that contains sugar). Ack! And Laia has wheat issues so bagels/sandwiches are tough.

I've been making bento style lunches for the girls but I'm going to have to step it up a bit I think!

It makes me wonder what life will be like in a few years when both girls have "places to be"... after almost a year at home I've gotten out of the clock watching habit.
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
... I need to send lunch (they make snack). But there are nut allergies so no nut butters, they don't allow pre-pack or processed foods so cheese sticks etc are out, they don't allow sugar dense foods (ie no jelly, even home made, no dried fruit, no juice), and no sugar added foods (sole exception is home made bread that contains sugar). Ack! And Laia has wheat issues so bagels/sandwiches are tough...
Wow. In all honesty, though I love the Waldorf curriculum, especially for younger kids, I could never manage to consistently send lunch in that environment. Truly, it would be impossible for me. Our Waldorf school has a lunch lady, so hopefully he'll like what she makes routinely, or we might end up having to switch schools over something that seems frankly a bit over picky to me. (I prefer natural homemade stuff, too, but I'm a crappy cook and a scattered housekeeper... And pre-pack apple slices are plain apples enough for me.)

Have you tried sunflower butter for Laia? It's "nut butter like", but without any nuts.

We're exhausted. I'm going to go put them down to rest (even the big one!) and try to conk out myself, too.

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Puddle: congrats on your DH getting a new job!
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I bought sunflower butter today for the first time!

Also cream cheese since someone pointed out that I could make little rice cracker "sandwiches" with fillings like cream cheese, cheese, sunflower butter, tofu, chicken, hardboiled egg, etc.

My current plan is to just create 4-5 different "menus" and pack them over and over and over. I guess they make a really nice snack each day as a group (Wed= applesauce and hardboiled eggs, Thur= bread and butter, Fri= veggie/grain soup).... they use the Little Acorn program you see in the banner ads here... so I also want to avoid doubling up on whatever the snack is (so no sending apple slices on days when they make applesauce).

There is a full waldorf school in town that doesn't have this level of food concern, but this is a playschool so no "staff" to speak of. As of today (day two ) Laia loves it though so I'm hoping the organization chef fairy comes to visit me.
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hey mamas...
hey herbmama! jolie's hair is so cute! what is the mummy tummy book? do i actually have to DO something or can't i just say affirmations?? haha.

my dh already went back to work teaching, but my kids haven't started yet. i am homeschooling the oldest until winter break and then he's been invited to join the 4th grade class at the waldorf school which was previously full! we are SO excited to have at least 2 kids in the same place! he'll get to be in the class play and go to the big northwest native american potlatch with tons of other 4th grade waldorf classes up in the olympic penninsula- very cool. phew! and then we have a 2nd grader this year and my 4 1/2 year old is leaving me for the first time (after 3 yrs of preschool here with me) and going off to a farm school- i'm happy for him and he can't wait! my waldorf nursery starts week after next with 9 kids, including bjorn. i LOVE the kids that are coming and i've been working on my school room and getting things all ready!

so it's just transition central around here! it's sad how chaotic dinner is with dh just getting home and EVERYONE including me wanting his attention. summer is so nice with him home. sigh. but hubbies who have good jobs is nothing to sigh about!

we are off to go strawberry picking! i've made a mess of peach sauce, and peach/berry jams and applesauce already. strawberry jam and frozen ones today- though my freezer is really full with peaches so it will be interesting fitting anything more in there! then in a few weeks i'll wrap up the canning with quince butter from grandma and grandpa's quince and apple trees- yum, i love that stuff.
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Hey Jenny, Um, yeah, with the "mummy tummy" book it is actualy work, that is why it has taken me so long to get to it. Which in my case I really need it as my diastis (tummy, muscle separation) is still 2 fingers wide, not to mention the lovely "pot belly" that comes with it. It's a shame considering I only weigh 125lb. I hope it works, if not I will get the tummy tuck, which almost seems easier. Congrats on the school news for your oldest, sounds like you are relieved.

Jolie is sooooo clingy these days, she just wants to be held ALL THE TIME, and is constantly under foot. I will be happy to see her teeth poke through, and will then attempt to night wean. I am through with getting up 3 times a night. Have to go, my 3yo is home sick today, must put on a movie...
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Hi everyone. I've not been posting here for several months I guess. Weird to be in the "Toddler" forum as DS is still not walking so to me is still a baby!

I love fall also. : When I lived in ND summer was my favorite season but here it is just too hot for me so autumn has taken over as my favorite season. Yay sweaters!

Molars, huh? Do those come after the incisors, or canines? And how many incisors? DS just has four teeth on top and two on bottom so far.

And uh-oh he's awake, later...
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Mel: Evan had 4 top front teeth and 2 bottom teeth when the molars showed up. He's working on molars 3 and 4 right now. I'm still wondering where the other bottom front teeth are hiding!

I love the pictures! Those pictures of Jolie make me really want a little girl in our testosterone filled house. No plans for pregnancy here yet. Anyone else? I go back and forth. I'm finally really feeling on top of having 2 kids. It is easy almost. I'm not sure I want to disrupt that by throwing a pregnancy and a third baby into the mix yet. But I'm sure we'll have another. I want to wait until after Christmas and new years. I want to be able to have a drink or two during the holidays

Ev is a borderline walker now. Today he took lots of steps on his own. He's still wobbly but I'm guessing he'll be a walker by the end of this weekend. Once he gets something he really takes off with it. He's loving his newly found freedom!
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I missed the end of the August thread when our computer crashed and spent a long stretch in the shop, and am just catching up with the September news after being out of town all week for my grandfather's funeral. Joy and I went alone (DH stayed home to work--I kind of understand but am also kind of sad about that) and she was a real trooper with all the travel by plane and car and having to sleep in various places. It was good to see some family that I haven't seen in a very long time but I'm totally wiped out because I was on Mama Duty 24/7. My folks tried to help out but if I left the room, she'd melt down completely (even if I just went to the bathroom!). Ugh. We did a whole lot of "you play with grammy and watch while mama makes lunch/packs clothes/etc, etc.

All 4 molars came in here about a week or two ago. It was a nightmare and nothing seemed to help. But, I think we're in the clear now for a little while. She talks non-stop these days. The other week she came out with "calculator" (sounded more like "calculooloo" though) and I love when she says "shovel"--it's really cute for some reason.

I'm totally exhausted from the trip and am going to go collapse for a bit.
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