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I think Owen is finally making the connection to speaking. He's been making noised of all kinds for a long time now. Today though, he finally started to really,really imitate what people are saying. So cute. Ok,him imitations are nowhere near perfect, but you can tell he's copying now. My DH and I completely cracked up at one. We have a rubber ducky of a black duck, green bill,tongue sticking out and X's for eyes. Yup, a dead duck. Well, Owen picks it up and I said dead duck, and darn it if he didn't choose to copy that. It was so funny!
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Welcome back puffin!

Patch: that is so funny that Owen says "dead duck" Evan has just started really trying to imitate words too. Its so exciting and sweet!

Evan still has a boo boo on his testicle so we've put him in sposies for a bit and are using triple antibiotic ointment in case it is staph. I had to sanitize all the cloth diapes with bleach and put them away for a bit. But it seems to be going away.

A little OT: I'm getting ready for my first PPAF. I got my first positive ovulation test 2 days ago. We're talking about planning a baby #3 next year. Anyone else?
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We go back and forth about TTC babe 3.

Pros- we'd like another, we'd like all our kiddos to be close in age, we're in a decent place financially (not great, but we could afford a "baby"), I'm familiar with the birth community here, I have friends with babes.

Cons- DTD still hurts and doesn't happen much, prolapse could get much worse with a vaginal birth (roughly 20% chance of permanent fecal incontinance) but I don't want to plan a c/s, moving to 3 kiddos means a BIG shift socially/economically (need bigger car, delay my return to the work force, etc) especially if this one is a boy, and I'm not emotionally "all better" yet so I really don't have emotional reserves right now.

But I really *want* another. I was at a birth fair the other day and oh, the babies!

Ro's favorite word is "no" but she loves bossing our dog around. She says stay, no, go, down, and 'CO (dog's name is Paco). It's really funny and Paco get's totally confused.
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Such a busy morning. I feel like the total stereotypical suburban mom. Ugh. I was in the car all morning.

We've got two families who we might do some carpooling with for S.'s kindergarten, so it'll get better soon, but, sheesh!

I drove S. to school while Baba (MIL) stayed to wait for A. to wake up. I drove back. Nursed A. Went for another thyroid test blood draw. Took A. to his first gymnastics class (CUTE!) Drove back to school to pick up S. Dropped S. off at Baba's house for lunch. Came home with A.

Thank God Baba will bring S. back. I don't want to get back in my car for days. I hate driving!

I just had my first PPAF last week. Very, very light (probably the Mirena IUD hormones?) but definite.

Still don't think I'll change my mind about conceiving ever again. Still want to adopt. Still wish it didn't cost so much to give a home to a child without a family...

We're getting an official lead inspection tomorrow. Double ugh. But, if we can bring our house to official compliance, it'll add a lot of value, plus, of course, we'll do anything to protect our kids from harm. I'm almost sick with fear of how much mitigation/de-leading might cost, though.

The inspector is my acupuncturist's baby's dad (they never married and they're separated now anyway)--he told DH that 99% of the problem he sees is the old windows. I'll be so happy if all I have to do is replace windows. That's a little bit expensive, but done in one day and has energy benefits (and resale value), too. Well, we'll see.

Must go do... EVERYTHING.

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we've started talking about having a second babe someday--but we're still not ready. lola still needs so much attention and still nurses so much. i want her to be eating mostly solids before working on another--I'm too worried about a supply drop. maybe in another year or so. I don't know if I could handle co-sleeping with a baby and a toddler either, and Lola is definitely not ready to sleep on her own. of course, i still have no sign of AF so we couldn't ttc right now even if we wanted to.
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Go luck with the inspection Willo. I agree that adoption is so expensive and I feel like if they were to make it more affordable then more people would do it.

We do the pros and cons list too
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I just got my first PPAF last week too, and it also was very light (but I don't have Mirena). There is no way in heck I'm ready for another baby yet. I have started charting to avoid but not sure how well that will work - who knows how crazy my cycles will be for awhile. I also want to adopt but I have to convince DH. I wouldn't mind being pregnant and giving birth and having a newborn again though, I enjoyed that. So, as you can see, I am confused. But I have my hands full with one right now. If we have another oops that would be fine but otherwise, no plans for a while yet. I have been feeling a bit depressed lately and hating our house and where we live...
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So after accidentally posting in the June '06 thread, I found my way here...

Hi! Joining you for the first time. I've been around MDC for a while but never really got into any tribes/groups.

I just have one babe, DS, born in June '07!

I am the only : in my town (at least I haven't met any others) - so it can get lonely listening to other moms talk about mainstream parenting and give me that strange sideways glance if I mention AP stuff.
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Welcome! Your Nathan is adorable!
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welcome Lia! Glad you found us!
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Welcome Lia, what a cute picture of Nathan.

Barefoot, I noticed you're in colorado, where abouts? I am in Boulder, I understand the "feeling down", feel free to pm me if you need to vent to another mama!

We are breaking more teeth here, it seems to be dragging out with Jolie than it did with my son when he broke teeth, I don't even remember sleepless teethining nights with him, but Jolie woke up 3 times in the one o clock hour last night, and the screams, oh the screams.... I am Breaking out the motrin tonight!
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Ro was nursing every 45minutes- an hour every night for the last week and I was about ready to die. But last night she only nursed twice! I don't see any more teeth in there (though she is biting anything and everything) so maybe it was a growth spurt? She doesn't seem any bigger but I'm not going to look a gift horse (or a solid 4 hours of sleep) in the mouth!

I am soooooo tired. I know part of that is the lack of sleep, but part is the changing season. I love autumn but with the grey/wet/chilly mornings and grey/wet/chilly evenings I find it harder and harder to get going in the morning or wrap up activities in the evening. Any ideas? How do you all recharge?
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Hi guys--

Well, our lead inspection is half done (he'll come back for the exterior tomorrow), and, lo and behold, our 100 year old house has lead on all the trim and all the old windows. :

I am so frustrated, mostly because I CHOSE to do this inspection under no compulsion except that I want to protect my children better, but I am now still bound by the same laws that tell negligent landlords what they must do. : Basically, the law says I have 60 days to correct our lead hazards. Um, yeah, 'cuz I have $20,000 sitting around... But, "happily" () enough, there is no enforcement for this, so, really, I can take as long as I take to find the money. I did the testing because I wanted to know what was the most important/urgent stuff to do. Now I can hire lead abatement professionals, or take a short class to get certified to do some work myself (!!!)

But it really bothers me that I went out of my way to do the right thing, but I feel penalized for that and am now limited to choose only certain contractors, etc.

Anyway, I'm all worked up. I'm having a cognac. My little vice. (They always gave brandy to the person in the mystery novels who found the body, so that's what I drink. :roflmao)

If nothing else, I've discovered that the lead abatement service most highly rated by Angie's List takes MasterCard, so I can protect my children right away if I want to acquire some foolish, unsecured debt.

Okay, I think the cognac is talking more than just the usual willo. Pardon me everyone...

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Ughhh, Willo How frustrating! I don't know too much about lead but I thought that I heard that you can "seal" it with a special kind of paint for a short term solution to make things a bit safer. Maybe that is an option until you find a spare $20,000? Enjoy your cognac - I've never had it before - is it the one that tastes like black licorice?
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Herbmama- We've PM'd before...many many months ago. I am in the Ft. Collins area. And I have actually been feeling normal again the last couple days. Weird it happened very suddenly.

Anybody's June 07 babe taking any fun classes this fall? We are signed up for a three-week music class and I am going to sign DS and DH up for swim classes in November if they are still open.
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hello all! its my 1st time here but I think I qualify—DS was born Jun 23, 2007— so he's almost 15 months and is off and running, oh and climbing and chattering away (mostly mama, dada & ba (for ball, banana, bath & Bruno the cat) he's got a real personality now....so funny.

We've been having a really hard time with separation anxiety at daycare so I feel like a really bad mama right now and those pesky molars just aren't helping either! :

and we're also CTA as neither of us is really ready for #2 at this point, more because we need some more room (we're maxing out our 1 bedroom) and I have to say I'm loving charting...so freeing none of that nonsense with the pill or the diaphragm... yeah!

so happy autumn mamas! :
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Welcome Gypsyhips! Does your user name means you belly dance?

Willo- what a pain! And what a pricetag. Yoicks! I know very few people here in NY will do "official" lead tests because it's almost impossible to sell a house with lead... you have to demonstrate full abatement in order to qualify for bank financing. So people just assume there is lead but never get it "confirmed". Good luck and thank goodness it's not something they'll be breathing down your neck about!
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I found you guys!! I wondered why I wasn't getting emails anymore. At any rate, so sorry to hear about all the teething babies, people struggling with going back to work, and the lead paint. Hooray for the milestones -- new walkers and new words -- how fun!!

As for us, we just got back from a long weekend on the Oregon coast. It was a lot of fun, but Lucy can be sooooo challenging right now. She's really loud, really, really loud!! And her favorite thing to do is yell "NO!!" whenever things don't go her way. She's going to be an interesting 2yo. On the flip side, she's also so much fun and insanely curious and cute as can be. She is very independent and always wants to walk. We couldn't go more than about 10 feet without someone asking me how old she is. She still doesn't have much hair and is only about 18-lbs so people are quite surprised to see her walking and talking. She loved the nice warm kiddie pool and the freezing cold ocean which wasn't too much of a surprise since she's a total water baby. She also tried to eat a lot of sand. Giggle! All in all it was a great trip.

As for another baby, I'm feeling plenty done, thank you. Three just feels right for our family. Good luck to everyone who will be TTC soon though, such an exciting time!!
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Welcome Gypsyhips! Welcome back MomtoKay!

We aren't planning any classes any time soon mainly because we are really busy already and trying to save $ to become debt free (we started our Dave Ramsey Total money Makeover in August). But I did do Gymboree with DS1 when he was this age and he loved it. It was so much fun.

Has anyone thought ahead to the holidays yet? I'm starting my shopping early to take advantage of sales. But I can't think of anything for Evan other than playsilks. What is everyone else planning on getting for their June baby?
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We're not doing anything "specific" with Ro... there's a weekly playgroup we're attending, and there's a toddler storytime at the bookstore we sometimes go to instead (play group and story are same day, almost same time). I know Laia was ready for more structured social interaction at this age but Ro wouldn't be happy in classes (even if I was right there). Plus there is the difficulty of juggling both girls... when they're a bit older it wont be an issue but right now my "one on Ro" time is limited to dd1's 3/wk playschool hours.

Ack! The holidays! We have such a small space and can't fit much more/afford much. I'm thinking we may just do the tiny stocking gifts (felted balls, a knit scarf/hat, maybe a few small knit or sewn critters... finger puppets, bean bag, that sort of thing), a coloring book and colored pencils "just for her", and then perhaps a "Family Experience"gift like a family membership to the local children's museum that Ro and Laia can share.

I need to remember that next summer I HAVE to get a park pass... the state parks offer a "summer pass" but it's so expensive we never did it. However, individual park visits are 7 dollars so I've had to bow out of a lot of playdates. I'm going to start saving now so we can get the pass next year!
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